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Sri Lanka Visa Requirements for US Citizens

Are you looking to travel to Sri Lanka? That’s wonderful news. It’s a bummer though that you need a Visa to enter and exit the country.

Unlike other free countries, Sri Lanka is among the states that need people to authenticate their reasons for entry into the country. Regardless of it’s for medical reasons, studies, vacation, or anything else.

There’s some good news though; you can actually fly first then use the Visa. Which makes the process way faster and straightforward. Even so, before departure, you must have applied for you iVisa.

Don’t know how? Well, you just got lucky. Here’s a step by step guide on the requirements you need for your Visa processing. You’ll be ready for your trip in no time.

Sri Lanka Visa Requirements for US Citizens

The iVisa, also known as ETA online is a fast and secure method to get your Visa to whichever county you wish. As for Sri Lanka, there are requirements to need to fulfill first to qualify for approval.

Personal Data Requirements

There’s nothing bureaucratic about these things. Hence, it should be a smooth walkover. Let’s look at the requirements you need;

  • Valid passport – valid means it’s active and within the date limits indicated after you received it. Ensure the validity also extends to over six months after your trip to Sri Lanka.
  • Passport photo- because you’re applying via the internet, it’s a digital photo. It has to be recent and as clear as possible.
  • Valid email address – again, because it’s online, there needs to be a point of contact. An email address is the most formal method of communication. Plus, you will receive the iVisa there.
  • Mode of payment- there are no cash payments – strictly digital modes, including debit, credit, PayPal, or direct money transfers.

Under the mode of payment, there are two steps you need to complete to finish the requirements stage. You will have to fill out another form on other personal details.

The questions are simple to answer, meaning you should be done in a few minutes. They will deal with your passport information and reasons for travel to Sri Lanka.

Payment Requirements

When you’re done, you will be asked on the type of payment you want to pay, in accordance with the processing time. There are three choices to choose from.

  • Standard – this is the most common choice because it’s lower in price, approximately 69EUR. But, the process is quite slow compared to the other two options. It takes 24 hours for your ETA to arrive.
  • Rush – from 24 hours to 3 hours. This has a swifter processing time, but it will cost you an additional 69EUR.
  • Super rush – the fastest of the three, costs about twice the standard amount. Luckily, it only takes thirty minutes to get your ETA.

After you have decided on your payment choice, you will need to confirm payment so you can finish up on your requirements. It’s a must to pay for the iVisa for the processing to begin.

In the case of a business ETA, the costs are relatively higher but have the same processing time options.

Winding Up

Now that you’re well equipped with the information. Get your computer and start processing your iVisa. It’s as easy as one, two, three.

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