Zuby Property Management

Zuby Property Management – Zuby DIY is a free property management app for landlords, helping them save time and money managing their rental properties.

Landlords use Zuby’s intuitive and easy-to-use platform to collect rent, screen tenants, create leases, order maintenance professionals, view summarized lease information, upload important documents, and overall stay well organized.

Zuby Property Management

Zuby Property Management

Use Zuby to pay rent for rent, split rent with roommates, contact landlords, renters insurance, order cleaners, movers and more.

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Zuby Property Management

Comments: So far, it’s perfect for my needs. I wanted something that could save me a lot of time without having to invest a lot of my own time or money and Zuby fits both needs as it’s easy to use and free.

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What I love most about Zuby is how easy it is to use and their customer service. As a part-time landlord I don’t have a lot of time to invest in time-consuming software, but I wanted something to help me manage my rentals. Zuby is the perfect blend of walking me through the process and clearly asking for enough information to keep me organized, and most importantly, doing it quickly. I reached out to their support a few times when I encountered questions and the responses were so quick, thorough and over-the-top helpful that it made me believe that there would always be someone there to help me along the way. It does everything I need at this point, I’ve screened applicants for my vacancy, added my tenant to the property, created a lease, collected my security deposit and now I collect monthly rent.

What would be helpful is an accounting feature to help me file for taxes at the end of the year so that means a way to track expenses. Another thing would be to advertise vacancies. I received feedback from Zuby’s support team that these features are in the works, so hopefully they will be ready by the time I need them.

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