Zidell Property Management

Zidell Property Management – Environmental cleanup on Portland’s South waterfront gets a starring role in new short film Author: Erik Bakkom, PE Published: May 9, 2019

MFA’s award-winning remediation work for the Zidell Yards property on the Willamette River in Portland, Oregon is featured in a new film by local filmmaker David Bee. Beginning its operations in the early 1900s, the Zidell Yards property is a former scrap metal and shipbuilding and dismantling facility owned by the Zidell family. After decades of heavy industry, the site required extensive environmental remediation efforts before the Zidell family could realize their vision for the next phase of their family business—to develop the property into a network of open space, plazas, housing, and businesses.

Zidell Property Management

Zidell Property Management

The challenges in the remediation of the site were many: a geotechnically unstable river, historical contamination, and changing fluvial environment. In addition, the historic practice of dismantling ships at the site resulted in hazardous chemicals contaminating the river and its banks. Zidell assembled a project team, including key staff members from MFA, led by Paul Fishman and focused on a major remedial effort.

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The goal of the project was to remedy the impact of heavy industry on Portland’s waterfront while allowing industrial operations to continue during and after construction, while providing an improved landscape for human health and the environment. The team’s accomplishments during the cleanup included not only positioning the most significant piece of undeveloped waterfront property in the city of Portland for redevelopment, but also included habitat restoration, removal of contaminated soil and industrial waste, reshaping the riverfront, and plant. 10, 000 native plants along the river.

[Zidell Yards] presents a success story of entrepreneurship and industrial ethics, detailing three generations of a manufacturing business (culminating in the construction of large barges), the application of environmental science to a large industrial site, and a commitment to the future. in Portland.

For both his decades of work at this site and his innovation in implementing remedies to protect the river and allow development to continue. The sustainability of the remedy included minimizing the volume of contaminated soil that required removal and subsequent disposal by properly reusing contaminated soil under TriMet’s major pedestrian and mass transit project, now called Tilikum Crossing.

The project has major implications for the entire Portland waterfront, providing a vibrant extension of the downtown urban core. This site acts as a transportation link and opportunity as it envisions future development, providing space for private expansion and public enjoyment.

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Watch this 30-minute film for an understanding of the site at Zidell Yards, its past uses, and its potential for future development.

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Zidell Property Management

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Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and are used specifically to collect personal user data through analytics, ads, other embedded content are called non-necessary cookies. It is mandatory to obtain user consent before placing these cookies on your website. A few weeks ago, both city officials and the Zidell family thought they were close to a deal to begin a long-awaited development on the family’s South Waterfront land.

The Zidell family increased their ambitions for the site fivefold, from one million square feet of development to $5 million – the equivalent of four and a half US Bancorp Towers.

But infrastructure costs have also increased. It would cost as much as $90 million to build streets, utilities and parks to support neighborhoods built from scratch. The city had initially pledged $23.7 million.

The space could not be closed. Talks broke down three weeks ago, and ZRZ Realty Co., the family’s real estate arm, announced it had halted development.

Zidell—the Past, Present, And Future • Mfa

“It all comes down to one simply articulated problem that wasn’t that simple,” said Jay Zidell, whose grandfather founded a shipbreaking operation in what would become the South Waterfront. “That’s getting the infrastructure paid for.”

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The site, which the family calls Zidell Yards, is a rare blank slate near downtown. Its development would close the remaining gap between the north and south ends of the developed South Waterfront.

The Zidells’ master plan for the site calls for up to 2,200 housing units and 1.5 million square feet of office space, along with a hotel and a grocery store. It would also include three parks and connect the Willamette River Greenway, a riverside trail that cuts through the site.

Zidell Property Management

In addition to a funding gap, there was also disagreement about where the money should be spent. When ZRZ envisioned the development in stages, starting at the south end of the site, to ease upfront costs for the city, Zidell said Portland officials prioritized projects on the north side of the site.

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The city increased its bid to $47 million for infrastructure, plus $6 million to purchase land for an affordable housing project. The Zidells, meanwhile, dropped their request to $60 million.

Shawn Uhlman, a spokesman for Prosper Portland, the city’s economic development agency, said: “While the city remains a committed partner in this work, taxpayer resources are not unlimited and ultimately we were unable to reach an agreement at this time. .

“Could we scale it back, dumb it down? Sure,” Zidell said. “But it is not an interest for us.”

He also said the city would recoup its investment during the 20-year construction period through development fees and construction taxes, even without considering new property tax revenue.

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Portland’s broader building boom is facing headwinds. New apartment construction slows as rent growth slows. The cost of labor and materials rose. And a multi-year economic expansion lasted longer than previous ones, increasing the risk that a recession could turn into prosperity. But that had little to do with the decision to shelf the development, Zidell said, and the family was ready to move quickly until a few weeks ago.

He and other representatives met with the Portland Diamond Project, a group of investors hoping to bring a Major League Baseball team to Portland, but talks did not proceed beyond that first meeting.Portland, OR | GreenWorks, P.C. | Clients: US Environmental Protection Agency, City of Portland Office of Environmental Services and ZRZ Realty

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Site Plan: The 33-acre Zidell site represents one of the largest remediation and redevelopment sites in Portland. This project offers the city of Portland’s first holistic and comprehensive opportunity to integrate green infrastructure at a district scale.

Zidell Property Management

As a result of historic industrial land use, the Zidell Yards site and adjacent river sediments became contaminated and entered the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) Voluntary Cleanup Program. The site was repaired in 2012.

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Context: The site is a dynamic development location catalyzed by its proximity to downtown Portland, the recent development of the South Waterfront District, the expansion of Oregon Health Sciences University, and the new light-rail bridge terminal to the north.

Conceptual Approach: The concept diagram identifies how four key design assumptions (mixing of public and private stormwater, surface stormwater management, green infrastructure integration, and overland discharge to the river) come together to reduce disruption at the remediation site .

Transportation: The brownfield constraint poses challenges to the traditional implementation of underground infrastructure and gray pipes. All three scenarios developed for the site rely on a network of surface conveyance channels and infiltration facilities to manage stormwater.

Discharge to land: A typical pipe outlet would require a large diameter pipe to be installed in the cap, disrupting the contaminated media. To explore the soil discharge conversation better, the team implemented three different indirect discharge systems in each of the three scenarios.

Oregon Adopts Voluntary Green Cleanup Policy

Green infrastructure toolbox: In an effort to focus on solutions that manage stormwater at the source, the design team early in the process developed a toolbox of green infrastructure technologies that can be integrated into this and other similar sites.

The Diffuse and Embedded scenario collects, conveys, and treats rainwater adjacent to where it falls. 2 acres of 6-inch-deep, small-scale vegetation facilities manage runoff from the site and transport treated stormwater through a surface conveyance network to overflow locations.

The site’s green infrastructure is evenly distributed to maximize stormwater infiltration through an integrated network of techniques including eco-routes, porous paving, and small vegetation installations. Overflow is provided through hyporheic ponds that indirectly discharge the flow

Zidell Property Management

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