Zeus Property Management Reviews

Zeus Property Management Reviews – After traveling for four months, we found ourselves in a disastrous AirBnB. The stairs and door handles were almost ready to collapse. No coffee or coffee maker, no shower soap, scratched Teflon pans and a green “Zen Garden”. The squatters next door came in and out, at all hours of the night with zero subtlety and our host was M.I.A. until the next morning. We had to get out of there.

George found Zeus a few days earlier while he was looking for AirBnB / VRBO alternatives. He looked more and more attractive by the minute.

Zeus Property Management Reviews

Zeus Property Management Reviews

Zeus Living is the corporate version of AirBnB, but with a twist. Units are professionally designed by Zeus’ in-house design team and are fully furnished, with a minimum commitment of 1 month. It seems perfect for us, temporary nomads looking for a new place to call home.

Flexible And Furnished Homes

We were a little perplexed to try it out because, unlike AirBnB, there are no reviews. You have to take the site’s word for it. They offer an online interactive virtual tour, but it’s always hard to get to know the gritty knitting from professional real estate images. That said, we were desperate for a truce. The variance in the quality of the AirBnB / VRBO units was putting a strain on us. So, we called.

The unit we were looking at in Venice was no longer available, but the support team immediately helped us find another unit that fit our needs in downtown Los Angeles. We were not allowed to visit the property before moving in, even though it was empty. Still hesitant to commit for a month, we booked a tour of the condo where the Zeus unit was located. Impressed (and completely relieved), we applied.

It was already late afternoon and we were exhausted both physically and mentally. We have sent our application. It was very simple, just a credit check. The verification process was quick and we had confirmation within a couple of hours to move into a unit on the same day. We signed the rental agreement online and we were good to go.

We jumped up, packed our things as fast as we could, and left the dilapidated AirBnB unit for downtown. We couldn’t leave fast enough. When we got to the building, the doorman had our keys ready and gave us instructions to find the parking lot assigned to us. It was a lot easier than we expected! No extra paperwork, moving inspections or other cumbersome steps. We borrowed a trolley and unloaded our things.

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When we opened the unit door, the sun was starting to set. We were greeted with a bright, tidy, modern and fully furnished apartment. The contrast to our latest AirBnB experience was so stark that we almost cried with joy.

Unlike many AirBnBs, the Zeus Living unit comes with standardized supplies for your basic needs: dishwashing liquid, dishcloths, toiletries, sheets, towels, etc. There were also some snacks, a bottle of wine and some swag.

Aaah. We could finally relax a little. We lay down on the tufted sofa and poured some of that wine. There were countless sighs of relief and giggles at the end as we pondered the past month and a half of short-term rentals in California.

Zeus Property Management Reviews

What truly sets Zeus apart is the attention to quality and consistency they can deliver thanks to their more involved approach. The owner of the unit is removed from daily operations. This means we don’t have to worry about an owner trying to cut corners and not providing some of the basics, or cleaning the unit on their own instead of having a professional team. Instead, Zeus does everything with processes, high standards and a quality experience in mind.

V 5ah Sla Battery Replacement For Zeus Pc5 12

Some of the thoughtful details we loved are the charging stations on both sides of the bed for our phones, toiletry bags, a vacuum cleaner, and enough spare trash bags to last the month. We also had new sponges and kitchen towels. Everything was where you would expect it to be. Whether you’re in between homes or traveling for work, you shouldn’t worry about the minutiae of moving to a new place or taking a Target run because the place is running out of soap. The unit has all the basics you will need to start running. THIS, my friend, is the ticket.

If you wanted to invite your new colleagues for a meeting, that wouldn’t be a problem. There are plates, cutlery, bowls, glasses for at least 15-20 people! Kitchen utensils are a bit limited, but they are quality items and in good condition (read: like new).

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The unit was generally clean, immaculate compared to most AirBnBs. I wish it would come with a Swiffer Wet or something similar to clean the floors with, but I suppose most people would be happy with just the vacuum cleaner.

On the design front, everything was high-end, or at least good quality. The decor was minimalist, in a good way. It made the unit spacious and inviting, complementing the gorgeous view of downtown Los Angeles that stretched through the large windows.

Zeus, Apartment Monopoli

The furniture was mainly in a contemporary / industrial style. There were sets of drawers in the walk-in closets for easy storage and ample space in the hallway closet for our bags. The bedding looked new, had a high thread count and was very comfortable.

One thing we felt was missing was a desk / desk. Especially for a corporate housing unit, it seemed like it was a priority. There was a large TV but no desk. We ended up buying one from IKEA and placed it behind the sofa, near the window. It was the perfect place for a desk that otherwise would have been just an empty space anyway.

There is certainly something to be said about having a favorable environment to work. The tidy apartment with sweeping views of the city was a joy to wake up to every morning. We felt inspired to do our best and couldn’t wait to get started. If this isn’t a testament to successfully satisfying corporate customers, I don’t know what it is! Having our little makeshift studio set up made us feel so energetic, we wrote a new song and loads of more music in no time!

Zeus Property Management Reviews

We liked that all cleaning products provided were environmentally friendly. All the soaps and toiletries were from Public Goods *, which has nice elegant packaging, but is also kind to the planet and wallet. In fact, I signed up for Public Goods and ordered more products to try.

Zeus Nightclub (minato)

* This is an affiliate link. If you click on it and commit annually, I will receive a small commission.

Again, the process was incredibly smooth. All we had to do was return the key to the reception after cleaning the apartment and the mailbox.

If you are looking for short term rentals for 1 month or more, we definitely recommend Zeus Living on AirBnB / VRBO. However it ends up being cheaper. We also had some experience with traditional corporate housing and would say that Zeus was easily comparable, probably better and possibly cheaper.

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After we moved in from Zeus, I was inspired by their design and decided to research the brands they used in the unit. As I did this, I noticed a little phrase encouraging us to meet the local team for lunch. So we did! We met at their headquarters in Venice and offered them our feedback on our experience and learned more about the company. It is amazing how a company of just 5 years has managed to achieve such a high level of quality of service. We wish him well. Premium Home Chevron Icon Indicates an expandable section or menu, or sometimes previous / next navigation options. Finance

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After 2 rounds of layoffs, a drop in valuation and chaotic negotiations with the owner, Zeus Living, backed by Airbnb, is changing its business model. Here’s how the corporate-housing startup is progressing.

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Airbnb-backed corporate housing startup Zeus Living is changing its business model after cutting headcount and its valuation has plummeted in recent months.

Zeus Property Management Reviews

Zeus offers furnished properties for minimum stays of 30 days in six metropolitan areas to business travelers and corporate partners who have an ongoing need for employee accommodation. The coronavirus has dealt a severe blow to the business travel economy, thanks to stay-at-home orders and customers eliminating their staff.

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Now, the company is moving away from exclusively renting homes from owners and bringing in furniture to make the space ready for customers, adding an online marketplace, such as Airbnb or booking.com, where owners could list directly.

Zeus, which grew rapidly in 2019, cut headcount in March and May from 240 to 89.

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