Zendoor Property Management

Zendoor Property Management – VendorPM is a marketplace platform that connects property managers with service providers who keep the building running (window cleaners, elevator maintenance workers, electricians, etc.). salespeople and vendors who work with them get a place to sell their services and respond to quotes and offers.

In a two-way marketplace like VendorPM, retention is essential. When you bring new entrants into the market (in this case, property managers and service providers), you need to make sure they have a great experience so they stay and continue to create value for themselves and other market participants.

Zendoor Property Management

Zendoor Property Management

As the VendorPM team dug deeper into what made their platform stick, they realized that responsiveness is a critical factor in customer experience. When a property manager opens a quote for a new job, their satisfaction depends on the seller’s response speed and response time to that quote. This is a classic link cycle, and like all link cycles, it’s powered by notifications.

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The VendorPM team identified notifications as a key tool in their product to improve vendor and property manager responsiveness and listed a few key issues to address:

The VendorPM team already had a built-in notification system for sending emails and in-app messages to customers, but they wanted to improve it to make the product more responsive.

As they evaluated the rebuild, they realized there were a few things they needed to support in the new system.

With this set of requirements in front of them, the team decided that home construction was more than they wanted. They looked at a number of marketing automation tools like OneSignal and Airship, but they didn’t address the product use cases the VendorPM team needed: packaging and an in-app feed for each use case.

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Then he found a team. It had support for bundling and in-app feeds, giving them the flexibility and visibility they’ve been looking for in a notification system for so long.

The VendorPM team installed the first workflows within a day and soon migrated the entire v1 notification system to . The VendorPM team estimates that they saved at least a month of development time by using the built-in support for package collection and in-app notifications.

“The ease of implementation definitely exceeded our expectations. Everything about creating workflows and mapping our model was a breeze. – Brian Kuach, Full Stack Developer

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Zendoor Property Management

They were also able to use their opt-in all-preference model, which allows users to choose which specific channels and notification types to opt out of, making it less likely that they will opt out of notifications altogether. This will help you achieve a higher response rate in the long run.

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After they were established, they began to benefit outside of the engineering organization. For the first time, their product team was able to see the entire responsive notification engine on the market. Instead of inventorying all their notifications in a Notion document, they could go to see the source of the truth.

For a product with complex transactional processes in the marketplace, it is common to see many notification types within the product. Today, the VendorPM team uses more than 60 notifications to power workflows.

This made it much easier to spot issues with their notification system and make quick fixes and improvements.

“The centrality and visibility of the whole system really attracted us. We can quickly change the logic, we can A/B test the system, find problems and fix them in minutes. The other day we found a bug in the subject line of a notification and it was fixed in five minutes without engineering intervention in production. Couldn’t have done without it.” — Hussien Hussien, Senior Product Manager Flexibility moves forward

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Today, VendorPM is used to power email and in-app messaging processes. They will soon be looking to add support for push notifications and SMS messages so they can get to market faster in all of their notification workflows.

“One of the cool things is that it’s changed how we evaluate our notifications roadmap,” Hussen said. “Within RICE, the reach, exposure, trust, effort, effort to get a new channel or notification to market is very low, and it makes a huge difference.”

As the VendorPM team evaluates the notification data they receive, along with other product analytics, they evaluate the impact of redesigning the notification system on vendor responsiveness. , they will be able to make timely adjustments as needed to help bring more value to both sides of the marketplace that powers VendorPM.

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Zendoor Property Management

Customers Zendoor saves engineering time and provides more than 80 notification workflows with how Zendoor sends cross-channel notifications to enhance communication in the rental property market. Sam Seeley • July 28, 2022

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CustomerStandard Metrics fosters investor-founder engagement and improves reporting compliance with how Standard Metrics uses the in-app feed to drive investor-founder engagement and improve reporting compliance. Sam Seely • March 09, 2022 Zendoor is a platform that empowers property managers with all the tools they need to run their own businesses, providing administrative support, business development and training services .

Their marketplace caters to both property owners and renters. Owners can browse and contact qualified property managers through the platform, while renters can search and apply for rental listings in their area and contact property managers directly for follow-ups.

Zendoor’s platform has multiple types of users—property managers, owners, and tenants—so the user experience must meet each of their needs.

When Zendoor launched in 2021, their team realized that notifications would be a key driver of engagement on the platform and the primary way users would communicate with each other. They also found that while Zendoor acted as a channel for this communication, different user segments of their platforms relied on different notification channels to get their work done.

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Property managers who use Zendoor at work prefer email notifications so they can identify Zendoor tasks in addition to their other responsibilities. Tenants who came to Zendoor as a consumer service preferred to respond to Zendoor tasks sent via text message (SMS) notifications.

“We’re an app that users come back to when they need to complete a task, such as a tenant using Zendoor to pay rent, notify a property manager about repairs, or update payment information,” said Shivam Sadachar, Engineering department head. “We knew that notifications were a great way to update our users on important events that they needed to respond to on the platform.”

As Zendoor grew, they knew they needed a scalable notification service that could support tens of thousands of notifications per day, while giving them the flexibility to provide cross-channel support and roll out new notification types as needed.

Zendoor Property Management

Building this functionality in-house would require several months of initial engineering work, plus the ongoing maintenance required to expand the system and any engineering time required to make adjustments.

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They found that their scalable infrastructure could deliver and store large amounts of notifications to meet their needs now and as the Zendoor platform continues to grow.

The Zendoor team sent out their first notification within a day. Today, Zendoor uses more than 80 notification workflows to support and send hundreds of thousands of notifications per month.

Shivam Sadachar, head of engineering at Zendoor, attributed their quick launch to ease of use: “We had a lot of options, from designing templates and layouts to streamlining our workflow. to in-app notification components,” said Shivam. “It was very simple to get up and running.”

“After writing the initial code for the integration, it’s very easy to create new notifications and send them,” said software engineer Ani Ravi. “I love creating abstractions and using tools that work with them the first time you do something, and help us get there with messaging and delivery.” Improved visibility across all notification channels

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As the Zendoor team continued to use it, they saw additional benefits for their team and users.

The Zendoor team uses a dashboard to provide a bird’s-eye view of all notification workflows. They can easily understand all their notification types across channels, diagnose issues and make changes as needed.

“We can see all the push notifications and emails we send in one place, which is a huge added value. Because of the amount of resources, we could never build our own dashboard.” -Shivam Sadachar, Head of Engineering.

Zendoor Property Management

With the workflow builder, the Zendoor team can customize where and how notifications appear across different channels—in this case, email to a property manager or text to a tenant. ‘s template editor means you can immediately see what the notification will look like and quickly customize it with drag-and-drop components.

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