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Youzi House Property Management Llc – Mount Sinai resident Michael Cherry arrives to be the first valet parking customer in Port Jeff in July 2017. File photo by Alex Petroski

With the completion of the Port Jefferson Village Valet Parking Pilot Program, which has included input along the way from members of the Port Jefferson Business Improvement District, the Greater Port Jefferson Chamber of Commerce, the village government, the Port Jefferson Fire Department, residents, Port Jefferson School District and restaurant owners, a resonating theme emerged: It was a good idea to work on if it comes back in 2018.

Youzi House Property Management Llc

Youzi House Property Management Llc

Tommy Shaffer, a restaurant owner, village resident and president of PJBID, said in a telephone interview that the program did not reach the limit of PJBID’s initial investment in the camera company. He said about 150 people used the service on average each weekend at a cost of $7 per car. When the program started, Shafer said that if the service attracted 100 users a night, it would be a profitable venture.

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“It was kind of a step toward a solution,” he said. “Besides it, everyone who used it thought it was the best thing ever.” We received praise for trying this idea. We hope to return to the table next year with a better plan.”

“It’s a big project,” he said in a telephone interview. “A lot of people have worked on it and whenever you have any new projects or new activities … nobody has the foresight to get it completely right the first time.”

He added that the plan will be to look at ways to streamline the service by the summer of 2018 with an eye toward improving — not disbanding — the program.

Restaurant owners who were involved in planning the program this past summer and others who weren’t told they were happy about valet parking being tried as a solution to the age-old problem in Port Jeff. The service began in July after a group of business owners announced their intentions to extend the program to the village board once PJBID reached an agreement with a private camera company and the Port Jeff School District that allowed cars to park at the vacant high school lot during the summer. Close after Labor Day weekend.

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Logistical issues arose along the way, including complaints from residents about the route drivers would take when exiting the municipal lot off Maple Place behind the Ruvo East restaurant where customers were dropped off before their cars were taken to the high school; lack of signage at the lot entrance from Maple Place, which historically was a two-way entrance and was repurposed as a one-way, exit only during program hours; the traffic on the street, where the fire station is located; insufficient promotion of the program to familiarize visitors; and disruption of the regular use of the bar behind Ruvo Istok, among others.

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Sound Beach resident Arthur Rasmussen criticized the program in an August letter to the editor after he was directed to use the valet service to visit Ruvo East when he complained that the staging area was blocking handicapped parking for the restaurant.

“We were so incensed by this ‘shakedown’ that we called the restaurant and canceled our reservation and drove to a restaurant at Mount Sinai,” he said. “My wife is on a walker and it is this handicap space that gives her easier access to the restaurant. “I thought the valet parking program was voluntary and not designed to cause hardship for seniors with disabilities.”

Youzi House Property Management Llc

Initially, the village was not going to be involved in the operation of the program, but because the staging area is a village part, its approval was required. Restaurant owners and Greater Port Jefferson Chamber of Commerce Director of Operations Barbara Ransom said the program would likely benefit from more village input.

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“I’d like to see it continue, I think there’s a lot of work to be done,” she said. “They have to have better [public relations], better advertising and for God’s sake more signs.” Not many options there. I think this is something that could work, it just needs to be looked at.”

Village Mayor Margot Garant and Deputy Mayor and Trustee Larry Lapointe could not be reached for comment regarding the village’s involvement in the project going forward.

The program was set to be cost neutral for the village. If revenue exceeded the initial investment, 25 percent of the profits would go to the camera company, and the remaining 75 percent would be split between the school district and the village.

Richard Moffitt, who joined the departments of biomedical informatics and pathology at Stony Brook University at the end of July, recently contributed to an extensive study of pancreatic cancer. Photo by Valerie Peterson

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It may take a village and then some to beat pancreatic cancer, which is pretty close to what the Cancer Genome Atlas project has gathered.

Bringing together over 200 researchers from facilities across the United States, TCGA recently published an article in the journal Cancer Cell in which scientists investigated genetic, proteomic and clinical information from 150 pancreatic cancer patients.

Richard Moffitt, an assistant professor in the Department of Biomedical Informatics and Pathology at Stony Brook University who joined the institution at the end of July, was the analysis coordinator for this extensive effort.

Youzi House Property Management Llc

The results of this research, which worked with pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma, the most common form of this cancer, offered insight into the specific genetic changes involved in pancreatic cancer, which is the third leading cause of cancer death.

Your University Magazine 2013 14 By University Of Sheffield Alumni

“The study has several immediate clinical implications for patients facing a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer,” wrote Ralph Hruban, one of the article’s corresponding authors and director of the Saul Goldman Pancreatic Cancer Research Center at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. e-mail.

The work “gives hope for future clinical trials in that 42 percent of patients in this group had cancers with at least one genetic alteration that could potentially be targeted therapeutically, and 25 percent of patients had cancers with two or more such events.”

These genetic findings suggest a potential basis for therapeutic trials guided by genetic changes, Hruban suggested. As analytics coordinator, Moffitt “plays a key role,” Hruban continued. “He brought hard work, incredible creativity and great scientific knowledge to the project.”

Moffitt joined the effort about four years ago, after the collaboration began. The assistant professor said he brought together the various data sets and analysis results from different teams and helped turn it into a “coherent overall story”.

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Moffitt was also in charge of messenger RNA analysis. He was at the University of North Carolina as a postdoctoral researcher in the Vice Chair for Research in the lab of Jen Jen Yeh for the past five years until his recent move to Stony Brook.

Benjamin Raphael, another author of the article and a professor in the Department of Computer Science at Princeton University, suggested that Moffitt played a key role in the recent work. “In any large collaboration like this, there tends to be a smaller number of researchers who play a huge role in the project,” Raphael explained in an email. Moffitt “plays such a big role. Without his dedication to the project over the past few years, it is doubtful that our analysis’ would have been as comprehensive.

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TCGA members contacted Moffitt and Yeh because the tandem was working on a new approach to studying gene expression that would eventually be published in a 2015 Nature Genetics article.

Youzi House Property Management Llc

Working with Yeh, Moffitt helped separate the genetic signature of pancreatic cancer cells from the different types of cells around it, which also include healthy cells and a cluster of dense cells around the tumor called the stroma. Wifi 6 Pci E Ax200 Desktop Wifi Card Bt5.2 Dual Band Ax3000mbps Ax200ngw 802.11ax 5ghz 2.4ghz 160mhz Mu Mimo Next Gen Wireless Network Adapter For Gaming Fans Ofdma Miracast Only Support Windows 11 10 :

“The percentage of cancerous cells in pancreatic cancer is low, so if you imagine a mixture of marbles that are the same color on the outside but different on the inside and there are only 10 in a bag of 100, figuring out which 10 [are] tumors The colors inside were very challenging Yeh explained in an email.

The TCGA study sheds light on cancer subtypes that Moffitt didn’t know existed just a few years ago, while investigating the possible role that microRNA and DNA methylation — the process of adding or subtracting a methyl group from a genetic sequence to turn genes on and off — has in describing of those subtypes.

“Researchers need projects like TCGA that are a really well-controlled way to study almost any molecule you want to study systematically for 150 cases to discover these networks,” Moffitt said.

Moffitt combined his appreciation of algorithms and mathematics with an interest in biology and engineering. His Ph.D. it was done in a dry lab, which didn’t even have a sink. When he moved to UNC to conduct his postdoctoral work, he took a different approach and worked with surgical oncologists at

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