Yellow Rock Property Management

Yellow Rock Property Management – We manage properties as if we own them. Period. No fancy guarantees that we can’t back it up. No prices or complicated menus. We don’t cut costs on exhibits or property visits. We don’t hide from customers and tenants. We will never force you to sign with us. The fact is, we don’t have to do any of that for customers to do business with us. Customers choose Pyramis because they know that we will take care of their property with excellence and look out for their best interests. That simple. There are good reasons why we have been around since 1985 and we still have a number of customers from those early days.

Many in our industry are moving away from the work our clients hire us to do to save money and increase margins. Instead of a property manager visiting the home you’re paying to manage, they outsource those visits (and charge you for each visit). The company you hired may never see your home with its own eyes. Also, they are likely marking up the cost to provide these third-party services. They will save money by not sending their people out into the field and cashing in on what they are charging you for providing this service.

Yellow Rock Property Management

Yellow Rock Property Management

There is a growing trend in our industry of unattended (self-viewing) viewings as the way of the future. When your home is on the market for rent, do you want people to have access to see it unattended? Wouldn’t you feel more protected if a licensed realtor accompanied these people to their home? These companies can tell you that there have been very few incidents of vandalism or theft. We are not comfortable with that and neither should you. The Texas Association of REALTORS® felt it was very concerning that they developed a notice/authorization for homeowners to sign allowing companies to use this technology on their properties.

Br, 2.5 Bath House

This is one of the aspects of Pyramis’ business that sets us apart, we want to get to know our customers and tenants. Both are welcome in our office, no appointment required. Some smaller companies operate out of the home and only meet by appointment at a Starbucks or McDonald’s. Others have strict mandatory scheduling policies and will refuse visits. As our property managers actually work in the field, they are not always in the office. Appointments help ensure your property manager is available, but they are not required. We have long felt that customer service is dead in so many industries that we all have to deal with on a daily basis. Pyramis does not fall into this category.

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The property management business is rapidly growing in many markets across the country. Bringing in new business is a priority for many companies and they are signing on to almost every house they can get their hands on. To do this, they are hiring people with experience in sales, not real estate. These salespeople harass potential customers to hire them. Your home or investment property is not a used car and should not be treated as such. For us, this is a relationship business. We do not employ vendors to register new management accounts.

Have you ever seen guarantees that one company will rent your home faster than any other? And in less than a certain number of days? Do you realize they can’t really control these things? In real estate and many other industries such as financial markets, performance cannot be guaranteed. These guarantees are deceptive sales tactics that you shouldn’t fall for. Instead, you should question why they feel the need to make such claims. Also, ask yourself: would you rather rent the house quickly or would you rather have a quality tenant there?

As a small business that appreciates what our military does for this great country, we offer a discount for active and retired military personnel. We also offer reduced rates for investors with multiple properties. That’s it. Our services are fairly priced and we offer a better service. You will easily find cheaper companies, similarly, others are more expensive. Our property managers are responsible for smaller portfolios than many places, giving them more time to work with fewer properties. Be wary of discount management companies, you’ll pay more in the long run, or worse, you might actually get what you pay for.

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Have you filled out one of those “instant rental appraisal” forms on someone else’s website? What did you think of the number you received? The chances of this number being really accurate are slim to none. It may be in the stadium, but there are too many variables that the computer cannot assess. How does your house compare to the one next door? Same size? It is unlikely. Same accessories? Same appliances? Same floor? It is unlikely. We’ve seen situations where two identical homes in a neighborhood rent for rates $200 apart simply because one had too many desirable upgrades while the other was all builder basics. Also, the rates at which homes are rented are not public information in Texas, so the systems that generate these reports must use advertised rates. Actual rates are sometimes different. We do real research to generate the most accurate rate recommendation possible.

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The biggest complaint we receive from people who come to us and who have a property managed by someone else is the lack of communication. We understand how critical open communication is for our customers and we take it seriously. All of our clients have a dedicated property manager responsible for their end-to-end property, not just an account manager without first-hand knowledge of your rental. Whether the news is good or bad, you will be in the know. The PetroPhysical Property Database (P3) – a global compilation of laboratory-measured rock properties The PetroPhysical Property Database (P3) – a global compilation of laboratory-measured rock properties Kristian Bär et al.

Kristian Bär1, Thomas Reinsch2, a, and Judith Bott2 Kristian Bär et al. Kristian Bär1, Thomas Reinsch2, a, and Judith Bott2

Yellow Rock Property Management

Received: January 27, 2020 – Discussion Started: March 10, 2020 – Revised: June 03, 2020 – Accepted: August 02, 2020 – Published: October 13, 2020

Walls Branch Rd, Blacksburg, Va 24060

The petrophysical properties are essential for filling in local and/or regional numerical models and for interpreting the results of geophysical investigation methods. Searching for rock property values ​​measured in samples from a specific rock unit at a specific location can become a very time-consuming challenge as this data is spread across multiple compilations and the number of publications on new measurements is growing. continuously and the data is of heterogeneous quality. Leveraging existing laboratory data to fill in numerical models or interpret geophysical surveys at specific locations or for individual reservoir units is often hampered if information on sample location, petrography, stratigraphy, measurement method and conditions is scarce or undocumented. .

Within the framework of the CE IMAGE funded project (Integrated Methods for Advanced Geothermal Exploration, EU Grant Agreement No. 608553), an open access database of laboratory-measured petrophysical properties was developed (Bär et al., 2017, 2019b: P3 – Database, The purpose of this hierarchical database is to provide easily accessible information on physical properties of rocks relevant to geothermal exploration and reservoir characterization in a single compilation. Data collected includes classical petrophysical, thermophysical and mechanical properties, as well as electrical conductivity and magnetic susceptibility. Each measured value is complemented by relevant meta-information such as the location of the corresponding sample, petrographic description, chronostratigraphic age, if available , and original citation. Original stratigraphic and petrographic descriptions are transferred to standard catalogs onized following a hierarchical structure ensuring intercomparability for statistical analysis (Bär and Mielke, 2019: P3 – petrography,; Bär et al., 2018, 2019a: P3 – stratigraphy, In addition, information about experimental setup (methods) and measurement conditions are listed for quality control. Thus, rock properties can be directly related to in situ conditions to derive specific parameters relevant to simulating subsurface processes or interpreting geophysical data.

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We describe the structure, content, and status quo of the database and discuss its limitations and end-user benefits.

The characterization and use of subsurface reservoirs generally depends on the application of geophysical investigation methods and/or numerical simulation codes – both of which require, in turn, knowledge of the physical properties of the rock at depth. The strategy of filling numerical models with petrophysical properties may be different. For local scale models, laboratory data may exist from individual samples collected from the geological unit of interest. In this case, this direct information must be used in conjunction with sophisticated laws (physical and empirical) to populate the entire geological unit. For regional and continental scale models, on the contrary, the parameters must be generalized in relation to the spatial and physical variability of the investigated lithological units.

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Individual rock types or petrographs typically exhibit great variability in related properties due to heterogeneous mineral compositions, variable textures, and different porosity distribution (Schön, 2015). Compilations of existing rock properties exemplify the high variability and different purposes of such databases (e.g. Cermak and Rybach, 1982; Clark, 1966; Clauser and Huenges, 1995a, b; Landolt-Börnstein et al. al., 2020; Mortimer, 2005; Hantschel and Kauerauf, 2009; Liolios and Exadaktylos, 2011; Descamps et al.

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