Woodard Property Management

Woodard Property Management – Woodard Properties, a Charlottesville property management and development company, has served local businesses, students, and the community for more than 40 years. We provide affordable housing to over 150 community members and work closely with housing authorities and non-profit organizations to house low-income families. In addition, we provide affordable trading space for over 200 small businesses. This gives local entrepreneurs the ability to grow and prosper and increase employment opportunities.

Giving has always been at the heart of the Wooward Properties family. Whether it’s time, space, resources, staff, or funding, Woodard Properties is committed to the Charlottesville community and is always looking for ways to help this community thrive. In 2021, we donated nearly $85,000 to local organizations. Additionally, we support over 50 nonprofits and organizations in Charlottesville. We donate over 500 hours of community service to local charities each year. Most of the organizations we help strive to get those struggling back on their feet, which impacts the overall well-being of our community.

Woodard Property Management

Woodard Property Management

We provide financial, operational, and in-kind support to non-profit organizations related to education, health, culture, community, housing, arts, and other community programs. The International Rescue Committee (RC) is one organization that Woodard Properties has developed a close relationship with throughout the years. The Charlottesville IRC has welcomed more than 4,600 refugees who have escaped violence and dispossession in 32 different countries.

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“The International Rescue Committee in Charlottesville is very fortunate to have had Woodard Properties as a key partner in our resettlement efforts for over a decade. Last year alone, more than 12 families and 48 people were resettled in Woodard, enjoying a place to live that provides an important foundation for future satisfaction and community integration. /RC customers, especially Woodard tenants, have become valuable members of the Charlottesville community; continuing to study at UVA and PVCC, serving the country as a Peace Corps volunteer, establishing successful businesses, and finding work as health workers, teachers, and even RC workers. As we work to resettle more than 300 clients displaced by the Afghan Refugee Crisis, RC continues to turn to Woodard Properties as a trusted and supportive partner in meeting our clients’ most important needs” – The I RC. Woodard Properties not only provides affordable housing in I RC, but we also work with their New Roots program by donating land to one of their community gardens.

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12 families and 48 individuals have been resettled and live in housing owned and managed by Woodard Properties over the past year.

Woodard Properties’ diverse portfolio includes not only student, traditional, affordable, and commercial properties, but also vacant land for future development. With the continued growth of Charlottesville, Woodard Properties will continue its mission to provide an exciting place for residents and businesses to call home.

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