Wlr Property Management

Wlr Property Management – Bad Brothers LLC, led by Blake Phillips, bought Slim Chickens at 16105 Chenal Parkway. The seller is Haag-Brown Development LLC, led by Greg Haag and Josh Brown.

The 0.65-acre development was previously tied to a December 2019 $1.4 million mortgage from Armor Bank of Forest City.

Wlr Property Management

Wlr Property Management

The location was acquired in January 2018 as part of a $4.4 million deal with Cincinnati-based Kroger Ltd.

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HAT Properties LLC, 5209 and 5217 J St., led by James Hoffman. Project bought. The seller is J Street Group LLC, led by Lane Patterson.

The 0.36-acre development held by Reliance Bank of Pine Bluff was tied to a March 2018 mortgage of $634,037.

J Street Group purchased the property in September 2013 as part of an $820,000 deal with CAR Holdings LLC, led by Andrew Adkins and Richard Harp.

Woodland Parks of Little Rock LLC, led by Graham Smith, Scott Hurley and Russell James, acquired the land near the southwest corner of Canis Road and Taylor Park Boulevard.

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PTI Holding Company-Heights LLC, led by Christopher Long and Derek Lageman, bought 5307 Cavanaugh Blvd. The project The seller is KMG Dental Management LLC, led by Patrick Kircher.

The deal is being financed by a $348,500 five-year loan from Encore Bank. The 0.12-acre development was previously tied to a July 2017 mortgage of $262,850 held by Reliance Bank.

Bluefin Development LLC, led by Jared Coleman, bought the land near the northwest corner of University Avenue and Hindman Parkway from Mary Baldridge.

Wlr Property Management

The Crockett Family, headed by John Crockett, bought the property from I in August 2015 for $30,000.

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Jason and Jennifer Offutt purchased the home from US Bank of Cincinnati. The residence was previously attached to a $995,400 mortgage held by the bank in March 2011.

A 5,181-SF home in Camac Village is under new ownership after an $892,500 deal. Robert Chandler bought house from Matthew and Melissa Troup.

The residence was previously attached to a $540,000 mortgage dated February 2015 held by Citibank of Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Shirley F. The Troupes bought the property five years ago from the Strauss Trust for $675,000.

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Carl and Leslie McCormack acquired the home from Evercrest Properties LLC, led by Elizabeth Rigsby. The deal is being financed by a $680,000, 25-year loan from Regions Bank of Birmingham, Alabama.

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The residence was previously attached to a $495,000 mortgage dated October 2019 held by Central Bank of Little Rock.

U.S. Trustee of Mortgage-Backed Securities Portfolio Evercrest purchased the property from the bank in January 2018 for $314,000.

Wlr Property Management

Wendy and John Dunn foreclosed on the property in November 2016 for $492,630 in lieu of mortgage.

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Amanda Orcutt and Peter Schultz bought the home from Gintas Oxtuolis-Kalpokas. The deal is being financed with a $510,400 30-year loan held by First Security Bank.

John and Janet Teague purchased the home from David and Mary Prince. The deal is backed by a 30-year loan of $507,920 from Arvest Bank.

The princes purchased the property for $450,000 in October 2007 from Deutsche Bank National Trust, the trustee of the mortgage-backed securities portfolio.

Drew Beasley and Sarah Hunton acquired home from Thomas and Jennifer Pledger. A $585,550 25-year loan from Regions Bank is financing the deal.

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The residence was tied to a $423,200 mortgage dated April 2017 held by BNC National Bank of Glendale, Arizona.

The mortgagee purchased the property in November 2016 from Twin Oaks Trust, headed by William and Rona Temple, for $529,900.

Cilinda and Alan Johnson Jr. bought 43 acres from Robin Standridge. The deal is being financed by a $440,000, 30-year loan from Arkansas Federal Credit Union in Jacksonville.

Wlr Property Management

The residence was attached to a July 2012 mortgage of $187,000 held by Bank of Little Rock Mortgage Corporation.

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The land was acquired from Elsie and Lonnie Cole Jr. in October 1982 and May 1998 for an undisclosed amount.

Catherine and Robert Gaine bought property from Patricia Buter. The residence was tied to a May 2012 mortgage of $342,200 held by Simmons Bank of Pine Bluff.

Purchased the property in October 2004 for $512,000 from Kevin and Jennifer Hanna and Bill and Jessica Parkinson.

Susan Smith, Chris Long, Josh Brown, Richard Smith, Slim Chickens, Derek Lageman, Haag-Brown Development LLC, Greg Haag, Lane Patterson, James Hoffman, Graham Smith, Scott Hurley, Russell James, Jared Coleman, Bluefin Development LLC Properties LLC , Bad Brothers LLC, Blake Phillips, J Street Group LLC, Woodland Park of Little Rock LLC, CBS Revocable Trust, PTI Holding Company-Heights LLC, KMG Dental Management LLC, Patrick Kircher and Mary Baldridge are in the final stages of acquiring the latter property, including the 5,000-seat Work to prepare a site off Summit Avenue for the sports stadium is expected to begin soon, a project official said this week.

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Al Tyler said, referring to the perimeter that will be placed around the planned Hagerstown Multi-Use Sports and Events Facility site to block access when construction begins. .

Last month, the Maryland Stadium Authority reported it had acquired all the property needed to build the stadium — Auto Spa and Lube Center at 32 W. Baltimore St., said Tyler, vice president of a capital projects group for the stadium authority. Authority members said at the Aug. 2 meeting that he needed a successful deal to buy the car wash.

The state highway department and attorneys were involved in the negotiations, which then turned to face-to-face negotiations between WLR Property Management, the owner of the car wash, and the authority, Tyler previously said.

Wlr Property Management

He said at the August 2 meeting that the negotiations were “hot and heavy” and that failure to reach an agreement would kill the project.

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The authority and WLR Property Management reached a purchase agreement in mid-August, Tyler said in a phone interview Wednesday. The contract will now go through an approval process, including review by the Maryland Board of Public Works.

About $70 million in state funding has been allocated for the stadium, which is expected to be home to a new Atlantic League professional baseball team. Expected to be completed by mid-2024, the stadium is expected to host concerts and festivals.

Tyler said he still hopes to unveil the stadium’s proposed design early next year.

The authority has selected Turner Construction Company, an international firm with experience in stadium work, to design and build the stadium. The state Board of Public Works signed off on the authority’s decision to go with Turner on Aug. 31.

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Tyler said the stadium would require the demolition of a car wash, the D&P coin-operated laundry at 140 Summit Ave., and the county government building at 80 W. Baltimore St. The authority had earlier taken over the laundry and the county building. The Herald-Mail media building and adjacent lot at 100 Summit Ave. had previously been acquired for the stadium, although Tyler said the structure would not have to be torn down and would be sold by the authority.

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He said the authority hopes to have the former newspaper building on the market by the end of the year.

The authority recently approved a deal with Turner to demolish and extend utilities to the site, which spans a portion of the Hagerstown Cultural Trail. Officials said they expect the trail to be the main way people get to the stadium once they park.

Wlr Property Management

City Engineer Rodney Tissue previously said the city has begun preparing the way for the stadium, such as removing a metal sculpture. Tyler said the city continued with prep work, including removing plants from the sidewalk. Next to Hood Street, the lane is also closed in preparation for construction to begin.

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The city helps operate a network of citizen groups in Hagerstown known as Neighborhoods 1st groups. One of the groups, the Historic Heights Neighborhoods 1st Group, recently met with Tissue and Greg Snook about the stadium. Snook is president and CEO of the Hagerstown-Washington County Industrial Foundation, known as CHIEF.

CHIEF helped acquire the property for the stadium and, as the stadium’s owner, would lease it to Downtown Baseball LLC, a local ownership group led by Howard “Blackie” Bowen, Don Bowman, James Holzapfel and Frank Bolton. Downtown Baseball has received a franchise extension request from the Atlantic League of Professional Baseball to create a new Hagerstown team.

In a nearby phone interview, Tissue said members of the Historic Heights group asked him and Snook about several issues with the stadium that could affect parking on their neighborhood streets. The Historic Heights group represents residents on streets like Summit Avenue, Prospect and Walnut Streets.

Residents asked Tissue if they could explore the possibility of a residential permit program to protect their parking, and Tissue agreed to look into it.

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Tyler said construction of the stadium is the authority’s focus, and parking is not

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