Wintergreen Resort Property Management

Wintergreen Resort Property Management – The Infrastructure Department of the Wintergreen Homeowners Association has three primary divisions: Roads, Landscaping and Buildings. All divisions operate out of a maintenance facility located on Wintergreen Drive.

The physical assets maintained by this WPOA department include the Tuckahoe Clubhouse, 53 miles of trails, two pavilions, two swimming pools, state parks, 11 lakes, trout streams, overlooks, hiking and biking trails, and open spaces with forest.

Wintergreen Resort Property Management

Wintergreen Resort Property Management

Several members of this department are specialists such as carpenters, painters, mechanics, and operators of more than 20 heavy equipment used by WPOA such as backhoes, articulated mowers, front loaders, tractors, excavators, road sweepers, and snowplows.

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The entire staff of this WPOA division is hardworking. For example, the entire infrastructure team will shovel snow in the winter and after a heavy summer rainstorm, most everyone participates in the cleanup. The department director is Mitchell Barker, email: [email protected], phone: 434-325-8532, who also oversees ARB compliance. Road Maintenance Supervisor is David Thomas, email: [email protected], phone: 434-325-8528

There are approximately 4,000 acres of WPOA open space managed for Wintergreen owners and guests. The open space includes many roads, parks, community buildings, ponds, undeveloped property roads.

There is a smaller area of ​​open space in the developed area. Most of these small tracts are located behind and between lots and help to place undeveloped buildings between buildings, as well as corridors connecting developed areas.

There shall be no cutting of vegetation, creation of roads or other alterations to the open space without the approval of the WPOA’s Architectural Review Board. (Note: The ARB must approve all exterior work, including landscaping, on all properties within Wintergreen, including owner-occupied property.)

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The WPOA works with the Nature Foundation at Wintergreen to manage the open space. Working with community groups such as the Wintergreen Sporting Club, WPOA has seen some of the open spaces used for the benefit of the entire community.

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The WPOA provides amenities for homeowners and their guests such as two swimming pools. outdoor pavilion, tennis court, archery range and more.

At Stoney Creek, the Tuckahoe clubhouse is one of the WPOA’s most popular amenities with homeowners. See why here.

Wintergreen Resort Property Management

In the valley WPOA offers active trout streams and dozens of small lakes for the use of Wintergreen property owners and guests. Details here.

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The design and maintenance of most of the signs in Wintergreen is the work of the WPOA. Responsibility is taken seriously as the sign speaks to the overall design standards of the community.

The WPOA does extensive landscaping at the entrance to the valley and mountain communities as well as around all WPOA facilities. Seasonal flowers, weeding, mulching and leaf removal are all handled by this dedicated team. Weeding of houses, roads and some open spaces continues every day in spring, summer and autumn.

Wintergreen is a master-planned community with exceptional design standards. The WPOA has statutory responsibility for architectural review. This role, which is managed within the Department of Infrastructure, includes responsibility for maintaining records, conducting inspections and performing administrative tasks related to the review process. Learn more here.

Although the WPOA does not provide water, sewer, electricity, Internet, telephone, cable and garbage services for the mountains and valleys, the infrastructure department oversees the facilities and often help coordinate the efforts of various service providers.

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Wintergreen’s trail system is more than just the surface; there are also drains that carry storm water away from the mountains and the grass, wildflowers, bushes and trees along the road. The WPOA maintains 12 feet of roadway from the edge of most roads.

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About 25 to 30 percent of the WPOA’s annual budget goes to maintaining Wintergreen’s trails. Budget numbers are as predictable as the weather year-round because the WPOA takes great care to keep the roads clear of snow and ice during the winter.

In 2005, WPOA created a road maintenance savings account that collects money from property owners’ annual dues. This avoids the need for a special paving evaluation every 10 years.

Wintergreen Resort Property Management

More than 15 special equipment operators work to keep Wintergreen’s roads clear of snow and ice. When severe winter weather arrives, WPOA crews will be working 24/7 until the roads are clear.

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When it snows, some homeowners find snow piled up in their driveways. Once the road is cleared, the WPOA works to clear the entrances and exits.

Homeowners should be prepared to either clear snow from their driveways or make arrangements in advance to have a private contractor do it.

Regardless of weather or road conditions, do not hesitate to call 911 for medical or other emergencies. Plows and rescue teams are ready to direct all their resources for a timely response to critical situations.

The snow in the Blue Ridge is very beautiful. Those who know how to enjoy it are willing and patient. Learn more

Trillium Close, Wintergreen Resort, Va 22967

The WPOA works with the Virginia Department of Natural Resources to manage bear and deer populations. Read more Let’s take the worry out of owning a second home. With a weekly inspection of your property, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your home is being looked after, even when you’re away.

You will be in the hands of your guests during their vacation. We prepare the house for their arrival and help them with any problems during their stay. We are your eyes, ears and hands on the mountain.

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From painting to plumbing, we can take care of any repair your home may need. We can also renovate your kitchen, build a world-class deck for you, or install beautiful hardwood floors.

Wintergreen Resort Property Management

Our staff inspects your property weekly to identify any potential issues. We look for physical damage both inside and outside the home, especially in terms of breakage or water damage. In the winter, we monitor the ambient temperature and keep a close eye on the possibility of cold water pipes. In the summer, we monitor the humidity level to prevent mold. We send you an email every week with our findings. If repairs are necessary, we will do so with your permission.

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We will prepare the house for you or your guests by turning on the water, hot water heater and a few lights. We will adjust the temperature as needed so that you arrive at a comfortable home. We can also clear leaves, snow and debris from your driveway and yard, and help maintain your hot tub.

Anything goes, especially in a harsh environment like the mountains. Our staff is on call, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. If you have a problem that needs immediate attention, we are here to help.

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