Who Owns Karya Property Management

Who Owns Karya Property Management – KPM offers a true end-to-end solution in our comprehensive service package. We provide rigorous due diligence services to ensure that the acquisition is evaluated thoroughly and in an unbiased manner.

We strive to bring exemplary teams on-site to manage a given property on a day-to-day basis – teams focus on required rehabilitation, marketing, tenant satisfaction and retention, cost management, revenue optimization and overall property management.

Who Owns Karya Property Management

Who Owns Karya Property Management

KPM and Nitia Capital have taken the initial steps in developing world-class townhomes in the Houston area, with plans to expand to our entire submarket base.

Swapnil Agarwal, Ceo Of Nitya Capital, Announces Implementation Of Free Rent For Afghanistan Refugees

After Hurricane Harvey devastated much of the city of Houston, we at KPM Property Management stood with our fellow citizens and raised over $50,000 in direct relief. It was this action that inspired us to expand our philanthropic efforts on a larger scale. Just as we believe in setting our residents and employees up for long-term, sustainable success, we believe in doing the same for ordinary people from all walks of life.

Our aim is to ensure that the properties under management are optimized in every aspect from marketing, tenant satisfaction and retention, cost management, revenue optimization and overall management to achieve maximum levels of net operating income while providing our clients with the highest level of transparency, control and integrity.

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When it comes to places that are close to the Happiest Place on Earth, look no further than Orlando, Florida! We recently announced our brand new series of properties located in this perfect… Swapnil Agarwal and executive members of Karia Property Management pose with Northwest Relief Ministry staff at the dedication of the new landscape. (Photo: Business Wire)

HOUSTON–( BUSINESS WIRE )–Svapnil Agarwal, CEO and founder of Nitia Capital and Karia Property Management, was on hand with several key members of the community and administration of the Northwest Relief Ministry to unveil the newly installed playground equipment at several of the Karias he manages. community.

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Notable attendees at the ceremony included Klein ISD Superintendent Dr. Brett Champion, Les Cave (CEO of Northwest Relief Ministries), Manish Patel (Karia Property Management), Dr. Deepika Agarwal (Director of Marketing for Karia Property Management) and several other community leaders .

Who Owns Karya Property Management

Funding for the project is due in part to a grant that the N.A.M. were awarded, and together with Karia, their collaboration helped bring new playgrounds to the two communities. Both organizations foresee even more opportunities for cooperation in the near future.

Nitya Capital Opens The Karya Kares Clinic In Houston

“We are honored to be able to give back and provide the best community experience we can to all of our residents,” said Swapnil Agarwal. “It’s only natural for us to partner with such a wonderful nonprofit organization like Northwest Relief Ministries.”

Karia Property Management, headquartered in Houston, Texas, is a privately held, full-service multifamily management company focused on providing exceptional community management services. Since its inception, Karia has grown its portfolio to over 16,000 units across the Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Austin, Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, and Kansas City areas, successfully managing all properties along the value chain, starting with high value added deals with a significant component for the rehabilitation of stabilized buildings. HOUSTON, August 26, 2021 // — In recognition of the current international situation involving Afghanistan, Swapnil Agarwal, CEO of Nitia Capital and Karia Property Management, announced that they will implement a brand new rental policy for all Afghan refugees seeking housing services.

Starting today, Karia Cares will house up to 1,000 Afghan refugee families for free at all Karia properties across the country for the next six months. This opportunity aims to foster a sense of security and peace for all refugees who may currently be experiencing challenging times in their lives by providing useful, free resources as they recover from the ordeal of an international crisis.

Karia Kares has previously contacted the community regarding major local and social issues. It recently held its Back to School 2021 event where all students received free backpacks and school supplies for the upcoming school year. In addition, Karia Cares previously offered significant rental assistance services to citizens affected by the recent Covid-19 pandemic, as well as educational programs for children across the country and abroad. In the summer of 2021, the organization additionally opened a free health clinic for the public to treat preventable diseases throughout the Houston area.

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Nitya Capital Could Build Condos Off Memorial Drive On Bayou Park Property

With many different apartments to choose from under the Karia Property Management label, this recent move by Karia Cares marks a significant undertaking for the resident-focused charity. Karia Kares encourages all recent refugees from Afghanistan to take advantage of the current offer to adjust to a safer environment as they prepare for the coming months.

The organization expressed its deepest condolences for the recent international crisis and hopes that its actions may, in some small way, offer a message of hope amid dark times. All Things Are Possible: The Rise of Swapnil Agarwal Posted by KPM Marketing on Sep 4, 2020 4, 2020

Imagine being barred from an office building because of your social status, only to return years later to that same building as its owner. As a teenager, Swapnil Agarwal, CEO of Nitia Capital & KPM Property Management, was told he couldn’t enter One Westchase Center to drop off pizza flyers. Today, Nitia Capital completed the acquisition of One Westchase Center and hopes it will continue to inspire future leaders in the business industry to achieve outsized success.

Who Owns Karya Property Management

Although Swapnil Agarwal’s story seems miraculous, his journey to the top is characterized by hard work, persistence and constant learning. Born in Agra, India, Agarwal and his loving parents migrated to Texas when he was 15 years old. After high school, Swapnil began his studies at Houston Community College before self-funding his way to a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Texas at Austin. “After college he took a job in investment banking and another in Hong Kong as one of the first employees at a PE fund. He started in finance because he knew that’s where the money was – but it was never his ultimate goal. Agarwal always knew he wanted to start a company, so he used his corporate career as a vehicle to earn and save as much as possible.

Two Hermann Place & Three Herman Place: High Rises In The Museum District

Once he had saved $300,000, Agarwal returned to Houston so he could finally start his own venture. He knew it was a huge risk and he and his wife were expecting their first child – but the possibility of failure didn’t stop him.

So in 2013, he founded a real estate investment firm and called it Nitia Capital. Having gained experience in real estate during his time in Hong Kong, he knew where to focus his attention: the same kind of affordable housing complexes he lived in as a teenager. He planned to buy a run-down, poorly managed multi-family complex and turn it into a place people want to live (without changing the rent).

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But before he could do that, he needed more money. After being turned down by the bank himself, he managed to convince a friend to co-sign the loan as a favor and ended up getting $2.7 million. With the help of another friend, one of the first he made in America, he managed to get the contacts he needed to raise money. His next move was to call everyone he knew and anyone who would listen to convince them to invest. His strategy was to offer investors the most favorable conditions. He made an offer that could not be refused, with an abnormally high hurdle for investors and an especially low nose for himself. After combining what he was able to raise with his $300,000 net worth, Agarwal made his first acquisition for $4.5 million. His strong connections were key to being able to secure the capital he needed to get started.” -Forbes

Fast forward to 2020 and Swapnil has not only made a name for himself in the business world but also as a caring philanthropist. Along with his multi-talented wife Deepika Agarwal, Swapnil founded the Karia Cares Foundation in 2019. With efforts in cities in the United States or India, Karia Cares is dedicated to helping those less fortunate get back on their feet with the promise of hope. Among their most popular projects, Karia Cares offered rental assistance to families who may have been affected by COVID-19. The total aid is estimated at 4 million dollars.

Providence At Baytown Apartments

Along with the Karia Cares Rental Assistance Program, the organization also launched free community health clinics and free water safety courses at select KPM Property Management locations in Houston. According to Deepika Agarwal, Karya Kares hopes not only to change the lives of countless families around the world, but to “be a change.”

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