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Wehmeyer Property Management – Keith Wehmeyer, (GHS ’99) is returning to Maine to help preserve one of the state’s great wilderness areas as the Transportation and Maintenance Supervisor at Baxter State Park (BSP). It looks like a former Gorham resident will take good care of the park established by a former Gorham resident, Governor Percival P. Baxter, as a gift to the people of Maine.

According to BSP, Wehmeyer, an outdoor enthusiast, will lead the four-member BSP maintenance team responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of over 300 buildings, including remote park buildings, offices guard and hospitality offices and Group Headquarters in Millinocket.

Wehmeyer Property Management

Wehmeyer Property Management

It will maintain a fleet of more than 30 trucks, 18 snowmobiles, and other heavy equipment, and will maintain off-grid power systems (there are no public utilities in the park) and radio communications for work and crisis management.

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It is a great work and result of Wehmeyer’s past work experience, abroad and his new knowledge in business administration. “It’s good to be outside and get more hands on,” he said.

Wehmeyer holds a B.A. degree in Media Communications and Journalism from the University of Pittsburgh where he acquired the organizational and communication skills needed in management. Before Wehmeyer received his degree, he received a different education, working as a carpenter on the East Coast from New Jersey to Maine, experiences that became important in his career. .

Keith, Ellie and Liz Wehmeyer enjoyed one of their many boat trips back to Maine.

Wehmeyer spent the last 10 years in New Hampshire’s Mount Washington Valley, working as a Facility and Project Manager at Settlers Green Outlet Village in North Conway. Prior to that, he led a nine-person maintenance team for the Attitash Grand Summit Hotel, in Bartlett.

South Glebe Road, Unit 222w, Arlington, Va 22202

He spent four years on the Appalachian Mountain Club (AMC) Construction Crew. At Crawford Notch, he oversees the AMC’s Highland Center, and is the carpenter for several renovation projects, including the Madison Spring Hut, one of eight mountain huts in the White Mountain National Forest. . He served on the Board of the White Mountain Swift Water Rescue Team and the Bartlett, NH. Protection Commission.

Wehmeyer, along with his wife Liz and 4-year-old daughter Ellie, packed up their belongings, including a herd of 10 goats (including two pregnant females) and a Great Pyrenees dog, and moved the Mountain Washington Valley to a 16-acre farm they bought in Benedicta, an unincorporated town about 30 miles north of Millinocket.

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The Wehmeyers are excited about the distance after watching the growth of the Mountain Washington Valley during the COVID pandemic. “The new building and the barn are beautiful and Mt. Katahdin is unrecognizable,” he said.

Wehmeyer Property Management

The Wehmeyers are more attached to their favorite outdoor activities. Keith and Liz have paddled the Allagash four times, three times with Ellie, including a 90-mile trip down the river when she was just a year old.

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Wehmeyer also enjoyed reuniting with his longtime friend, Michael Downing (GHS ’01) and Downing’s wife Lindsay, who owns and operates the Mt. Chase Lodge at Shin Pond. Both men’s children are in the same school.

“It’s good to have friends here. We share weekly dinners, and the kids call each other ‘best friends.’ “said Wehmeyer.

Until she started her new job in mid-January, Wehmeyer settled in with her pets, doing chores and taking time for family trips outside. their new place. The Wehmeyers plan to continue farming sustainably as they did in New Hampshire, raising chickens and pigs and growing fruits and vegetables.

“We’ve always made a lot of our own food. Our new country will make it easier.

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Wehmeyer Property Management

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Despite the heavy use of fertilizer in China, yields have stagnated as environmental pollution has increased. To increase sustainable production, the “Three Controls” Technology (3CT) has been accepted in Guangdong Province as the best management system for rice production. Its goal is to reduce the use of fertilizers by farmers by reducing the number of unproductive fields and controlling pests and diseases. The objective of this study is to determine the farmers’ perception of 3CT focusing on three factors: economic, social, and environmental. Using a digital survey application, 142 farmers from six villages in Guangdong province were interviewed to assess the changes seen in their farming and livelihoods since using 3CT. . The results showed that farmers were very satisfied with 3CT. They have seen positive life changes and increased agronomic productivity while reducing crop use. Farmers who have adopted 3CT for the longest time have seen higher levels of change, greater prosperity, and improved farm efficiency. The study revealed that 3CT is highly appreciated by farmers due to its efficiency, ease of use, and compatibility. Our model demonstrated the relevance of incorporating social and environmental impact analysis for agricultural sustainability research. Finally, 3CT can be implemented in other parts of China.

Agriculture is at the center of the debate about sustainability with agricultural systems requiring large areas of land and inputs such as fertilizer [1]. Fertilizer use has a significant impact on the environment in many ways [ 2 , 3 , 4 ]. In addition, most agricultural products enter the food supply chain, which is important for human society and has a significant impact on neighboring households. These two factors are closely related to each other’s resources and influence each other. Therefore, finding a balance between economic and environmental growth and social sustainability has become a challenge [1]. In practice, trade-offs of environmental and social impacts are accepted in favor of economic interests. This is considered a “weak sustainability” because the emphasis is on resource allocation. “Strong sustainability” does not accept trade-offs between economic value and environmental sustainability [1]. The definition and assessment of environmental and social sustainability have not been uniformly resolved, which makes the assessment of sustainability impact difficult [1]. However, the concept of sustainable development in agriculture has evolved from vague and qualitative indicators to specific indicators that are measured in order to monitor results and progress [5]. The United Nations definition of sustainability and its elements related to sustainable development described in Agenda 21 were chosen as a framework for researching the effects of reducing the fat in sustainability [1, 5]. In this definition, sustainable development includes the social, economic, and environmental aspects and related business processes that enable the Agenda 21 sustainable development goals [1, 6, 7, 8].

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The steady increase in the input of fertilizers to world agriculture in the past year has greatly contributed to the development of modern agriculture. It has improved global agricultural productivity, crop yields, and soil fertility [9, 10]. The use of inorganic fertilizers has become an important aspect of agriculture in Asia since its inception during the Green Revolution in the 1960s [10, 11, 12]. However, the growth and expansion of agriculture has been slow in recent years, despite the rapid expansion and widespread use of crops, especially the nitrogen fertilizers [2, 3]. The damage to the environment due to the use of unbalanced fertilizers and its excessive use on a global scale

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