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Watchdog Property Management Crested Butte – Photo credit from report “A Preliminary Assessment of Monsoon Water Level Needs for Mount Emmons Fen: Grand Mesa, Uncompahgre and Gunnison National Forests,” David J. Cooper, Ph.D, December 2003.

Restoration of a unique wetland at Mt Emmons was completed this summer This unique wetland—specifically called an iron fen—was designated a natural area by the state of Colorado in 1999 because of the unusual chemical makeup of the water and soil that provide an ideal ecosystem for rare carnivorous plants and rare dragonflies. Iron fen has been around for about 8,000 years, according to fen expert and senior research scientist and professor at Colorado State University, Dr. David Cooper. According to a report compiled by Dr. Cooper for the Coyle Creek Waterhead Coordinating Committee, “Where groundwater fills wetlands year-round, dead plant leaves, stems, and roots only partially decompose to form peat soils, and these ecosystems are fens. . ” What makes the Emmons Fen unique is that it contains a pyrite-rich bedrock and talus, which is characteristic of only a few fens in the region. When pyrite oxidizes it produces sulfuric acid, which “when dissolved in water, forms a strong acid that can extract ions from rocks, including iron. According to Colorado Parks and Wildlife, “Mount Emmons and some other iron fens in the southern Rocky Mountains…have high concentrations of iron and sulfur in mineral ions but very low pH, resulting in an unusual flora. Orchid and one of only four populations of Roundleaf Sun in Colorado The roundleaf sun is a carnivorous plant that lures insects into a flat web, then digests its food with enzymes before opening the trap again. Grand Mesa, Uncompahgre, and Gunnison National Forest Districts (GMUG), the Army Corps of Engineers, and the Coyle Creek Waterhead Coordination Group are working to restore iron fens on the pre-Wagon Road days that run parallel to Kebler Pass. The Iron Fen is located north of Kebler Pass Road in the Embons and spans 15.1 acres on a steep hillside. The drainage of the cemetery is mainly caused by water in a historic ditch off the old wagon road. According to Ashley Holm, hydrologist for the GMUG Forest Service, “water without that ditch will destabilize the hillside” which poses a threat to the cable’s pass road. In 2015, a storm dumped snow on Kebler Pass, causing “significant runoff” over ditches, hillsides and roads, prompting emergency action by National Forestry staff to widen gullies within the Kebler Pass road. Fenn under the Mt Emson Restoration and Remediation Plan While the ditch helped stabilize the hills by removing water from the ground, it also provided significant drainage for the iron ore. The problem is the restoration project promoted by the Ranger District in GMUG, which started in early 2016. The fen weakened by emergency work that extended portions of the historic canal … and included the construction of a rock wall, spillway, culvert and rip-rap along Kebler Pass Road to protect the road while still allowing for natural surface and sub-watersheds. Allows flow from the fen,” according to the Restoration and Remediation Plan There is still work to be done, Home said, adding that more trench work, planting, feeding and monitoring will begin this summer. Eight monitoring wells, four above the ditch and four below the ditch, have been placed in the canal, and hydrologists will monitor the groundwater level in the wells, and the recovery will be “considered successful if the wells below the ditch are visible. Reduction of water table depth or near surface as per restoration and remediation plan “Restoring the presence of a shallow water table in the area should provide fen-like hydrology, which in turn will restore historic vegetation to the iron fen below the ditch,” the plan states. “Overall, the rehabilitation of the drainage ditch within MLM Ironhofen appears to have been successful. According to the GMUG Irrigation Team, the groundwater level has risen by 30 cm and the water table below the ditch is at least 15 cm. Several agencies are involved in the restoration of this unique voice of wetland, including the Army Corps of Engineers and the Coal Creek Waterhead Cooperative, which authorized the project and allocated $45,000 for Phases 1 and 2 of the restoration and mitigation project. . You can follow the progress of the project and send questions to Ashley Hom at the Gunnison Ranger District, (970) 642-4406 or [email protected]

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Watchdog Property Management Crested Butte

Watchdog Property Management Crested Butte

With new owners at the table, the state, county and town took a giant step toward finding a permanent solution to the proposed development of a molybdenum mine on M. Emmons (also known as the Red Lady) by addressing environmental concerns this week. , protecting the on-site water treatment plant, and possibly taking the mining concept off the table Further steps will be taken in the next two weeks, but state, local and federal officials described the new development as “exciting” and “hopeful,” potentially ending a decades-long fight over a clay mine in the West. Crested Butte US Energy, the longtime owner and licensee of the potential mine and water treatment plant at Red Lady, entered into an acquisition agreement with M. Emmons Mining Company (MEMC), a wholly owned subsidiary of Freeport-McMorran Inc. Friday Freeport is the world’s largest copper, molybdenum and gold mining company and is based in Phoenix, Ariz. MEMC essentially acquired US Energy’s mine site located about three miles outside of Crested Butte. The acquisition includes Keystone Mine, Water Treatment Plant and other related properties, buildings, land and mineral claims. On February 12, US power announced the acquisition

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Colorado U.S. Senator Michael Bennett issued the following statement upon the announcement that Freeport-McMorain, through a subsidiary, has acquired a water treatment facility that treats water discharged into Coil Creek. Freeport-McMorran has also acquired mineral claims and mineral deposits in EMS The agreement is included in a memorandum of understanding for Emmons, signed by Crested Butte, Gunnison County, the State of Colorado and Freeport-McMorran. “This agreement is a significant step forward for the community. This will help ensure the long-term sustainability of the water treatment facility and the future status of Mt Emmons This agreement would not have been possible without the hard work of Crested Butte, Gunnison County, the State of Colorado and Freeport-McMorran. “Freeport-McMoRan’s work ensures that the acid mine tailings in Coal Creek will continue without treatment. The agreement also recognizes community concerns about their future water supply and economy Mt Emmons is not a suitable location for new mining activities and this agreement leads us to a final solution to this problem.

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After last week’s “disaster” near Silverton, Colo., when nearly three million gallons of toxic water flowed into the Animas River, questions were raised about whether such a thing could happen in the Upper East River Valley. According to local environmental leaders, the answer is probably. While Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) officials working on the Old Standard Mine this summer say that’s unlikely, Ollie Melton of High Country Conservation Advocates (HCCA) says Coal Creek is perfectly safe from acid mine disposal. … Christina Progess, regional project manager for the EPA on the Standard Mine project, said the EPA is very concerned about what happened at the Gold King Mine and plans to have management teams at the Standard Mine in EMS near Crested Butte. Help reduce the chances of something similar happening there… On a local level, High Country conservation advocate Ollie Melton told Crested Butte News that the accident shows how challenging it is to clean up the legacy of acid mining. “Importantly, this is not just the EPA’s fault “Many are just as responsible,” Melton said of the Animas spill. “What we do or fail to do affects not only ourselves, but millions of people and animals and hundreds of local communities. Melton continued, “Over the years, we’ve seen how complicated these efforts are when working in headwaters with complex hydrology between mining operations, groundwater and surface water, among other things. “Unfortunately, it’s community and

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