Wa Krauss & Co Property Management

Wa Krauss & Co Property Management – Here are real estate transactions worth over $5,000 as listed in the records of the Erie County Clerk’s Office for the week ending July 23, 2021.

• 1599; Lindan Driver, Lisa M. Brown; from Richard B. Brown to Stephen R. blood; Sarah E. Stefan $195,000.

Wa Krauss & Co Property Management

Wa Krauss & Co Property Management

• 34 via Foresta Lane, Mahalakshmi Mangalam Krishnamoorthy; Rupesh Mohana Ranganathan; Roopesh Mohanna Ranganathan to Deepal Beladia; Priyankbhai Patel, $710 thousand.

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• 103 Segsbury Road, Gina R. Niemel; Roger C.

• 205 Charter Oaks Doctor #4, Martins Fabio HG; Pires Nadeja LK by Mark Georg; Rachel Gerg $119 thousand.

• 20 Oakland Rd, Elaine S. Simpson; Robert B. Simpson to James B. Makovsky; Wendy C. Mackowski, $8 thousand.

• 1584 Bailey Road, Eric W. Snyder; from Lisa C. Snyder to Kimberly Borowski; Timothy R. Borowski Sr., $320,000.

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• 243 Perry Street, David C. George; from Robin de Georges to Amanda Lee Skrock; Daniel Richard Skrock $295,000.

• 7685 Omphalius, Community Services For Every1 Inc; Community Services for the Developmentally Disabled by Benjamin Hollander Inc.; Lisa Hollander $38 thousand.

• 554 Pearl Street, Alex Schmidt and Bean; Schmidt, Mark de Ben; Alex G Schmidt Article Fouth Trust 032008 Tr to Pearl Franklin Holdings LLC, $364K.

Wa Krauss & Co Property Management

• 5 Goulding Ave. , Abigail M. Pappas; Sean W. Pappas to Jacadi Imani; Laura Todaro Elias Todaro Square, $169, $900.

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• 214 Shamway Street, Henry C Daniels Sr. 2020 Trustable Trust 121020 Tr to Habiba Sultana Munni, $50,000.

• 6148 Transit Road, Robert L Miller Living Trust 071403 Tr to Orchard Estates of Newfane LLC, $235,000.

• 50 Towers Boulevard, Elizabeth Marie Anello. Matthew D. Agnello to John W. Serrades; Sandra Cerradas 197 thousand dollars.

• 2472 Harlem Road, Stein Mark J Est Bkr Tr; Stein Mary L Est Bkr Tr to Lori A. Stein, $34, $333.

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• 9309 via Cimato Drive, Sautter 2018 Family Trust 031218 Tr to Michelle L. Held; Philip Heald, $415,000.

• 5870 Creekview Drive, Blas T. Martinez; From Blas Torres Martinez to Lisa A. Vincent C. Plumbers $340,000.

• 8654 Sheridan Hill Drive, Craig G. Luparello; Ronald D. From Thomas A. Lobarello to Judith M. Lobarello; Ronald de Lobarello $300,000.

Wa Krauss & Co Property Management

• 4653 East Becker Road, Paul L. Smith; from Tami M. Smith to Karen A. Billy; Michael J. Bailey, $325,000.

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• 8172 Sisson Hwy, Anna Marie Cellino; Ross M. Celino, Jr. to Michael J. Brainiarski; Patricia M. Sorrentino Briniarski, $175,000.

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• 137 Winspear Road, Erik D. Kessler; Frederick A. Carl W. Kessler; Chris D. Kurt M. Kessler to Greg T. Hammer; Karen Hammer $260,000.

• Girdle Rd Plot No. 6, 460 E Center LLC to Christopher M. Guerra; Stephanie L. Gera $135,000.

• Vacant land Crag Burn, Gary A. Kielich; Verna M. Kelish to Mark E. Hoffmann; Marie L. Hoffman, $130,000.

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• 409 East Pleasant Ave., Dawn M. Thompson; from William C. Thompson Jr. to David J. Dix; Dennis Dix, $229, $900.

• 9957 Hardpan Road, Linda M. Carstens; Anthony C. Anthony C. Dorothy Genovese to Randy A. Wiznovsky: $140,000.

• 1986 Marjorie Rd., Rita M. Burton; Walter E. Burton to Camille Marie Wheeler; Lee Matthew Wheeler $200,000.

Wa Krauss & Co Property Management

• 149 Norwood Ave., Beth A. Hayes; Eric E. Hayes to Douglas J. Thomas; Rachel C. Thomas, $330,000.

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• 6463 White Oak Way, Colin J. Robertson; Daniel Robertson to Karen M. Mays; Nicholas B. Tuttle, $324, 120.

• 24 Stelle St., Christopher A. Yarber Jr.; Mary E. Yarber to Old Republic Diversified Services Inc, $300,000.

• 4638 Ironwood Drive, Karen A. Lillis; from Thomas M. Lillis to Natalia A. Lesniak; Ronald R. Seiler Jr., $289, $174.

• 288 Brookwood Drive, Deborah Ann Hornberger; Robert H. Hornberger Jr. to Cheryl A. Zurbrick; Edward C. Zurbrick $252, $768.

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• 11732 North Canada Street, Kelly Brammer; Kelly Masara From Michael Masara to Robert A. Emer Jr. ; Zachary J. Emer $380,000.

• S 2081 Four Rod Road, Carl S. Berger; Jill M. Berger by Becky Zora; Kenneth A. Zora, $253,000.

• 6 Kingfisher Court, Ashleigh G. Morgan; from Daniel T. Morgan Jr. to Brian W. Jane; Patricia A. Jane, $990,000.

Wa Krauss & Co Property Management

• 45 Sitka Circle, Brian S. Smith; Kimberly A. Smith to Caroline Gerstner Salgado; James E. Salgado, $553, $500.

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• 105 Middlebury Rd, Brian J. Sullivan; Catherine D. Sullivan to Joanna D. Stanson; Philip Stanson Philip Stanson, $453, $500.

• 45 Briar Hill Rd, David J. Fleishman; Deborah A. Fleischmann to Christopher William Fotiadis; Michele Nicole Fotiadis, $435,000.

• 11409 Mehm Road, Jennifer D. Niewcyk; Alan R. Pause to Angela C. Smith; David J. Smith, $305 thousand.

• 3456 Delaware Ave., Chabad of Port Washington; Chabad of Port Washington Inc to Lmsm Equities LLC, $800,000.

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Worcester County Real Estate Transfers, Sunday, July 26

• 215 Millwood Drive, Diana M. Robbins; from Richard A. Robbins III to Jimmy S. Stansfield; Matthew J. Stansfield $310 thousand.

• 114 Dexter Terrace, David Dinatale; Karen Dentale Marilyn F. Michael Denatalli by Sharon S. Steinberg $250,000.

• 449 Braxmar Road, Allpro Service Inc; Allpro Services Inc to Emily C. Lacorte; Alan B. Thompson, $241, $216.

Wa Krauss & Co Property Management

• 297 Irving Terrace, Richard L. Kirwan; from Richard Louis Kirwan to Kevin M. Burke; Lorna A. Burke, $231,000.

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• 323 Floradale Ave., Joan C. Coronado; Kathleen M. from Karen L. Miller to Kyle C. Murphy; Angela G. Pandolfi, $ 185 thousand.

• 4541 Hunters Creek Rd, Francis Willard Zeller; Frances Xavier Zeller Kathleen Lynn Zeller Michael Frances Zeller Robert James Zeller Susan Jane Zeller to Celeste Gold, $169,000.

• 200 Greenmeadow Drive, Denise M. Donnelly; Joseph D. Michelle A. Donnelly; Paul C. Robert C. Roxanne M. Pelletier to Amanda Gross; Amy R. Benataro, 190 thousand dollars.

Find out who has bought and sold real estate in Erie County in our weekly real estate listings.

How An Old Housing Model Could Help Pittsburgh’s Affordability Crisis

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© Copyright 2022 The Buffalo News, One News Plaza Buffalo, NY 14240 | Terms of Use | Privacy Policy | Do not sell my information | Cookie Preferences Owning a property is a state of affairs. You can sell it, rent it, or start a business on it. The income you get from it is subject to some tax deductions.

If you own real estate and know that a lot of the money you are giving up is in taxes, you should understand the details of all applicable taxes. Well, it is not easy to manage a property and at the same time process all the tax deductions. Fear not because this is where a property management consultant will help you.

Wa Krauss & Co Property Management

But before you move on to looking for a new property management consultant, you should know what tax deductions you can use on your rental property to save money.

Erie County Real Estate Transactions

Depreciation of rental units: The market value of the fully owned rental property is not deducted from the tax in the year for which it is paid. Alternatively, the owner can claim the deduction over several years after the first year.

Interest rate: Landlords or landlords can deduct interest charged on credit card purchases in connection with goods or services used to maintain the rental property.

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Rental start-up expenses: Landlords may be able to deduct a percentage of their startup expenses if they plan their rental property business carefully. Accounting expenses, new employee training fees, office furniture, and employee salaries are all examples of owner deductions for business start-ups.

Reasonable Advertising Expenses: Landlords can deduct the advertising expenses they incur to advertise their rental properties. This includes the cost of postage, classified ad space, social media platforms, postage, or banners.

Business Observer 2.12.21 By The Observer Group Inc.

Utility bills: The owner can plan to deduct tax on expenses made on utilities. It can be the arrangement of lighting for a common area or the installation of cameras for the security of their property.

Replacement of energy-efficient equipment: Property owners can qualify for tax deductions if they replace their old energy-consuming equipment.

There are many other tax deduction benefits that you can get. But maybe as a business owner, you can’t afford all kinds of taxes. This is why hiring a property management consultant can help. He should be familiar with how to save you taxes.

Wa Krauss & Co Property Management

Real estate tax benefits drive investment by property owners. Ultimately, it leads to the development of the real estate market in general. If you want to stimulate hassle-free growth as a property owner, you should hire a property management consultant.

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Daisy: Property management you’ll really love. We use technology to deliver exceptional service and create a better living experience for your HOA apartment and your co-op community. Each building is a unique ecosystem that has its own liveliness and life. Our mission is to enable every inhabitant to live the best constructive life. New York City Small Buildings Administration,

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