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Vallis Property Management – Alex joined Vallis in February 2022 as Office and Media, Marketing and Communications Manager. He graduated from Bath College and joined the Royal Navy in Logistics in Human Resources and Administration, a role he held for 12 years. Highlights include working in Cornwall, Scotland and Portsmouth and traveling to Norway, Iceland and Estonia. He lives in Midsomer Norton, enjoys rock climbing, has a passion for motorbikes and is busy with an energetic toddler. Contact [email protected]

Originally from Wiltshire, Alexandra graduated with a BA in History from the University of Reading, a subject that remains her great passion. After graduating, Alexandra succumbed to her thirst for travel and more adventure and moved to Melbourne, Australia to complete her Masters in International Relations at the University of Melbourne. Melbourne remained her home throughout her university and professional life for four years before she returned to the UK in search of new challenging and exciting career opportunities, which she easily found at Vallis. Alexandra likes to travel, discover different cultures and read a lot. She appreciates nature very much and especially likes to go out to get to know a new country. Alexandra likes to keep fit by running and playing sports such as netball, tennis and lacrosse. Contact [email protected]

Vallis Property Management

Vallis Property Management

Alice was born in New Zealand but grew up and attended school in the UK in Wiltshire. She took a year out before university to travel around New Zealand and work as a counselor at Camp Half Moon in America. Alice attended the University of Greenwich where she obtained a 1st class degree in Philosophy and Sociology. Alice joined Vallis Group in August 2014 as part of the Internal Audit team. When she has a free moment, she enjoys crocheting. Contact [email protected]

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I was born and raised in Dakar. I studied at Sacré Coeur College and then at Maurice Delafosse High School, where I received a bachelor’s degree in Business Management. I completed my further studies at Cheikh Anta Diop University in the field of economics and management. I joined Vallis in February 2014 as a recorder for a few months and then joined the Fuel team where I became an assistant supervisor working on both warehouses and oil rigs. In November 2018, I became the chief supervisor for fuels at oil facilities. I worked on behalf of Vallis on operations in Mali, Republic of Guinea and Guinea Bissau. I am a sports lover, especially football and basketball. I spend my free time watching movies, reading and playing sports. I am married and have one child. Contact [email protected]

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After 7 years in the British Army, Andrew embarked on a career in commodities in 1987, starting with 5 years as a broker in London, England. In 1992 he moved with his family to Durban, South Africa for 6 years as Export Manager of the South African Sugar Association managing a $400 million export program before returning to the UK as Commercial Director of Tate & Lyle Sugar. After two years, Andrew became a founding member of the website and information portal He founded and for 5 years ran his own private company supplying packaging for the international fruit industry, mainly for transporting citrus fruits from Central/South America and Africa to Europe. In 2005, Andrew started the Vallis group’s journey to Africa with its first CMA in Ghana and Mali. Since then, the company has grown to over 325 monthly operations managed through its 30 subsidiaries with operating units in an additional 12 countries. Vallis Group has a geographical footprint in Africa and the Middle East in 51 countries through 35 subsidiaries, 5 subcontracting partners and operations in a further 11 neighboring countries. Andrew has been appointed as a Global Board Member of the TIC Council in 2021. Andrew is the CEO and minority shareholder. He is married, has two children and lives in England. His main interests are Tottenham Hotspur Football Club, international politics and endurance sports events. Contact [email protected]

Atif was born in Murree (North East of Islamabad Pakistan) and grew up in Islamabad. After completing secondary education. He was engaged in mechanical engineering. In 2011, he visited Dubai to look for a job, where he worked for one of the telecommunications firms in the Emirate of Dubai as an Acting Procurement Officer, before joining Vallis in May 2016 as a Shipping and Cargo Controller. Atif was recently promoted to Country Manager from Country Supervisor in the United Arab Emirates. Atif is married and has a passion for sports, especially cricket and MMA. In his spare time, he likes to watch TV series on Netflix. Contact [email protected]

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After completing a course in Business Administration and Management, Olabode Folorunsho joined Drum Commodities Nigeria (now Vallis Commodities Nigeria Limited) as a Warehouse Manager in October 2010. 3 months later, Bode was promoted to Senior Manager and transferred to Immoiyame Rubber Factory (Delta State). in February 2011 where he worked as a site supervisor and then worked in all Vallis operations in North, South and South West Nigeria. Bode became Country Manager for Vallis Commodities Nigeria Limited in 2019 and continues to work hard in this position. He enjoys married life with his children and enjoys reading, learning new things, listening to music and meeting new people. Contact [email protected]

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Currently living in Wiltshire, Brogan was born and raised in Dundee, Scotland. After graduating from college in 2014 and leaving higher social science, Brogan then spent 2 years traveling, living and working in many countries before returning to Dundee at the end of 2016. Upon her return, Brogan secured a job with a global oil company. company where she managed engineers installing and maintaining oil pumps across the UK. In early 2018, Brogan moved to the South West and joined Vallis as Operations and News Assistant for the Anglo-West Africa team, managing Liberia and Sierra Leone. In July 2019, Brogan was promoted to Operations Reporting Manager for the Anglo-West team, where she now oversees all Anglo countries including Liberia, Sierra Leone, Ghana and Nigeria. Contact [email protected]

Caledonia graduated with a BSc in Psychology during the outbreak of the pandemic. Before university, she spent 3 months traveling around Australia and Southeast Asia. She currently lives in Bath, where she was born and raised. She joined Vallis in June 2021 as an operations and reporting assistant in the marine and cargo team. In her free time, Caledonia is active with HIIT exercises and yoga. She likes to read, bake and looks forward to the opportunity to travel for work. Contact [email protected]

After graduating with a degree in business studies, Charles worked for the Uganda Electricity Distribution Company (Umeme Ltd) from 2006 to 2010. Thanks to his hard work, he was promoted to Warehouse Supervisor in November 2013. Charles was transferred to Tanzania from November 2013 to October 2014 as a Stock Control Consultant in Morogoro and Dodoma, overseeing Export Trading Group (ETG) operations. From October 2014 to April 2015, he returned to Uganda to work as the Field Operations Manager at ETG and the Joseph Initiative Site. In June 2017, Charles was transferred to Rwanda and has been working as a Country Supervisor since then. Charles has a passion for sports, especially football both locally and internationally, and is a fan of SC Villa (Uganda) and Chelsea FC (UK). He is a family man with a beautiful 8-year-old daughter. Contact [email protected]

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Vallis Property Management

Born to French-British parents, she is fluent in all three languages ​​after studying Spanish at university. Charlie has a BA in Spanish and Russian from the University of Bristol, during which she spent a year in Seville and Saint Petersburg. She later studied for an MA in Education, Gender and International Development at the Institute of Education in London. After qualifying as a teacher of English as a foreign language and teaching full-time for three years in international schools and universities, Charlie worked as an institutional fundraiser for several international development NGOs including Wateraid and Water and Sanitation for the Urban Poor. During this time she traveled to Mali and Zambia to organize fundraising workshops. In 2014, Charlie moved to Colombia for three years, where he worked as an education specialist for the English Language Teaching Program created by the Ministry of Education in Colombia, training English teachers and improving the English language curriculum in public schools. She returned to the UK two years ago to work as Tour Director for Education First Tours before joining Vallis in July 2019. Charlie’s passions include women’s rights, education, and all things performance and visual arts (dance, theater, photography, and film). Apart from traveling to several countries in Africa and Asia, Charlie’s main travel experience was in Central and South America. Contact [email protected]

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