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Uhre Property Management – Nick and Connie Oher aren’t the only ones threatening to ban Indians from their Grand Gate Hotel and Cheers Sports Lounge in Rapid City. According to an amended complaint filed Thursday in federal court in Rapid City by NDN Collective and the group’s director of racial equity, Sunny Redbear, the Grand Gateway Hotel actually belonged to Redbear and another Native American woman. Refused to rent a room:

22. On March 21, 2022, Plaintiff Sunny Redbear checked into the Grand Gateway Hotel with another Native American woman. Two women tried to rent a room in a hotel. 23. After initially processing the rental and providing a price quote, a hotel employee refused to rent them a room, claiming that the hotel had a policy that “local “They don’t rent rooms to people with identification. It was just an excuse to discriminate against Ms. Redbeard based on her race. 24. The hotelier first contended that this local identification policy was a bona fide policy. She then reversed herself, claiming that there was no official policy but that it was an attempt to enforce and/or deal with the fallout from Connie Oher’s social media posts. Regarding information and confidence, there is no written policy, and no such policy was provided to Ms. Redbear. 25. The hotel staff also did not allow another woman to rent a room under her name using her identity. 26. As a direct result of Connie O’Hara’s decision, announced on social media, to exclude Native Americans from her business, Ms. Red Bear was discriminated against in violation of federal law. On information and belief, Nicholas Oher has also confirmed and implemented this policy [Brendan V. Johnson, Amended Complaint, NDN Collective & Sunny Redbear v. Ritzel Corporation, Connie Oher, and Nicholas Oher, United States District Court for the District of South Dakota, Western Division, 2022.03.24].

Uhre Property Management

Uhre Property Management

Apparently not smart enough to smell a lawsuit, the Grand Gateway staff refused more rooms to Indians the next day, and Nick Oher himself appears to have kicked Indians out of his hotel:

Tribes Issue Trespass Notice To Grand Gateway Hotel Owners

30. On March 22, 2022, representatives of the NDN Collective entered the Grand Gateway Hotel to hold five rooms on behalf of the organization. 31. NDN Collective was told that they could not rent the rooms due to some “problems” with the hotel. 32. When NDN Collective stated that Expedia had shown rooms available, the front desk employee confirmed that the rooms were indeed available, but that the hotel would not rent those available rooms to NDN Collective. 33. At no time did NDN’s collective representative provide any form of identification, local or otherwise. 34. The collective representative of NDN asked to speak to the manager. At all times, interactions with the front desk staff were respectful and courteous. 35. Soon after, a person believed to be Nikolas Oher contacted NDN collective representatives and forcibly asked them to leave the hotel. He then followed them out of the hotel. NDN collective representatives were intimidated by Nicholas Ohri’s threatening behavior [Amended Complaint, 2022.03.24].

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As for residents experiencing fear at the Grand Gates, the plaintiffs amended their complaint on Thursday to include that statement, along with a photo I first saw on Wednesday by Joey Brown on Twitter. had posted in, allegedly after two failed attempts by Indian buyers to rent the room. At the main entrance, the hotel had at least one guard with a gun stationed in the lobby:

20. Upon information and belief, as of the afternoon of March 23, 2022, security guards were stationed at the Grand Gateway Hotel, at least one of whom had an assault rifle in the hotel lobby: photo included in amended complaint Done, 2022.03.24. 21. The presence of guards and automatic weapons was intended to intimidate and exclude other Native Americans, including Plaintiffs [Amended Complaint, 2022.03.24].

Plaintiffs allege a violation of 42 USC §1981, which “recognizes the right of all persons within the jurisdiction of the United States … to make and enforce contracts in every state and territory ….” They court requests that this matter be certified as a class action on behalf of the thousands of Native Americans whom Ohriz refuses to serve; awarding compensatory, general, special, and punitive damages to each plaintiff; Enjoining any illegal anti-Indian policy practiced by the defendants. and appoint any other judicial baton the court deems appropriate. A Facebook post and email from the owner of the Grand Gateway Hotel calls for a ban on Native American guests. The hotel manager said that they are not banning anyone, but the community is still protesting.

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All employees at the hotel bar are leaving, gangs are planning protests and lawsuits, and community leaders are speaking out after a Rapid City hotel owner called for a ban on Native American guests.

The hotel manager said the hotel owner did not support the comments and would not enforce the ban.

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But Red Elk Zephyr said that didn’t hurt him and others who quit their jobs at the Grand Gates Hotel and Cheers Sports Bar.

Uhre Property Management

“I can’t let this be a part of my life, this negativity. So I don’t want to be associated with it,” said Zephyr, who is Yankton Sioux and Oneida. “I didn’t even think about money or anything, I just, I couldn’t in my life.”

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He said the former workers are a mix of Native Americans and non-Natives, and that some of his regulars told him they would not return to the bar.

Rapid City government, the Oglala Sioux Tribe, local law enforcement, and business organizations then sent an open letter condemning the proposed ban and asking hotel owners to publicly apologize and make amends.

“I’ll never set foot there again,” said Paul “DJ Pauly G” Geisler. He spoke to SDPB News after posting a Facebook video saying he will no longer DJ at Cheers.

Shears customers were able to order food from the nearby Perkins Restaurant, which is owned and operated by Northcote Hospitality.

The Wrap: 2022 Bush Fellows

“In light of recent events, Perkins has since withdrawn its menu from Cheers Sports Bar because their business practices and beliefs are not aligned with Perkins,” the company said.

The NDN Coalition, the American Indian Movement, and the Cheyenne River Grassroots Coalition are protesting on Wednesday. The protest will end up in federal court where the organizations say they will file a lawsuit against the hotel owners.

The Ogallala Sioux Tribe is asking any Native Americans to contact the tribe if they have been discriminated against at the hotel.

Uhre Property Management

Banning Native Americans or any other racial group from the hotel would violate the public accommodations section of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, said Rapid City City Attorney Joel Linden.

E Nevada Dr, Rapid City, Sd 57701

The law makes it illegal to bar — whether by statute, written policy, or de facto policy — racial groups from hotels, movie theaters, restaurants, and other establishments.

Connie O’Hary is the president of Retzel Corp., which shares an address with the Grand Gateway Hotel, according to documents filed with the South Dakota Secretary of State.

Connie O’Hara called for a ban on Native American customers after the recent life-threatening shooting at the hotel.

Quincy Bear Robb, 19, is facing felony charges and is being held on $1 million bail for assault.

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Cph Post Newspaper

Nick Oher is listed as one of the company’s directors and identifies himself as Connie’s son and hotel manager.

“Residents are welcome at the Grand Gateway Hotel, always have been, always will be,” Nick wrote in an email to SDPB.

Cheers Bar also addressed the issue on their Facebook page and said they are saddened by the shooting and hope the young man recovers.

Uhre Property Management

“We apologize if some members of our community experienced a knee-jerk reaction by saying things that do not reflect the values ​​of Cheers, the hotel or our customers. We will continue to express ourselves professionally.” The post says.

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The MacArthur Foundation is a non-profit organization that has provided millions in funding for criminal justice reform programs, including in Pennington County.

Cooney wrote on Facebook after the shooting: “We will not allow any more Americans on the property or at Cheers Sports Bar.

Cooney’s comments gained attention after Rapid City Mayor Steve Allender posted his criticism and a screenshot of her post on Twitter.

In addition to blaming the mayor, the police chief, the sheriff, the candidate for sheriff and the court system, a local hotel barred All Americans for a shooting on hotel property a few days ago. Neither the shooting nor the big-door response to this reflects the values ​​of our society. pic.twitter.com/vA9oXND0qi — Steve Allender (@Mayor_Allender) March 21, 2022

Ndn Collective Calls For Boycott Of Rapid City Businesses With Racist Policies

“Steve Allender incited violence and he has targeted me, my family, my staff, my guests,” Nick wrote in his email to SDPB.

Nick said the mayor’s comments were an unpardonable crime and that Governor Christie’s name should remove him from office.

He said the hotel is not taking any new bookings for now because of threats to him and his business.

Uhre Property Management

One man wrote: “I hope every single business you own burns to the ground. You’ll be watching your back forever.”

Workers Quit, Lawsuit Pending After A Business Owner Calls For Ban On Native Americans At The Grand Gateway Hotel In Rapid City.

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