Twinship Property Management

Twinship Property Management – The Research Council of Norway partners Kongsberg Maritime, DNV GL and Sintef with funding for the Digital Two Yard (DTYard) project. The project will run from 2019 to 2021 and will secure both funding and commitments to continue progress towards effective collaborative simulations for the maritime industry.

The project will build on ideas and technology from the open simulation platform JIP to create an ecosystem that can facilitate further collaboration between platforms and libraries for digital two-dimensional simulation of complex, integrated systems and software. The official project summary is available at and is reproduced here:

Twinship Property Management

Twinship Property Management

“Digital Two Yard’s (DTYard) vision is to build a marine industry ecosystem for models and digital two-dimensional system simulations. DTYard will be a collaborative effort between stakeholders including the owner, yard, equipment manufacturers and sub-suppliers. While facilitating the efficient and effective construction of digital two systems and ships.

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DTYard includes a model library where the marine industry can share their models and digital two-parts with other partners while keeping their intellectual property (IP) confidential and source code protected. The digital two-dimensional ship will consist of a large set of modules and digital two-dimensional components of the ship’s equipment and automation systems, all interfaced and connected as they would be on a real ship. It can be seen as a virtual yard for collecting modules and subsystems in systems and whole vessels. The library and virtual yard will be supported by a new standard for marine models and simulation, enabling efficient exchange and communication of models. DTYard has more simulation infrastructure to perform efficient and smart system simulations for a wide range of purposes and scenarios.

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The DTYard ecosystem will enable the widespread use of digital dual systems and ships in the maritime industry, and address the growing challenges in designing, building, integrating, commissioning, operating and assuring complex, integrated systems and software. to help , 2021, hosted General Sergio Strozzi of Italy and his Deputy Vice Consul Fabio Ballerini from the San Francisco Consular Office. The meeting was held in the executive board room of Portola Plaza Hotel and Spa. Annamarie Della Sala Stanton, President of the Italian Heritage Society of the Peninsula, opened the event, welcomed all attendees and presented signed copies of the Italian Heritage Society’s book: Italian Fishing Family’s Heroes of the Strozzi, Ballerini, and their director of public relations, Sharon Meagher Mayor Clyde Roberson and Frank Bruno, founder and president of the executive board of Friends of Isola del Feminino, Inc., also came with gifts. All in attendance were there to promote a sister city relationship with the city of Isola del Fiumicino, Sicily. Many in attendance had roots from Isola. The room was full of cooperation and enthusiasm. The goal was to strengthen sister city ties with the Italian government in Rome and brainstorm ways to increase interaction and participation between the cities of Pittsburgh and Martinez with their shared sister city, Isola del Fiumicino. It was a fun and productive session with lots of laughs.

Joe Amelio, Roberto Felice, John and Judy Proud, Annamarie Della Sala Stanton, Gaspar Cardinal, Mayor Clyde Roberson, Counselor Sergio Strozzi, Deputy Vice Consul Fabio Ballerini, Frank Bruno, Mary Coniglio, Vince DiMaggio, Sal Coniglio, Vince DiMaggio, V. Ferrante, Alex Grillo, & Dr. Vince Malfitano.

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Mayor Clyde Roberson, IHS President Annamarie, Consul General Sergio Strozzi, and Vice President General Fabio Ballerini

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