Truverse Property Management

Truverse Property Management – WILLIAMSBURG, Iowa () – Barb Irwin, who lives in town and country housing, worries because she is stuck at home for days after each snow storm. He said it took days for the plow to come and remove the snow from their driveway and driveway.

“I use a walker, I can’t do my laundry, I can’t go check my email,” she said. “I’m just worried that an ambulance, if I need it, won’t be able to get me.”

Truverse Property Management

Truverse Property Management

Leeann Rinder, who lives in the building, said services stopped coming to the building because it was not properly plowed.

Inspections Into Low Income House Development Managed By Man With Ties To Spencer

“Iowa Transportation is our go-to destination for our small town for seniors and people with disabilities who can’t get in,” he said. “And our Meals on Wheels was canceled because the Meals and Wheels worker, who was volunteering here, failed.”

The Williamsburg Police Department told TV9 in an email that it has received several complaints about snow not being removed from the complex’s parking lot and sidewalks.

But the police department said it does not have the authority to order snow removal on private property. However, he spoke about the property owners on Monday about the problem.

The property is owned by Truverse Management. He told our -TV9 i9 Investigate Unit in an email, that he could not find an agreement in the area that could add their property. Therefore, it is necessary to get a company from Des Moines to clear the snow.

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Williamsburg Police say there are dozens of snow removal companies and people within thirty miles. But he also said he has seen some reject new projects.

However, Barb Irwin said she pays her rent every month and expects the property to be properly maintained.

On Friday, while our i9 Investigative Unit continued an interview with the property manager about practical solutions and preparations for the winter season, the property management team told us that a person was found in That place agreed to remove the snow on the property for the rest of the year.

Truverse Property Management

Williamsburg police told us that an officer told a young man who was doing some moving jobs around town about a possible job in the city and country housing. However, at the time of going to press, the owner of the property has not returned to TV9 whether it is the same or not.

Community Comes Together To Remove Snow At Apartment Complex After I9 Investigation

The property owner could not tell TV9 when the removal team would arrive but said it would be soon. unbearable. According to the people at Belle Plaine Village Apartments, it took a year to repair after the derecho.

Pam Munson is a fighter pilot. He told TV-9 that Derecho’s damage was related to his residence. It is managed by Truverse Management out of Spencer, in Western Iowa. Munson said he and his neighbors called repeatedly for repairs but never heard back.

“They make money,” Munson said of Truverse. “I mean these are financial institutions and they get money from the government. They get rent money. They get insurance money from the derecho, where does this money go? I think it’s the something that many people want to know.”

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He said that workers finally showed up on Monday night to seal his leaky office from the derecho and rebuild other buildings. “Why is it so sudden, when they know you’re coming,” he said.

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Tenants say it is not the only derecho reform that has been neglected. Its common maintenance issues too. “I want management to take care of us,” said Joe Blink. “Instead of just taking our money and pocketing it.”

Truverse Management declined to comment for the record. Belle Plaine City Manager Stephen Beck said he spoke with the new property manager at the site, who said he is committed to resolving these issues. Munson will continue to talk if he doesn’t

“A lot of people don’t come forward because they’re afraid they’ll be fired,” Munson said. “And they have nowhere to go. We have elderly people, we have elderly people, and we have disabled people.

Truverse Property Management

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