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Trak Property Management Group – Every year we send a survey to all our customers and their partners. We usually distribute our surveys in the fourth quarter and publish the results in January/February of the following year. Our goal is to understand how we have performed against the expectations we have set as a brand. Some of the key performance indicators we look at are:

NPS is how we’ve tracked our overall customer satisfaction since 2016. For those who don’t know NPS, it’s a measure of customer loyalty and satisfaction derived from asking customers how likely they are to recommend a product or service to others on a scale of 0-10—but there is more to the story than that. As a business metric, NPS helps companies of all sizes plan around an important goal — increasing their score by getting more engaged customers — that can be easily tracked and quantified over time. NPS can be used as a predictor of business growth. When your company’s NPS is high (or, at least, higher than the industry average), you know you have a good relationship with customers.

Trak Property Management Group

Trak Property Management Group

Over the years, NPS’s NPS has been DOUBLE the national average for the SaaS and Software Industry. In 2022, it beat major brands like American Express, Apple, BMW, Google, Netflix and Starbucks.

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Key Lessons: We have set a very high standard for ourselves over the past six years. While we are certainly the “Best Learners” when it comes to SaaS and Software, we know that as we continue to acquire new customers across and outside of the Sports & Entertainment Industry, we must continue to push ourselves to maintain the standards we have set. for ourselves. It all starts with actively seeking, listening and using feedback, building, improving and training products to better serve our customers and their changing needs. AVERAGE TERM SAVINGS

We recognize that saving time is one of the main reasons our customers purchase Software licenses for their businesses. Every year we ask our clients how to help them save on Affiliate Portfolio Management tasks such as metrics and deadlines, finding information, storing and indexing content, combining and updating affiliate trackers, creating and communicating summaries and all other tasks. An amazing 96.9% of our customers realize some form of time savings through the use of the Software. Our customers in 2022, 53% of them saved time more than 50%. About one in five customers experienced Time Savings of 80% or more.

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Key Learning: As companies find it more and more difficult to recruit and retain talent, it can be a great solution for organizations while reducing headaches for employees. We make it easier for companies to manage their portfolio and this new functionality available can have a significant impact on company productivity.

NOTHING can be more frustrating for an organization than buying software for their business only to find that it doesn’t work. 97.2% of Software license holders used it Monthly or more. This is a great testament to how quickly it can be integrated into the “everyday life” of Partnership Management employees.

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Key Learning: Software is a great value for our customers. What other software outside of Microsoft Office or email does your organization use at least monthly? as a group works hard to keep its customers engaged with the system and updated on the latest developments.

We realize that it’s one thing to have software that everyone uses, it’s quite another to have a tangible impact on productivity. Every year we ask our clients how you think the role and responsibilities of your job are (on a scale of 1-10). Our customers in 2022 scored an 8.8 App in all three categories (Day to Day, Leadership, Overall). It’s amazing to know that our software is really there for our customers every day and at every level of the organizations we serve.

Key Lessons: The program can change the level of productivity at every level of the organization and find a way to focus on organizational development. You have to wonder how it affects the experience that the clients of those organizations have in working with a company that is so productive.

Trak Property Management Group

Every year it asks its users about how we can impact their overall business by measuring the Value delivered to customers and the ability to Improve Decisions about sponsor renewals. In 2021, 78.8% of our customers realized a significant increase in their ability to deliver more value to their partners. More than 88% indicated the ability to make better decisions to renew partnerships as a result of using the App.

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Key Learning: The software is very good at bringing together all the data surrounding the marketing partnership. For rights holders and organizations, it makes it easier to demonstrate the value derived from collaboration. With the brand, you can see where you were successful and how you performed against your plan.

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The first thing we wanted to understand was the overall satisfaction from our users. A good indicator to measure it is a scoring system called Net Promoter Score or NPS. (Learn more about it from the Harvard Business Review)

The NPS score allows you to benchmark yourself year-over-year as well as compare yourself to other companies. Some in the same industry and others in general.

We are happy, once again, to be in the top 5% of global companies that score more than 70. It is more than a CMMS, it is a robust solution that helps companies develop operational excellence and measurable results. Within weeks of implementation, you’ll see greatly improved performance, better performance management, and seamless workflows for significant cost savings and a strengthened corporate culture.

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Our software optimizes labor resources and ensures compliance by providing a central repository for all work orders, asset data, materials and inventory, maintenance records, and more. organizes, automates, and simplifies maintenance and operational tasks so you can focus on business.

As one of the first cloud-based CMMS solutions, it excels in being agile and offering advanced functionality that goes beyond traditional CMMS. Regardless of size or industry, we will configure a complete solution to meet your unique needs.

Track and receive notifications of important device usage dates, such as end of Warranty and expected end of life.

Trak Property Management Group

Track and receive notifications about important Rental information such as Renter, renewal period and end of Rental date.

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Recurring work orders will automatically generate and notify workers at a set time before the due date to allow them to plan, gather tools and materials for planning the required work.

Checklists you create to meet preventive maintenance requirements can be embedded in work orders to drive compliance and ensure proper storage.

Minimize unplanned labor overhead and other overhead costs by monitoring equipment performance and adhering to a scheduled service program.

Support business needs by reducing critical service outages that can affect responsiveness to business markets and customers.

Artificial Intelligence And Intellectual Property: Everything You Need To Know

Ensure a safe working environment with regular maintenance checks and scheduled equipment repairs that keep machines operating within approved safety guidelines.

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Simply clicking on a device item will provide direct access to the task instructions for editing or completion.

Many uses of Floor Plans are possible as object layers can be temporarily hidden with the click of a button.

Trak Property Management Group

Emergency Response Plans can be created and modified starting with one of the provided Global Templates or created from your own checklist.

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The Emergency View shows an overview of all activated Plans and detailed Plan Actions for the selected Plan.

An Incident Management Record listing comments and actions taken is created as the Action Plan is initiated and for follow-up history after the action.

A Disaster Recovery Overview is provided providing a methodology designed to help plan your organization’s recovery efforts.

Multiple Customizable Reports allow you to select specific columns of data to be included with automatic recurring generation and email delivery.

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Reduced operating costs and reduced working hours are the benefits achieved when consumables – light bulbs, filters, cleaning equipment, fittings and gaskets, replacement parts, masks, etc. – are managed and used through a work order system.

With the touch of a key, managers can analyze in-stock inventory by storage location, and see how each item is received, adjusted and used frequently.

Supply chain value is easily determined from vendor/supplier information to determine quantities, latest prices and delivery times.

Trak Property Management Group

QR Code tags can also be used on property and equipment locations to create service requests and work orders and conduct security checks and inspections.

Activtrak Vs Insightful: Which One Should You Choose?

Companies that use active directory servers on their network can do so with ease, control employee access, reduce IT costs and improve security and usability.

Can automatically add new users on hire and remove users when they leave the company giving the company full control over their intellectual property rights and software licenses.

Client companies can use Microsoft’s Azure IDP authentication service provider or use their own ADFS (Active Directory Services) single sign-on server configured for employee network login.

In fast-moving, decentralized organizations, Construction Operations Management must be able to easily communicate project information.

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