Tpm Inc Property Management

Tpm Inc Property Management – At TPM Group, we offer seamless flexibility and guidance for a wide range of projects – from managing logistics and construction details to providing exceptional talent and solutions for technical project implementation, everything is done with precision and care.

WE are proud to partner with a growing number of satisfied clients in the government, education, healthcare, commercial and non-profit markets.

Tpm Inc Property Management

Tpm Inc Property Management

TPM Group has established itself as a leader in the transformation management space in the Washington, DC area.

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TPM Group has established itself as a leader in the change management and information technology space in the Washington, DC area. We are proud to partner with a growing number of satisfied customers in the government, education, healthcare, commercial and non-profit markets.

Government Our government clients are fully committed to responsible spending – and we promise improved performance in every project.

EducationAcademic calendars do not adjust for building delays so time is of the essence. TPM Group is regularly hired for our loyal customers.

Healthcare Fragile equipment, complex systems and compliance in the healthcare environment require our expertise in this field.

What Is Total Productive Maintenance (tpm)?

Business From workplaces to public spaces, business plans often undergo unexpected changes. Our flexibility helps us to respond under pressure with stability.

Non-Profit Organizations and Trust We value opportunities to serve mission-driven organizations and treat such projects with commitment, care and a sensitive approach.

At TPM Group, we believe that opinions are real. There is no doubt that we are deeply invested in the partnerships we have built and maintained over the years. These relationships strengthen our reputation as a premier project management firm in the DC area.

Tpm Inc Property Management

“In the DC area, when major construction projects require complex processes and tight timelines, it’s important to have TPM Group at the table. A top-notch firm in every way, TPM exceeds expectations and provides a refreshing level of credibility. and being on time in their discussions keeps all project partners accountable, informed and on track. The firm’s team members face challenges with great confidence , commitment and creativity. they will never disappoint.

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“Hiring TPM Group over the past few years has been one of the best decisions we’ve made as a construction company – especially as we focus on improving DC’s public schools. requiring fast service and complex collaboration. Lincoln Tyson provided the assurance we sought as our first project. Since the completion of that first project, we have continued to work with TPM Group and continue to appreciate the company’s responsiveness, flexibility, workmanship and reliable cooperation. We will never hear “we can’t do that” from Lincoln, only “absolutely, when you need it.” ?” And for that, TPM Group will always have a place in our group, no question.

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“Our work requires efficiency and collaboration to complete large projects on time and on budget with high performance. The long-standing partnership we have maintained with TPM Group is intentional and invaluable. The firm is embrace the same commitment to excellence and we depend on it. I have never worked with a more responsive partner in my career.” ~Peta Black, SKANSKA

“At my first company, TPM Group was our exclusive partner for the management of full-service office transformation projects. The firm’s attention to detail is excellent and suddenly helps to raise the reputation of our brand. More than many projects I have seen the depth of the level of care and attention that Lincoln Tyson provides to customers – providing a listening ear and assurance at every step of the experience. You can tell that integrity is at the core of the company’s culture and this is driven by his leadership.” ~Tara Singh, Henricksen

“Our transformation projects require fast turnarounds, meticulous attention to detail and specialized knowledge – that’s why we hire the best full-service firm to handle the job, TPM Group. That breadth of knowledge What Lincoln Tyson brings to the table is second to none and it is clear that expertise and accuracy are the pillars of the firm’s respected reputation in DC.” ~ Cathy Ford, George Washington University Hospital

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“They say you can’t put a price on trust, and that’s why I consider TPM Group to be an important project management company. From soup to nuts, they completely capture the complex experience of move and handle every detail with prompt attention and finesse. Never consider TPM Group as a vendor. They work as a true partner – very focused on the project at hand and ensuring customer satisfaction , no matter what it takes. ~Erik Thompson, University of the District of Columbia (UDC)

TPM GROUP PROVIDES TURNKEY PROJECT MANAGEMENT AS WE DEVELOP A COMPLETE RANGE OF SERVICES AND ARCHIVE DIFFERENT PARTS OF HACKERS TO FULFILL YOUR PROJECT. Please enter your username or email address. You will receive a link to create a new password in the email.

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TPM Inc. (Total Property Management) has been in the rental property management business since 1976. We focus our efforts on all types of residential properties: single families, condos, townhomes, and all sizes of multi-family buildings. of apartments. We also provide comprehensive management services to Condominium Homeowners Associations.

Tpm Inc Property Management

David and Carol Sanchez are the co-founders and owners of TPM Inc. To support David financially while attending BYU, they worked together for two years as resident managers of two BYU contract housing offices: Campus Plaza and Park Plaza Apartments. They loved working with the owners and students as individuals. They also found great satisfaction in providing and maintaining quality rental facilities for students, and at the same time, protecting the owner’s investment. After David graduated from BYU in 1975, they used their knowledge and talents to start a business: Total Property Management. In 1976, their company was incorporated and the name was shortened to TPM Inc. Over the decades, the business flourished and expanded to include any type of residential property, home owner associations, and real estate sales. From the beginning, maintenance has been part of the “total” at TPM Inc. Their six children all studied business. Their middle son, Paul, is the Principal Broker. David and Carol spent three years away serving missions for the LDS Church from 2007-2010. David went back to business and Carol went back to BYU to get a degree shortly after their youngest daughter got hers. They still find joy and satisfaction in working with their employees to provide tenants with well-maintained and affordable housing, while helping owner/investors build their real estate apartments.

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We do a very detailed walkthrough of each unit, making a priority list of deferred needs, if any, and recommendations for improvements and/or renovations in the coming year. This written review forms the basis of information on which we work with you to achieve your goals as a property owner to keep the unit rented to quality tenants.

We post ads on KSL and Craig’s List and show the unit to prospective renters if needed. We carefully screen prospective employers to ensure they have a good employment history. Screening potential tenants includes verification of rental history [we check 2 previous landlords], personal references, income verification, and credit check.

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Collect rents and deposits and other tenant fees, funds are deposited into the Housing Management Account at Zion’s Bank as specified in the Management Contract.

We also review your lease payments, any existing house rules, or any special terms or conditions found in your current lease.

Modern Office Flat For Rent Located On King Street, G/town

We conduct a routine inspection of the unit 2 or 3 times each year to ensure that the terms of the lease are being adhered to and to check for unreported maintenance needs.

We use the funds collected, to pay the approved bills, withdrawals, condo fees, management fees and any approved maintenance expenses. We are not paying off the mortgage. A monthly statement and cash flow report is sent to you reporting all funds received and issued, as well as invoices for all commitments included. We also send annual statements with your IRS 1099 form. Monthly statements are sent by the 5th of the following month.

Most owners allow minor and routine repairs without consultation within a predetermined limit, usually $200 per visit. Non-emergency repairs beyond that limit require the owner’s consultation and approval. Emergency care will be provided on an as-needed basis, but the homeowner will be contacted to notify of an emergency. TPM Inc. follows Utah Housing’s guidelines for what determines the level of emergency care.

Tpm Inc Property Management

Our maintenance manager, Gary Johnson, has been with us since 1982. Rates range from $35.00 per hour to $45.00 per hour.

Total Property Management

We currently charge a 7%-10% management fee for new accounts. Management fees vary by property, location, size, condition, etc. Fees for managing large buildings with on-site staff vary depending on the specific management services provided. There are no fees or markups included in the bills of external contractors. The only other costs are a one-time fee of $50.00 to create a new account and $25.00.

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