Tellus Property Management

Tellus Property Management – Find out why your high-yield savings account interest rates have been steadily declining over the past year and what you can do about it.

Everything you need to know about Tellus Boost and how to harness the power of real estate and earn 3% APY.

Tellus Property Management

Tellus Property Management

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We have an exciting announcement! Today, August 28th, we’re officially launching Tellus Boost on Product Hunt, a website that allows users to share and learn about great new products. Tellus Boost is our cash account that lets you put your idle cash into a high-yielding account.

Happy Holidays everyone! At Tellus Talk, we often cover topics related to finance and real estate. This time we invite you to join our Marketing and Content Intern, Jasper Tay, for a live Twitch stream. Read more!

We are excited to announce the launch of Tellus Boost, our high yield cash account. Tellus customers will earn 3% APY for the first 100 days and no less than 2% APY thereafter. All interest earned through Tellus Boost is compounded daily.

Tellus is working on Product Hunt! Read more about how Tellus Investing and Tellus Home Loans are redefining the industry and making real estate better for everyone!

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Paying your rent with Tellus is fast, convenient and secure. Tellus offers a variety of free online rental payment methods. Check out our blog on how to pay rent online for free with Tellus!

“Tellus” is a unique name. Read more about why we chose it and how it aligns with our vision for property management.

While landlords know that tenant screening is essential, not all services are created equal. Here’s what you’ll get from Tellus.

Tellus Property Management

Tellus offers powerful tools to help landlords and property managers achieve instant organizational and financial success. Today we will get acquainted with the notebook.

Tellus Pricing, Alternatives & More 2022

Tellus Boost: Your Questions Answered March 17, 2021 Talk to Tellus: How We Grow Wealth | Stock Market Options December 16, 2020 Tellus Features: How To Pay Rent Online For Free With Tellus September 25, 2019 There is no shortage of property management companies when it comes to using technology in the real estate world. I’ve been managing real estate in Los Angeles since 2009, and since then I’ve tried what seems like hundreds of apps to streamline my business and day-to-day operations.

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I currently manage 22 rental properties and have been looking for apps that would make my team and I work more efficiently. My goal is to eliminate any unnecessary downtime or inefficiencies in the management of income properties. Some of these apps were amazing, and some were beyond my expectations. 2019 was a great year for property management tools, but as the new year begins, I see some big improvements coming in 2020.

If you’re looking for an app that fully covers your property management needs, you have several options at your disposal. Cozy, Tellus, AppFolio, Avail, and Buildium offer property management solutions that help with rent payments, listing services, tenant screening, and finding service providers.

Cozy offers its core services free to renters with additional paid add-ons. It checks almost all the boxes for features, but in the end, the payment speed is not enough. I used to have to wait days after the tenants paid and they would increase the payment to speed up the payment.

Tellus Reviews, Demo & Pricing

Some of Cozy’s features are better than others. Unlike its desktop-only or app-only competitors, Cozy’s Web app solves this problem. Ultimately, I wish it was a bit more sophisticated, or that they made an app so I could use more features, but it’s good enough to get the job done.

But the Tellus superapp wins! Tellus offers similar features to Cozy, but a little more. Difference? Tellus offers convenient services like tenant screening, but all of these features are included for free. Tellus has a fully loaded and easy-to-use mobile app, which is great for when I’m on the go or want to quickly contact tenants. All you need at this point is a web or desktop version.

Tellus offers tools for renters, including distribution of rental listings to more than 16 sites, free tenant screening, landlord-to-tenant chat, and payment processing. At this point I was able to pay all my tenants using the Tellus Superapp thanks to the AutoPay feature. Tenants are rarely late and “no more forgetting” keeps me from paying rent. I get most of my payments within one business day of paying my rent.

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Tellus Property Management

Another plus is that my tenants have been really happy with Tellus superapp. I do tenant screenings for free, so these savings can be passed on to them directly. Whenever a problem comes up, their support team is a good first line of defense, helping to ease the burden of taking my attention away from other issues.

Oakwood Selected To Manage Wilshire Capital Partners’ New Seattle Multifamily Property

If you manage a large number of sites and rental units, AppFolio may be the best property management software for your business. Personally, I found the overly complex nature of Appfolio unnecessary due to my size, and since most of the kidney properties I manage are single-family homes, the integration costs were prohibitive for what I needed.

However, Appfolio includes a variety of tools aimed at managing residential, commercial, student housing, and community associations. AppFolio is best for very large organizations, but if your business is on the smaller side, the multitude of tools can be overwhelming and confusing.

For landlords and property managers who control a small number of units and whose sole purpose is to manage rental income, the amount of tools these apps offer can be overwhelming. If you’re looking for an easy way to track your cash flow, there are apps that can do just that.

Zumper offers a quick and easy way to collect rent, and it’s free for landlords. They accept all types of online payments, including major credit cards, bank transfers, and Apple Pay. However, Zumper charges tenants a 2.95% service fee, which is seen as an arbitrary increase in rent, so I’ve found this app to be unpopular with my tenants.

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If you manage multiple properties or units, RentPayment may be the solution for you. It’s a great app specifically for paying rent, but it’s very one-dimensional in that sense. RentPayment’s support team took longer than I expected and it was frustrating for me or any of my tenants to report it. However, the platform offers powerful fraud prevention features.

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If you’re a property manager or landlord who just needs help listing vacancies, some of these options may be right for your operation. I have found Craigslist and Zillow to be very effective when I manage a small number of units. In fact, I get many of the best responses from Craigslist.

Other platforms such as Cozy, Buildium, AppFolio, and Tellus post listings to several sites to help fill vacancies faster, but most except Tellus and Cozy charge for this service. Tellus pushes to 16 different sites, but Cozy only lists with its partners, so the result is usually fewer applicants.

Tellus Property Management

Now, switching gears, I wanted to talk a little bit about the various applications for real investing. Using these apps and platforms is a great opportunity for real estate investors to earn decent returns on real estate without the hassle of buying real estate.

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Cadre allows investors to contribute to commercial real estate projects. Cadre is designed for investors who are willing to invest more and are able to pass the company’s rigorous vetting process to become an accredited investor, so the price is a bit higher. Investments start at $50,000, which is a bit more than what I would consider a “fund investment.”

Crowdstreet offers an alternative to real estate investment trusts, or “RIETs,” where investors can start with as little as $500 to invest in real estate projects and pay dividends to investors based on the real estate’s proceeds after the project is completed. . This platform is an excellent option for investors looking to generate long-term residual income from investment properties, but has the disadvantage of being an illiquid asset. My quibble with Crowdstreet is that once funding is done, I’m limited to withdrawals.

PeerStreet provides opportunities for investors

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