Teixeira Property Management Llc

Teixeira Property Management Llc – Bringing you discussions, tips, innovations, knowledge, real estate investing, and everything to share from our years of experience as property managers and in the real estate world as a whole. Offering a new topic for each episode, and interviewing relevant people to help spread knowledge and experience. From a father and son real estate team to the John and Kyle podcast, we strive to serve our audience by giving them the help and knowledge they need to succeed in their investment goals and family’s future. Knowledge is power, and we want to make you as powerful as possible!

You’re thinking about converting your home into an Airbnb or short-term rental (STR). Do you know all the costs that come with it? Including your home installation. Such as: mortgage, insurance, monthly costs, unit furnishing, decorating equipment, entertainment, photography and more. Three facts…

Teixeira Property Management Llc

Teixeira Property Management Llc

Your rental home is vacant, and it’s been vacant for a while since you decided to do the renovations yourself. How much will it cost you to get your vacant house ready to rent? We’ll factor in mortgage, taxes, insurance, utilities, and landscaping costs and the cost of lost revenue. Statistics c…

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Buying and selling: When the market changes the high end market is usually the first to take a hit, and this is what we are seeing in the market right now. We are operating in a healthy market – just like we were pre-pandemic! If the market does not improve, interest rates will only k…

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This week John and Kyle sit down with mortgage maven Candy Katz! Candy has a unique strategy to help buyers or investors access homes at a low out-of-pocket rate. Listen to Candy introduce and talk about two hack strategies for both buyers and sellers. As the market slowly shifts to shopping…

There are many people with pool homes who do not consider renting out their property based on unnecessary concerns. The biggest pro of renting out your pool home is increased cash flow and the biggest benefit is pool maintenance and upkeep. Tune in to find out if you have concerns…

As the market is running now, the movement of people has increased all over the country. With that comes buying and selling real estate for relocation. Investors will often use a 1031 exchange to avoid capital gains taxes. Tune-in to see how to use a 1031 exchange and save big on the selling process…

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Episode 31: ———————————- In today’s episode we focus mainly on Capital Gains Tax, Tax Impact and Depreciation Tax paid. To begin with, capital gain is the difference between when you bought your property and what you are selling it for today. We will drown…

Episode 30: ——————————— Today we have a better understanding of the real estate climate without any influence from the media . Will the housing market bust of 2008 coincide with the pending recession of 2022? The short answer is no. Find out why in this episode! Tune in to see…

Episode 29: ———————————- This week we’re here to talk about the current short term. Market conditions. What is Short Term Rent (STR) vs Long Term Rent? STR occurs when you own a rental property that allows occupancy for less than 30 days (example: vacation rental.) We share…

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Teixeira Property Management Llc

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