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Tcm Property Management Llc – CHARLESTOWN, Nevis, Jan. 25, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — IG Tintic LLC (the “Company”), the 75% owner and operator of Tintic Composite Metals LLC’s (“TCM”) joint venture, is pleased to announce. Entered into a definitive agreement with Osisko Development Corporation (“Osisko Development”) whereby Osisko Development will acquire a 75% interest in TCM (the “Transaction”) for a total consideration of US$135,000,000. Cash and Osisco shares and a 1% net salter return royalty are owned by TCM and are located in Utah’s East Tintic District.

Osisko Development will acquire the remaining 25% interest in TCM concurrently with the completion of the transaction, Osisko Development will acquire 100% ownership of the fully licensed and producing Trixie Mine (“Trixie”). I understand it as a mine that covers over 17,000 acres in central Utah’s historic Tintic Mining District.

Tcm Property Management Llc

Tcm Property Management Llc

The company formed a TCM partnership in April 2019. In the year The discovery of the ultra-high-grade T2 zone in September 2020 has shown Trixin to be one of the world’s largest gold mines, with significant potential for continued exploration. expansion and further discovery.

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TCM in 2010 A bidding process began in late 2020, with several major mining companies showing interest in TCM and its assets, and Osisco Development became the ideal company to continue its exploration and development. In a vote of the company’s members yesterday, the transaction was overwhelmingly approved by more than three-quarters of the shareholders, with more than 99% of the shareholders approving the transaction.

Company President and CEO Tom Bowens said TCM has seen remarkable growth since it was formed as a joint venture between IG Tintic (75%) and Chief Consolidated (25%) in June 2019. Within 30 months, the company had restored surface infrastructure, reopened the first series of historic precious metal mines, made a significant new gold discovery at the Trixie Mine, making it one of the world’s top gold mines. He started manufacturing, processing and selling gold and silver. The speed at which the company has added value to the district is a testament to the capabilities of the company’s team of research, mining and development professionals. It is the company’s vision to bring this iconic district back on track as a major U.S. gold, silver and copper production center, and the transaction with Osisco Development is the next step in that vision. More than three-quarters of transaction compensation is in Osisko development shares for company members. Members are excited to realize the value created to date and participate in an exciting platform for TCM’s future growth and to take this significant step forward in the development of Osisco and other major projects at the Caribou Gold Project in British Columbia. “

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Vern Tharp, Tharp & Associates, LLC of Arvada, Colorado, was the first promoter of this opportunity and early strategy for IG Tintic, LLC; He was an early investor and served as an advisor to Tintic Consolidated Metals LLC on land and water issues since the company’s inception.

IGG is a private international holding company focused on the exploration and development of world-class mineral reserves. The company’s joint activities include mineral exploration, mining operations and mining service companies, with projects and clients in the United States, Kazakhstan and the Russian Far East. IGG was founded in in 2010 by Thomas E. Bowens, a certified professional geologist with a Master’s degree in Economics, Geological Engineering (Magna Cum Laude), and Geology (the latter two from the Colorado School of Mines). IGG brings together experienced professionals who are innovative in the field together with selected technical advisors. For more information, visit

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Nicole Suzanne Foley – Veracity Inc. Property Manager (Waste Deed #3 and Texas State Notary)

Lies found! This page exposes the real “truth” about Veracity Inc of Plano TX, best described as:

This fraudulent asset management company has proved its time, and the crooks under it, do not sink to the depths of the lows they rise to commit fraudulent acts. I got it

Tcm Property Management Llc

A chance to experience some of the dirtiest tactics these guys use to infringe on homeowner rights. And I am also pleased to expose the property management fraud that Veracity Inc has perpetrated on homeowners. I have receipts, yay! 😉 Following are some of the tricks that should be known by a shady HOA property management company like Veracity Inc.

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Find out how it all started, Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4,  The Ultimate HOA Guide.

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Veracity Inc’s accounting fraud for trash violations was the beginning of my luck with property management fraud. For the record, 9 days after my right to a hearing was said to have expired, I actually filed my hearing request. How do I know if the billing is fraudulent and not an inadvertent error on Veracity’s part? Because not only did we miss the 30 day window for a hearing request, but my attorney stayed long before our court date. (To that effect, go here.) Validity denied a homeowner’s rights to continue claiming false payments. You would expect a property manager with even a hint of integrity to admit such a glaring error and attempt to correct it. At the time, I had no idea that Veracity Inc. was a highly corrupt asset management company.

A notice from Veracity Inc warned of “immediate penalties” for violating the Texas Property Code and homeowner’s rights. Veracity Inc claims, “With Veracity, your property is managed by a professional who adheres to the ethics and rules of the community association.” and “respect the highest ethical principles”. These statements have been proven false. Cheaters lie to cover up their powerlessness.

According to Keystone Pacific Property Management, “services provided by an impartial management company ensure that the HOA is operating within state and national laws that protect homeowners.

The Application Of Code Sec. 1402(a)(13) To Limited Liability Companies: The Search For Clarity Continues

Fraud #3 is in conjunction with Fraud #2 and is coordinated with at least one Oak Creek Board Member Tony Alagenchev aka Tihomir Alagenchev/Oak Creek Treasurer/Firefighter of TM&F Lawns and Dallas TX. According to the notice above, “Residents must immediately pick up and properly dispose of their livestock anywhere on the property” with a fine of $50-$200. For what reason are these punishments intended for reaping sacks and even designated perimeter areas for their heroic owners? Avoiding more homeowners.

Billing fraud for a pet waste site on the perimeter of Tony Alagenchev’s company TM&F Lawns paid to maintain.

I asked for video from the security cameras of my tenant putting trash outside the dumpster, which he did not. Instead of making video recording a Texas state law, Veracity Inc. and Oak Creek president-Kennon Armstrong and secretary-Gary Foster teamed up to push through this lame amendment. And basically, they were saying, “We’re going to use your landlord’s fees to buy and maintain security cameras to punish you, but the video from those cameras can’t be used for your benefit.”

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Tcm Property Management Llc

These unethical individuals went so far as to include in the amendment that “any member, resident or visitor requesting a review of the footage(s) shall do so through the Arlington Police Department”. Vic Bosnich aka Victor Bosnich from Veracity Inc., a self-proclaimed “asset management expert,” failed to defend this in our court case. Arran County Justice of the Peace Mary Tom Curnat strongly rejected this requirement:

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Yes, try opening your mail as soon as you get it. Between Veracity Inc. and their bogus charges, they sent a property insurance verification request with their constant delinquency and demand letters…lucky me! Accustomed to Veracity’s monthly attempts and number to collect fraud charges, I submitted all mail without opening it. So of course he started charging accuracy fees for not complying with their request and as soon as I found out I sent a copy of the policy in effect before they asked for insurance. Authenticity Inc continues to add false charges, after I faxed the document, emailed and called to verify receipt…even though the dreaded Lori Renee Bosnich-Welsh never picks up or returns my calls. And these asset management crooks refused to remove the fraudulent payments until ordered to by a judge.

Each year, Veracity oversees the fire investigation conducted by the local company. This requires homeowners or tenants to provide access so that temperature probes can be tested. On the day of the inspection, Veracity Inc. receptionist Julie Pfulman called to advise that they needed access.

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