Sureway Property Management

Sureway Property Management – Property management has a reputation for being over-the-top, and we believe you deserve quality service without the stress.

Providing complete rental management for New Jersey, Philadelphia and surrounding areas. It is our goal to provide you with a quality professional experience. We welcome you to explore our website, where you will find in-depth information about our services and industry. We hope to provide you with all the information you need to determine the best course of action for you and your investment property.

Sureway Property Management

Sureway Property Management

We simplify our pricing. We typically charge 8% of the monthly rent with a minimum of $110. Remember, every property is different. Prices may be reduced for larger properties or other special circumstances.

Is Section 8 Real Estate A Good Investment?

Some companies charge extra for some additional services. We don’t. We provide high-quality, comprehensive service at no extra or special cost.

Coverage – We manage over 600 properties just like you. We have three offices that provide robust coverage across the state.

“I tried 3 different asset managers and Sureway was the first one I was ultimately satisfied with. They are very responsive, professional and organized. I have never received any complaints or tenant complaints about Sureway. They are good at what they do and I highly recommend their services.”

“Professional, responsive and experienced. Mike and the team were very thorough with the tenant screening and move-in process, making sure everything was documented during the move. The lease agreement they drew up was very well thought out. They responded very quickly to our concerns and provided valuable advice. Coordination of maintenance and repairs was seamless. All payments are automated. Did I mention their rates are competitive too? Highly recommend to anyone looking for a reliable and competent property management team. “Not everyone is meant to do great things. Interviewing potential property managers is a reliable way to ensure you’re hiring the right person and/or company, but you need to ask the right questions.

How To Prevent Tenant Damages To Your Rental Property

So, what should you ask them? Let’s discuss the most important questions to help you make the best decision from any potential asset management company.

In some states, people can obtain an official state license that proves they are skilled and trustworthy enough to manage rental properties. Additionally, there are many commercial organizations that offer certification.

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For example, Ameritex Property Management is a member of TREC (Texas Real Estate Commission) and NARPM (National Association of Residential Real Estate Management). All of our leasing agents are also licensed.

Sureway Property Management

The goal is to find a property management company that can market, lease, and manage your property. Make sure the company can provide top-notch maintenance, conduct inspections, and manage a deep background.

Real Estate Investment = Easy Money?

Ameritex Asset Management offers a suite of services and customizable plans based on the unique needs of each investor and asset owner. Choose from monthly plans that take care of everything or prefer a flat rate.Cart La Carte plans can be tailored to your needs.

Do you have 5 or more homes? We offer premium plans designed to better accommodate larger financing needs.

With too few rental units, there is a risk of inexperience or loss of customers due to poor service. Too many rental properties will indicate that you are not getting the best service from this candidate. The number you are comfortable with is of course up to you.

A potential property management company may have hundreds of locations, but have the manpower to back it up and ensure that you and your tenants still receive the best service possible.

One Sure Way To Reduce Property Tax Burden

Your property manager will know how to perform a comparative market analysis, comparing your property to other listings in the area and offering the most accurate rent for your property.

Understanding your average monthly payment is important. Some companies may offer a flat rate, while others offer a monthly fee based on the lease. Ameritex Asset Management focuses on the unique needs of both investors and asset owners, providing both.

Beware of low management fees that look so good, because they probably are. You should also be wary of fees that exceed 13% of your monthly income. Above-average value is acceptable only when backed up by unique services that provide value.

Sureway Property Management

Whoever you choose to do business with, make sure all your expenses are clear and your fee structure is clearly laid out by the property manager. The management contract should be detailed in writing.

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It is important to know whether a company is charging or not when the unit is free. The property manager should not ask you to pay if the property is empty. If they can’t take possession of your property, they may have to give up some income to put your best interests first.

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Does the property manager’s system include an active marketing strategy? Today, marketing strategy doesn’t have to be a sign on a street corner.

Your property manager should have the ability to advertise through a variety of channels, including real estate listings (Zillow, Zumper, Trulia, Hotpads, etc.) and social media. They should also take professional quality photos. Visit the rental listings page on their website and check the quality of their current listings. More specific than managers who place newspaper ads.

Most property managers do an inspection and charge a small fee. It is important to ensure that management catches problems before they become major problems, though. Ask if the management company’s monthly fee includes regular property maintenance walks, assesses resident care and vacancies, and proactively addresses any maintenance issues, saving you money on your investment in the long run.

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Property management companies may define rent-ready properties differently. A shorter turnaround time is often better because it allows the property to be leased faster, reducing vacancies and maximizing rent. However, if a property manager says they can hand over a unit in two days, they may not be doing a good enough job of checking and maintaining the system to keep the next tenant safe.

Ask for a detailed plan of circulation. A productive and experienced property manager will re-lease the property for 30 days, which is enough time to update and renovate the unit.

It is important that you and your property manager agree on the criteria needed to rent the property. For example, many landlords and property managers believe that, among other reasonable requirements, a tenant’s gross monthly income should be at least three times that amount.

Sureway Property Management

Look for a property manager who asks the right questions, has a vetting process and background checks, and has a system in place to verify income.

Are You Making These 5 Rental Property Management Mistakes?

Another major job of your property manager is maintenance and repairs. When your property presents a tenant problem, it needs to be resolved quickly. Contingent properties often require some type of maintenance or repair, which is their responsibility.

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The longer the average session time, the better. This means the property manager is doing a good job. Ask what their typical lease term is, if their term/lease rate is 2+%, and what their retention rate is.

You need a property manager who knows how to reduce vacancies, extend leases and has unparalleled customer service that leads to lease renewals.

You and your tenant deserve a reasonable response time. Period. If a tenant has to wait 3 weeks to hear back from the property manager, it’s unlikely they’ll stick around that long. The property manager must agree to return to the tenant within 24 to 48 hours of receiving the request.

Great Property Management Company Names

Also, ensure that tenants can easily communicate problems with the property management company and ensure that the property manager properly updates, takes care of the rental property, and works with tenants in a timely manner.

Look for potential property management companies that strictly adhere to lease terms. In case of serious violations, eviction proceedings should be initiated immediately.

When a property management company starts the moving process, do they do it in-house or do they hire someone else? What is their order? It’s a good idea to talk the prospective property manager through the standard relocation process.

Sureway Property Management

No news from the property manager? Are they interested in rental properties? What types of maintenance issues require notification?

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A common complaint about property management companies is lack of contact and/or response time. Usually, monthly reports accompany rental income, but it’s still important to have a clear estimate of when and if they should notify you.

Make sure the communication process goes smoothly when and how you want to be reached and for what reasons.

When hiring a property management company, it’s important to ask questions. Knowing what questions to ask your property manager is a big part of finding peace of mind.

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