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Styken Property Management – There were 105 eviction cases in Kankakee County in October and another 15 were filed in the first week of November alone. An onslaught of lawsuits following the lifting of state and federal eviction moratoriums engulfs the Kankakee Circuit Court.

Over the past 30 days and most of the next few months, hundreds of eviction lawsuits will be heard as rental property owners and managers try to evict tenants for free or in distress.

Styken Property Management

Styken Property Management

There were 105 eviction cases in Kankakee County in October and another 15 were filed in the first week of November alone. An onslaught of lawsuits following the lifting of state and federal eviction moratoriums engulfs the Kankakee Circuit Court. Photographs by Michael Burrell

The Islander Newspaper E Edition: Wednesday, Dec. 09, 2020 By The Anna Maria Islander Newspaper

The Kankakee County Courthouse – specifically Associate Judge Nancy Nicholson’s 110th Courthouse – could easily be renamed the “Exit Center.”

The courtroom was filled with a steady stream of tenants on a recent morning—many of whom are so far behind in their payments that they’re more than $10,000 behind on rent—and property owners looking for some kind of relief, even if it means leaving alone. release these invaders.

One Kankakee County landlord, who owns about 600 residential rental units and is seeking evictions in 105 homes, estimated that his tenants are behind in rent — in part because of the COVID-19 pandemic — by about $600,000.

Another property manager, Steve Styck of Manteno-based Styken Property Management, was in court Tuesday. He had four eviction cases before Judge Nicholson.

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A tenant who appeared before Judge Nicholson has not paid his $700 a month rent for a long time. Styck estimated that the tenant was about $12,000 in rent arrears.

Styck is also president of the recently formed Community Landlords Association representing rental property owners in Kankakee, Iroquois and Will counties.

Styck explained that there is an untold number of tenants who are so behind on their rent that they will be behind on their rent for years. He said landlords are willing to sacrifice back rent to evict those squatters.

Styken Property Management

The case was Tuesday morning. A tenant before Judge Nicholson was about $12,000 behind on his rent. Through his attorney, Styck informed the court that the landlord would waive the rent so that the tenant could move out no later than 11:59 p.m. November 21.

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With Millions In Unpaid Rent Lost, Evictions Begin After Ban

“COVID is the excuse,” Styck said shortly after the hearings before the judge closed. He introduced the word “excuse”.

The number of evictions that will take place across Kankakee County, Illinois and the United States has only just begun.

To clarify: There were six Kankakee County evictions in July. The governor of the province stated that this number increased to 12 in August; 35 in September; and 105 in October. In the first week of November, 15 deportation applications were made.

And with or without income from rental properties, lenders were still looking to make mortgage payments on the properties. To add to the frustration, there was little in the way of stimulus money going to these property owners.

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“The general perception of homeowners is that they’re on an island and they’ve had little help,” Styck said.

In Illinois, eviction of a tenant can take anywhere from two weeks to five months, depending on the type of eviction and whether a stay of eviction is granted or a judge is vacated. The eviction process in Illinois usually costs between $100 and $400.

Styck believes that there will be many homeowners who will easily sell the properties. Styck noted that the owners he works for have plans to invest in their units, but that will no longer be the case.

Styken Property Management

As for the tenants, he said, they will move to another house. Some landlords are talking about raising rents and security deposits to recover.

Michelle Fitts of Bourbonnais, owner of 18 rental properties in Kankakee and Bradley, has four properties that have not paid rent to tenants. One tenant owes $18,000.

“Most of my tenants have never been late and I appreciate that. But others have struggled to pay their rent and this has caused her financial stress.

“They know they can get away with it,” Fitts said. “We still have bills to pay. We have mortgages on all of them, and when our taxes are due, we have no favors from the county.”

“But this is a business,” she said, noting that her non-paying tenants tell sad stories about why they pay. She told stories of car payments, lost work hours, health problems, etc.

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“It’s sad,” she said. “I try to give people a chance, but it hits you. I guess I’m a little tired.”

And he, like many other property owners, wonders why the government has done so little to help homeowners.

Lee Provost, an award-winning reporter, has been writing local news for The Daily Journal since 1988. He is a permanent resident of the area. The Provost can be reached at lprovost@.

Styken Property Management

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Styken Property Management

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Styken Property Management

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