Stonehenge Property Management Philadelphia

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Stonehenge Property Management Philadelphia

Stonehenge Property Management Philadelphia

An apartment building at 509 Vine St., known as the Boekel Building, is becoming an apartment-style hotel. All units will be short-term rentals — à la Airbnb. And the residents are not happy about that.

Alexandra Hershey, Mpre

“I’m just sick of the floor,” said Marcie Spitzer, a longtime tenant in the building. “It’s upsetting because I like this building and it’s not right to kick people out, especially when they’ve been here for so long.

Like others, Spitzer learned of the impending conversion from a certified letter delivered to each tenant that said the building would soon be managed by Stay Alfred, a company specializing in short-term rentals nationwide.

“This letter will serve as formal notice that the lease under your lease will not be renewed,” landlord Daniel Sablosky wrote. “We know for many tenants who have lived here for many years that this change can be difficult.”

According to the letter, the management agreement will begin on September 1, with most tenants being asked to vacate the premises by October. Residents said the building had suffered several fires and that Sablosky had reportedly tried to sell the property in the past.

N 15th St Unit 2, Philadelphia, Pa 19130 Apartments

This is the latest in a series of similar conversions by companies such as StayAlfred, Sonder Corp and Lyric Hospitality, which the Philadelphia Inquirer estimates have set aside up to 1,300 units in Philadelphia for short-term rentals. Most of these occupy prime real estate in Center City and the tourist-friendly neighborhoods immediately adjacent, but as the trend spreads farther afield, new questions of legality do, observers say.

“There’s been a lot of interest in using multi-family housing for short-term occupancy, which is not appropriate under the code,” said Ron Patterson, longtime zoning and land use attorney in Philadelphia.

Inappropriate is one way to describe a situation that some city staff and attorneys see as a legal gray area.

Stonehenge Property Management Philadelphia

Philadelphia legalized short-term rentals under a 2015 law that gave property owners the green light to rent out homes, with the stipulation that rentals of entire housing units cannot exceed 90 days a year. Those that do must be treated as “visitor accommodations” like any other more heavily regulated hotel.

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Stonehenge 33 Apartments

In the case of 509 Vine St., the property is zoned CMX-3, an extremely permissive zoning category that allows for visitor accommodation. But in many other parts of the city, neighbors complain that lodging units operate illegally for more than 90 days in zoning districts that don’t allow hotel use.

Philadelphia followed the legal route many other US cities have taken as local officials struggle to keep up with a fast-growing market that most didn’t see coming until Airbnb hit the scene in 2008 and ignited a trend. The startup’s model made it relatively seamless for property owners to treat residences as a sort of indie hotel open for reservations.

Like many other cities, Philadelphia has found its 90-day restriction difficult to enforce. The city’s Department of Licensing and Inspections is responsible for enforcing the rental day limit — a challenge for a resource-strapped regulatory agency already struggling to keep up with the demands of building inspectors and safety officials.

Cheryl Carroll lives in a condo adjacent to the soon-to-be lodge. She said the neighborhood should have been consulted about a change in use, which she said will remove people invested in the Old Town community.

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“A lot of people are extremely upset,” Carroll said. “Now you’re talking about transients. Transients don’t care about the neighborhood.”

She cited one resident of 509 Vine who had become deeply involved in the community during her tenancy, installing planters, sweeping up litter on adjacent streets and reaching out to local homeless people.

That man is Charles Nygard, a nine-year resident of the building. He said he was personally contacted over the phone by his landlord, but the loss of the community in and around the apartment building was still particularly acute.

Stonehenge Property Management Philadelphia

“I got really invested,” Nygard said. “It’s really a revolution for me. I have to shut down all that fellowship.”

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President Biden delivers remarks on his Safer America plan to reduce gun crime during a visit to Pennsylvania. Stonehenge’s Tax Credit Services team focuses on a variety of investment opportunities through federal and state incentive programs designed to stimulate private capital investment in targeted industries and spur economic growth. We have invested in projects that have generated more than $4 billion in various federal and state incentives across the United States. We maintain an internal team that works together through the incentive investment lifecycle to ensure policy objectives are met, investment risks are managed and investor returns are achieved. Each investment is supported by our experienced team of professionals, including in-house legal, compliance, tax and IT specialists.

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Stonehenge’s Tax Credit Services team is a nationally recognized market leader in federal and state incentives. We have invested in projects that have generated more than $4 billion in various federal and state incentives throughout the United States since 1993 without recovering a single incentive. Our core business is to provide sponsors and developers with capital solutions and to help institutional investors identify, structure, underwrite, close and manage portfolios of incentive-based investments. Our expertise makes the process simple and ensures that we add value for all stakeholders throughout the incentive process.

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Stonehenge provides incentive-based capital solutions to support the financing needs of real estate developers whose projects have or will generate property-based tax credits through historic and similar rehabilitations.

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Stonehenge Capital’s Tax Credit Services team manages these incentive-based capital solutions by participating in various federal and state incentive programs as a lead investor in projects that have or will generate federal and state tax credits. Our role as an investor reduces the risk of marketing and placement of tax credits for real estate developers and provides certainty regarding both the availability and application of capital. Through the creation and management of single and multi-investor funds with major US corporations, banks, insurance companies and individuals, Stonehenge offers structured vehicles to facilitate investments in projects that will generate federal and state tax credits.

Stonehenge also possesses the ability to provide property developers with additional capital at the start of construction through tax deductible bridging loans.

Since 2006, Stonehenge has invested in 185 real estate projects in 14 states, generating $855 million in tax credits. The property-based projects include historic rehabilitation, brownfield, textile mill, abandoned building and others.

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Stonehenge Property Management Philadelphia

We actively evaluate investment opportunities for closed-end, proprietary funds designed to invest in projects that generate federal historic tax credits while preserving the architectural character of our historic structures and the revitalization of American cities from coast to coast. These investors have been identified, reducing the marketing and placement risk for real estate developers. We leverage our significant experience as government tax credit investors and bridge lenders to offer our investors a single historical tax credit financing solution from truly committed capital sources. The proprietary funds complement Stonehenge’s offering as a government tax credit investor and bridge lender.

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We maintain close relationships with local and national real estate developers, accounting firms, industry consultants, financial institutions, the National Trust for Historic Preservation, various state preservation organizations, and serve as a board member of the Historic Tax Credit Coalition.

The Tax Credit Services team manages Stonehenge’s government transferable film and entertainment credit investments. Since 2002, Stonehenge has earned over $1 billion in film, television and digital animation tax credits in 12 states, making Stonehenge a trusted partner in film tax credit financing.

Stonehenge maintains close relationships with the major Hollywood studios and a number of experienced studios. We have the ability to act as principal to remove the tax credit marketing and placement risk from the studios. Acting as much more than a tax credit broker, we provide certainty regarding the value of the tax credits, timing of cash flows and overall execution. Additionally, our team can manage all aspects of tax credit transfer documentation and filing processes for transferable tax credits.

The Tax Credit Services team manages Stonehenge’s state tax credit investments in states that offer corporations and private businesses a transferable or allocable tax credit. Stonehenge has the ability to act as a principal to mitigate the marketing and placement risk of the tax credit recipient, providing certainty regarding the availability and use of capital. Additionally, our team can manage all aspects of tax credit transfer documentation

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