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Socal Pacific Property Management – Every time I hear the smell of beach bonfires crackling on the cool sand of the Pacific Ocean, I am instantly transported back to my childhood days of celebrating the Fourth of July with my grandparents. My cousins ​​and I wreaked havoc on our grandparents and kept their hands full by setting off smoke grenades in their kitchen and detonating every explosive we could get our hands on.

My father was a talented carpenter and craftsman who worked almost every day of my young life. As a child, watching him fix, repair and make new and different items that people brought to his shop with his own hands was amazing and impossible for my young mind.

Socal Pacific Property Management

Socal Pacific Property Management

Mother’s Day is usually a family day, everyone is together and celebrates mom. Because being a mom is one of the most potentially valuable things you can do. Whether you’re a working mom or a stay-at-home mom, the impact you have on your children’s lives is real, and no one can replace a mom. Who your children grow up to be, how their lives impact society and future generations is a direct effect of multitasking – always knows best – remembers every scar, scrape and scratch – Superstar at home…mom.

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John and Victoria Magnanimo brought their family tradition to the Santa Clariti Valley in the fall of 2008 with the opening of Italia Panetteria & Deli. Upon entering their shop, you can’t help but browse their shelves lined with bottles of extra virgin olive oil and various tapenades, smelling the freshly baked bread, a family recipe passed down from generation to generation. And what better to put on homemade freshly baked bread than roast beef, which is really roasted and cooked in-house. Not only is their deli cabinet overflowing with a variety of imported and domestic meats and cheeses to choose from, but their freezer is filled with authentic Italian grab-and-bake foods. Try a family favorite, eggplant parmigiano, or buy pizza dough, fresh ingredients and homemade sauce to take home and bake. For dessert, try cannoli or real gelato!

For all the challenges Americans have faced this past year, our role as property managers has never been more visible and valuable than it is now.

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Real estate and property management ALWAYS depends on what is happening economically and politically. Whether it’s natural disasters, geopolitical uncertainty, stock market fluctuations, or the ever-changing world of technology, we’ve always been at the center of the various challenges and opportunities that arise year after year. Obviously, 2020 was no exception. In fact, COVID-19 and ALL the environmental and cultural upheavals it has brought to our society may be the greatest test of our lifetime in property management.

My role as the most trusted name in property management has never been more visible and valuable than it is now, despite America’s current challenges. We continue to be the link between residents and owners to find solutions that leave everyone in a better place. Simply because YOU are our priority. We care about YOU. We want the best for YOU.

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Last year was important for me because I learned an important lesson. I learned that straining the discipline to CHOOSE to focus on gratitude makes all the difference. And not just focusing on it, but saying it out loud to others, practicing it, and making it a point to tell the people in my life what I’m thankful for, and to notice all the things in my life that are good for me, big and small.

When we met, my husband and I often did “skating”. At that stage in life, we were both working for tips, so fancy dinners and trips weren’t usually an option. However, often during one of our “trips” I discovered a lot about southern California that I didn’t even know existed. New hiking trails, sleepy little towns (which we could never find again), some diners that made some of the best breakfasts but also the worst coffee, secret beaches (I never felt as scared as the day I used the rope tied to a cliff to climb off a cliff to get to the beach), not to mention some of the best conversations and hardest laughs of my life. And there’s something about being in the car, driving away and exploring something new that brings us both such a relief. And when I’m feeling particularly oppressed by the state of humanity, the further the better.

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Socal Pacific Property Management

This week we took a few minutes to reflect on our 30+ years in the real estate industry.

Rite Aid Workers Face Heat Risks In Socal Warehouses

I remember going door to door, dragging my two girls in the van, handing out my business cards door to door (the old fashioned version of social media). I remember feeling the stress of the 1994 Northridge earthquake and watching 100% of my escrow funds and pending sales fail. I remember trying to reassure our kids during the first recession that everything was going to be okay, and then again when one of them graduated college and had to move home in the middle of the second recession. Not to mention the aftermath of the horrific events of 9/11.

To say that the real estate business has been cyclical for the past 30 years is a ridiculous understatement. Many of us who have been in business long enough are familiar with the need to adjust the way we do business and use new strategies to come out on the other side of a global or local crisis we find ourselves in.

Metcalf Property Management works diligently and diligently to ensure that we comply with CDC recommended guidelines as well as Governor Newsom’s Safer at Home restrictions. Safer at Home requires everyone who is not an essential worker to stay at home until the scheduled date of April 19. Click on the Safer at Home link for a full list of occupations that may still work, as well as frequently asked questions. As you can see from the article, property management is considered important, which means that Metcalf Property Management will remain open to manage day-to-day operations.

The new “Prop. 13” will raise taxes to the sky. I cannot believe that any property owner would consider, let alone vote for, this misguided lie Prop. 13. The same goes for the California School and Community Finance Act! Politicians are trying to dig a hole that many property owners will never be able to dig out of. Please VOTE NO NO NO and tell them to keep their hands out of your pockets.

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Socal Power Women: Women In Cre Making Gains, But Not Enough

You would think that if an Assembly member’s job is to write a bill that affects the entire state, it would be done right the first time! Apparently, Mr. Chiu, the author of AB 1482’s Tenant Welfare, has created a lot of confusion across the state by writing one thing into law while having another in mind when calculating the CPI.

The written law clearly states that the CPI must be taken from the “region” where the property is located, when in fact it meant “area.” Legally a big difference! Since we expect it to change this soon, it’s unclear how to arrive at the correct number until then.

We are committed to transparency at Metcalf Property Management so people can see that we conduct our business with integrity. And you should feel like you’re leaving one of your most valuable assets in good hands. Our goal is to take the headache and stress of property ownership off your shoulders so you can reap the rewards of what you’ve worked so hard for.

Socal Pacific Property Management

Home buying and selling season is upon us, and you may be making a decision you’ve been mulling over for a long time. Is it time to sell your home or should you turn it into an investment property and rent it out? Office investors may soon have the opportunity to invest in two Class A buildings currently owned by Hudson Pacific, after plans to bring them to market were recently announced in SEC filings. According to the filing, the company is listing two Los Angeles-area properties totaling 318,189 square feet. It is not yet clear when the property will be available or the prices at which the property will be listed.

Pacific Apartment Homes On 226th Street Apartments

“We ended 2021 at the high end of our forecast in another pandemic-challenged year as we benefited from continued diversification of studio and office ownership,” said Victor Coleman, Hudson Pacific.

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