Shue Property Management

Shue Property Management – Mr. Shu is the Managing Director of JLL’s Tenant Representation and Corporate Services practices and a member of the firm’s Mid-Atlantic Management Committee. Robert represents large space occupiers in meeting their comprehensive real estate needs. Specialized skills include choosing a central site, costumes and other large and complex operations.

During his 30-year career, Robert has completed more than 700 transactions totaling more than 17 million square feet and worth more than three billion dollars. He has executed numerous Head Office transactions in the Metropolitan DC area  Clients rely on Robert’s experience and skills as well as his ability to integrate JLL’s extensive resources to maximize results and client satisfaction.

Shue Property Management

Shue Property Management

SRA International, Inc.: JLL provides global transaction, lease administration and consulting services for SRA, a leading government contractor headquartered in Fairfax, VA with more than 7,000 employees worldwide. Over the past three years, JLL has helped the SRA reduce annual occupancy costs by approximately $10 million. Most recently, Robert completed a 165,000 square foot headquarters transaction for SRA that reduced the company’s headquarters occupancy costs by 45% while improving the facility and employee experience.

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MITER Corporation: JLL provides global transaction services, lease administration, facility management and consulting services for MITER Corporation, a non-profit organization that operates 3 federally funded research and development centers for the DOD, FAA & IRS. Robert has represented MITER since 1996. A recent transaction of 150,000 s.f. and 75,000 s.f. at Tysons Corner as well as a 200,000 s.f. built to expand its headquarters at Tysons Corner.

Fairfax County:  JLL provides a range of real estate services for Fairfax County, including transaction management, lease administration and consulting services. Robert led a team that negotiated a land lease and settlement agreement on behalf of the County with Comstock, a local developer of the Veal Avenue subway station. Recent assignments include the sale of the Tysons Fire Station to the Georgelas Corporation in exchange for a new station and proposed improvements to the Tysons Corner area.

Sallie Mae:  JLL provides transaction services to Sallie Mae, the nation’s leading provider of student loans. Robert over 500,000 s.f. transactions, including the relocation of their global headquarters to a 157,000 s.f. building in Wilmington, Delaware and a recent 85,000 s.f. lease in Fairfax County, Virginia for an operations center.

Altegrity:  JLL provides global transactional, lease administration and project management services for Altegrity, the holding company of Kroll Advisory Services, Kroll Ontrack, HireRight & IS. Altegrity operates in 142 locations worldwide and has a portfolio of 1.7 million s.f. JLL completed 195,000 s.f. Assignment of Kroll Ontrack headquarters in Eden Prairie, MN, resulting in over $12 million over initial tenant bid and up to 25% rate reduction.

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A Chadd Road, Newark, De 19711

Mr. Shu earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from the College of the Holy Cross in 1979, where he majored in history, and received his Juris Doctor from George Mason University School of Law in 1984.

Robert has received numerous sales awards and has been recognized by JLL as one of the top producers nationwide for the past 10 years. Mr. Shu was recently honored as the 2013 Top Producing Tenant Representative Broker in the Mid-Atlantic Region (Baltimore, Maryland to Norfolk, Virginia). Mr. Shu has consistently won the NAIOP Leasing Profession in Virginia. Mr. Shu holds real estate licenses in Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia. He is a member of the Virginia Bar Association.

Robert is involved in several charitable, civic and professional organizations. CoreNet Global is the preeminent industry association for corporate real estate professionals. Robert has served on several committees and currently provides a leadership role on the membership committee.

Shue Property Management

Robert is the founder and current Chairman of the Board of the Briggs Foundation for Faith and Action, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization established in 2006 that provides financial assistance to families in need. Robert was a supporter and patron of the Washington Jesuit Academy, a non-profit school for inner-city boys in grades 6-8. Gender gaps are found everywhere: pay for professional athletes, political representation, top positions in C-suites and company boards. Some have a lot of interest. For example, the gender wage gap – in the US, women earn 80 cents for every dollar their male counterparts earn – is often highlighted. But the focus has not addressed inequality or its downstream effects (because social security benefits and, in the case of employer-sponsored pension matches, are tied to wages, lower wages add up and contribute to the gender wealth gap at retirement).

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Some gender disparities are documented but hardly noticed. For example, bonus pay has a gender difference. Even when women ask for raises like men, they are less likely to receive them. And when women start startups, they end up owning 39 cents of founder capital for every dollar of equity they earn from male founders.

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And for all this, some gender gaps are just being revealed. Kelly Shue and Paul Goldsmith-Pinkham of Yale SOM recently examined data on the returns on home purchases and found significant differences between male and female homeowners. “Unfortunately, we’re presenting ourselves as a major issue that hasn’t been seen before,” Shue said. “It was surprising to me and Paul how big the gender gap is.”

Shue, professor of finance, and Goldsmith-Pinkham, assistant professor of finance, analyzed more than 50 million housing transactions from across the U.S. between 1991 and 2017. For about 9 million transactions, it was possible to determine the gender of the participants. .

Compared to single men, they found that single women spent about 2% more when buying a home and 2% less when it was time to sell. This means that the annual income is 1.5% lower. When leveraged with 20% down and an 80% bank-financed mortgage, the difference increases to more than 7%. In dollar terms, single women lose $1,600 more per year than single men per home based on the average home price and average holding period. Compared to single men and women who buy or sell at the same time, couples fall in the middle.

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The issue is particularly important because for most American households housing constitutes a large portion of their wealth. “These differences in housing returns are large and may help explain gender differences in wealth accumulation during retirement,” says Shue.

What do housewives need to know about research? An important message is that the size of the space depends on how long you will be staying in the house. “The gender gap is primarily in execution – buying and selling,” Shue said. With a typical home maintenance period of 5 years, this is very important. “However, if you hold the house for 10 years, you basically take the loss and divide it by 10, which means the difference in your annual income will be very small.”

In other words, “buy and hold” is as good a strategy in real estate as it is in the stock market. In fact, Shue points out that when it comes to the stock market, there’s a gender gap in the other direction: women typically outperform men because they tend to buy and hold, while men’s income comes from spending more. transactions are affected.

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Shue Property Management

Indeed, timing may be part of the explanation for this gender difference. Single men, according to Shu, do better when it comes to determining the market. While data alone cannot explain why, she notes that single women are more likely to have children or other dependents than single men. “This may limit their ability to attract time in the market.”

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Research shows that the difference in the time it takes men and women to buy real estate is “a little less than half” of the gap, Shue says. Negotiation is the next biggest factor. In particular, the largest negotiated discounts from list price for homes occur when a female buyer is negotiating against a male seller. But, Shue warns, “There is no sharp distinction between market timing and negotiation. They are likely to overlap.” This is because people who buy or sell, even though this market is not the most profitable, have other priorities than getting a return on their investment. Maybe they have to fit in a work or school schedule. These other preferences are likely to weaken bargaining power.

“Some people have suggested that maybe single women really like housing,” says Professor Kelly Shue. This explains why they pay more up front, but not why they sell for less.

The fact that women lose in the negotiation process does not necessarily mean that they are doing something wrong, Shue points out; gender bias may play a role. He points to research on car purchases where women and men use the same scripts for the same purchases, but women miss out on the discounts offered to men. “Research also shows that if women become more aggressive in a negotiation, they actually do worse because the other side reacts.

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