Servio Property Management

Servio Property Management – The PMS SERVIO HMS system is a software tool that makes it possible to efficiently automate the hotel business, as well as transform the structure of all hotel departments into a single information network. The SERRIO HMS module with an intuitive web-based interface can be installed on the company’s local server or located in the “cloud” on a remote server.

The SERVIO HMS PMS system is equipped with a convenient chessboard that allows you not only to quickly check information about free and occupied rooms, upcoming arrivals or departures, but also to perform various operational actions, such as express booking a room, quickly moving a guest to another room, cancel reservation and others.

Servio Property Management

Servio Property Management

The program has a built-in tool that automatically, at the time of booking, selects the room of the specified category that has been least loaded, thus ensuring uniform wear on the hotel’s inventory of rooms.

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If necessary, the admin can change the number to any of the free ones (for example, if the guest wants to live in a specific room).

SERRIO HMS is equipped with a special function that allows you to set restrictions on the sale of rooms (all or a category) in a specific period for certain sales channels:

The second important tool is to set quotas for each of the sales channels. It allows you to distribute the room fund across all the sales channels you use. For example, if you know that the site consistently brings in 40% of all bookings, you can set a 60% quota to sell names through OTA channels and make a bigger profit.

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The SERRIO HMS hotel PMS system can store the entire customer base with detailed information about the guest and their preferences to provide maximum service. For example, having indicated in the questionnaire that the guest prefers an extra pillow in the room, the next time you check in you will already have an extra pillow waiting for you. The same applies, for example, to allergies – knowing that a guest is allergic to citrus fruits, you will exclude their presentation in the room.

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The preference list for each hotel can be created individually. Based on the information provided in the questionnaires, you can create rules according to which you can uniquely match hotel offers.

All cleaning tasks are automatically generated in SERDIO HMS according to the room status (outgoing, current, on arrival), based on cleaning frequency (e.g. general for a certain period once a month) or manually defined .

The SERVIO HMS automated hotel management system ensures that all hotel services work together to organize comprehensive services and take into account the wishes of each client, as well as clearly delineating the functions of employees through strictly individual access to the system. When integrated with other systems, such as a restaurant management system or an accounting program, the SERRIO HMS hotel information system acts as a central element, accumulating all data flows and managing all processes.

Servio Property Management

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