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Senga Property Management – You may or may not know that Boxwood Homes has an STR Management division called Nashvacay. is home to all of our listings and rental information. Nash Vacay and Kristin Laine (me) are two great host Airbnb profiles that we host from.

Our Airbnb guests are some of the most interesting people. I love being the one to help discover Nashville – away from Broadway Honky Tonks! We manage vacation rentals all over town, and they attract a lot of guests.

Senga Property Management

Senga Property Management

Charlesville, downtown on 4th Street, brings many high-end tourists. These guests want to boot scoot n boogie down Broadway, catch a show, tour the Ryman, and go to a whiskey tasting. There are Bachelorettes constantly. It was the wildlife hosting an entire building. We filled all the floors with families and wedding parties.

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The well is very low key, located near Melrose. We get a lot quieter here. They may spend the obligatory one night on Broadway, but they want brunch, shopping, and quiet time.

My first manual “welcome” Yikes! Absolutely no real information for my guests! Here it is, just one page. I am. No wonder there were so many questions.

Nashvacay also hosts a handful of single-family homes from Old Hickory, East Nashville, and Berry Hill. The most popular pet project, Dogwood House, is located in Berry Hill. Dogwood House was the first STR that I renovated, decorated, and managed.

My first “welcome” scrapbook at Dogwood House was one page. She briefly covered the house rules, address, wifi, and my phone number for any additional questions. Boy, did they

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Last year when we built the wells and found out we were taking Charlesville, I realized I would never be able to answer all of these.

Questions. What is a place to eat? Where are the best boutiques? An antique shop? How can I find a store? Where is the liquor store? Is there a park I can walk to?

Yes, many of the answers are in google, but… I think that the happiness of Airbnb renters is being able to talk to a real human being, not an agent, who can give a real low level of the best of the south. Where can I listen to music (ME), local (and country)? The number one reason I love hosting is because I get so much joy from sharing my love for Nashville.

Senga Property Management

From the Dogwood House guestbook. I love our guests. I love that they can see the love in Nashville.

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After a year or so of answering every imaginable (and some imaginable) question, I began to develop the extensive dogwood house manual. I keep tweaking and changing this, it’s so easy to make a little face, update my favorite restaurants, etc. in Canva.

The first page is just a welcome, with a reminder to maintain a connection to the hosting site (airbnb, vrbo, tripadvisor).

Important information is immediately followed. Nashvacay contact information, local police and hospitals, addresses, and key information.

Next are the house rules. I actually have house rules in many places. More specifically, I got signs (check out the sign pack!!) posted around the house. I find some guests get a bit of amnesia after a night of Honky Tonkin’, and could use a gentle reminder not to smoke, and not to use whitewash to groom themselves.

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Now that the important stuff is out of the way, the next pages are TV, Wifi, and favorite places to visit. It’s very easy. I created this to share, because I remember feeling blocked. I was really surprised at how much information really needed to be provided. I wanted to give my guests the best information, easy to read, interesting and flexible. People are on vacation, they don’t want house rules down their throats. They only want wifi. We are a full service property management company located in Westchester, NY. We are dedicated to providing high quality and efficient service with a personal touch. We specialize in working with homeowners associations to proactively manage their properties by implementing effective maintenance programs, enhancing curb appeal, and controlling operating costs.

There are similar wealth management services but it is how these services are provided that makes the difference. Our customer-focused team is dedicated to prompt, courteous service with one-on-one attention.

Actively managing home owner cooperative properties in a cost-effective, personalized manner with the goal of protecting your investment and increasing long-term property appreciation.

Senga Property Management

Our team is proud to be there for you. We are the people you can trust to get things done, address concerns, and resolve issues in a timely manner with our clients’ best interests in mind.

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I have over 45 years of business experience in management, finance, vendor and facility responsibilities. Personally, I have owned multiple condos, and served on 3 different condo boards over the past 15 years.

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I am a Master Carpenter with over 35 years of experience in all aspects of construction. In addition, I have 10 years of successful business ownership and over 20 years of personal home ownership.

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