Sebright Property Management

Sebright Property Management – Sebright specializes in property management for apartment blocks. We manage apartment buildings for RTM companies, freeholders and residents’ associations.

Our property managers have over 40 years of experience in the management of high-rise buildings and we are members of ARMA, IRPM and RICS Associates. We know what we are doing and we do it well and at a reasonable price.

Sebright Property Management

Sebright Property Management

Basically solving his problems. Every day you face a problem that requires you to engage your brain. Problems can be legal problems, construction problems, insurance problems, etc. Property management encompasses many different specialized areas, and solving problems in these areas will interest you and give you the job satisfaction you need to be passionate about your work. .

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I worked as a property manager for 8 years before founding Sebright. As an employee of a well-known managing agent across the country, I was tasked with managing 80 apartment buildings of varying sizes and demands. It was an impossible task leading to unhappy customers and a very stressful life. So when I founded Sebright, I decided to put the customer first and limit the number of units our property managers had to manage. So far it has worked and we are a happy office with happy clients.

We are very good at what we do. We respond quickly to inquiries and have the knowledge and time to resolve any issues that may arise. We can provide excellent references from current clients.

We believe the key to successful apartment block management is investing in experienced, skilled and motivated staff and then giving them the tools to excel at their jobs. We have invested in people and dedicated block management software and as a result we provide excellent service to our customers.

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Once you have the right systems and the right team in place, you prioritize communication and transparency. We encourage lessees to take an active role in managing the building they live in and then provide them with the advice they need to make informed decisions. This formula has been the key to our success, and as we’ve grown, we’ve made sure it remains our daily work ethic.

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Under the 2002 Tenancy and Tenancy Reform Act, tenants have the right to manage their premises and finances. Lesseees can form a company with the right to manage the company in order to forcibly take over management duties from the landlord.

Having management rights puts you in control: you can appoint your own property manager and give instructions to your own contractors for repairs, gardening, painting, etc. You can manage all your finances and choose your own building insurance. Forming a company management right often results in significantly lower service fees because you remove the Freeholder or their representative (both of whom benefit) from the equation.

Sebright is instructed by many local and national home builders. We recommend that you instruct us 3 months prior to the start of the sales process to prepare the service fee budget, presentation folder and development management package. They can assist the sales staff and provide customers with a professional and highly managed building experience.

Sebright Property Management

The lessees who live in the building should see it as an asset and contribute to its maintenance and services.

Sebright Property Management

Most lessees think that the economic value of their investment lies within the four walls of the apartment and, while incorrect, does not represent the full picture.

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The full value of a lessee’s investment can only be realized in a building that is effectively managed in terms of long-term maintenance.

Planning and implementing a systematic and periodic building maintenance program usually involves asset management.

Each building must have an updated asset management plan that defines the frequency and cost of the following projects:

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Also known as a capital expenditure plan, a full structural survey should be conducted to assess the physical and visual condition of the building and any machinery or equipment it contains.

Garages, basements, parking spaces, and the land on which the building is located are also included and are considered assets of the building.

This will determine when major repairs or replacements are due and also provide estimated costs for each item in the plan.

Sebright Property Management

These schedules can be developed in five- or 10-year cycles, but the most commonly used format is also known as a 10-year plan.

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It is an important tool for successful management of a block, and the existence of an operational asset management plan and corresponding Reserve Fund is a strong indicator that the building is well managed.

In fact, this is information that potential buyers often ask for as part of the solicitors’ inquiries raised during the condo buying or selling process.

From a landlord’s point of view, they can take a proactive approach to building maintenance which forms part of their obligations under the terms of the lease.

Likewise, this kind of long-term planning and funding ensures that there are contingencies for any other large-scale expenses that may fall outside of the day-to-day maintenance budget.

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From the landlord’s perspective, they can budget and plan effectively, and from the lessee’s perspective, they know what they are paying into the fund(s) and why.

It would be difficult to give a clear picture of asset management without covering the subject of reserves or sinking funds, as they are directly related.

We also share your preferences with your other matches so that up to 5 other people can be contacted directly.

Sebright Property Management

We cannot guarantee that they will be available. You can ask more experts to contact you to increase your chances of finding the right person for your project.

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