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SJC Management Group is a company dealing in comprehensive real estate services, specializing in residential property management. Our professional full-time property managers work for you; Regardless of whether you are the owner or the tenant, working with professionals from SJC will simplify the rental process. We are committed to providing high-quality services. Our knowledge and hard work pay off and help reduce the stress and anxiety often associated with rental properties.

Scj Property Management

Scj Property Management

Marketing / Tours 3D Marketing is the key to a successful rental. We offer expert market analysis and 3D tours for each of the properties we manage.

Scj Engineers Frontload Design Work For New Grand Mound Development

Tenant Inspection We carry out extensive inspections of all tenants and take care of everything from moving a qualified tenant to a new home to maintenance.

Rent Collection We make sure that you receive your payment on time every time. You no longer have to worry about the rent being in your bank account, because we take care of it.

Maintenance We conduct lead-in and exit inspections and ensure that all maintenance issues are addressed in a timely manner.

Financial Reporting Tracking your investments has never been easier with our detailed financial reporting tools. Log in to the owner portal to view your statements and more.

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Protection against landlord risk In the unfortunate event that a tenant needs to be evicted from a tenancy, we will cover the cost of a simple uncontested eviction. Find out more +

We manage beautiful homes in and around Puyallup. Start your search for the perfect place to call home today.

As you may know, the moratorium on eviction in Washington state fully expired on November 1, 2021. Technically speaking, the original moratorium expired on June 30, 2021, but Governor Jay Ins issued a moratorium on the bridge …

Scj Property Management

Updated information on the 2020 Washington state eviction moratorium by SJC Management Group’s appointed broker, Jason Clifford, following the Covet 19 outbreak. Full Transcript: Hi, I’m Jason from SJC …

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Do you want to rent a house for the maximum amount? How about as soon as possible? Well, if you are considering rent, I’m sure you want the top dollar and a short time on the market. Do you know what is most impressive …

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Finally! Owners can now rent their property with confidence. With SureVestor’s Scheer Landlord Protection, you are protected from some tenant risks for less than $ 1 a day. Rent with confidence! You are …

New landlord and tenant law changes take effect on July 28, 2019. Hear from Designated Broker Jason Clifford and Heather Pierce, Deputy Director for Government Affairs of the Washington State Housing Association to discuss …

One of the most important decisions to make when renting a home is to establish a pet policy. Saying “pets are not allowed” will remove more than half of the potential tenants from your home. This can lead to an extension of vacancies … Edgewood Management is the first affordable property management company in the East Coast. While we are a very successful organization and we care about our continual growth and success, we are equally driven by a sincere desire to help people improve their lives. We take care of our residents. We care for our clients and partners. And we care about our associates. Our culture thrives because our core values ​​govern and protect the moral compass of our organization at every level.

Bill Dunning Joins Scj Alliance For Powerful Synergy

Edgewood has deep roots in the Washington DC metropolitan area and has a history of innovative property management dating back to 1971. Founded by Eugene Ford Sr., Washington with a visionary approach to high-quality housing and multi-family communities, Edgewood Management has consistently ranks among the National Affordable Housing Management Association (NAHMA) top 10 affordable housing managers and among the 50 largest housing managers according to the National Multifamily Housing Council (NMHC).

In partnership with our sister companies, Vantage Management and MidCity, Edgewood leads the way in achieving asset goals and building value for our customers – all while cultivating a lifestyle that best suits our residents’ needs.

As Edgewood celebrates its 50th birthday, we recognize that this is no mean feat and a testament to the great leadership and talent in our organization. Our long-term investments in the construction of infrastructure necessary to manage all types of apartments have resulted in a long list of satisfied customers. We focus on building on this solid foundation and the reputation we have built to achieve even greater success in the future.

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Scj Property Management

We are proud to provide our residents with high-quality housing along with services that have a real and positive impact. Thanks to many years of experience, unmatched knowledge and proven success, our approach is simple and our performance is unrivaled. The tip is to pre-fill out forms so that all these common things are obviously addresses, auction date, contract date all those things that are common in forms and you don’t want to keep typing how you can do it, basically like on the cover like most people do i imagine it so i’ll go to the previous list i just worked and this is 123 anywhere so before i even fill out this form all i am going to do is obviously let this stuff load up i record it takes a little longer and it’s a bit hidden, and that doesn’t really explain, but that editing details doesn’t explain all the power they actually have, but if you go to editing details now you’ll see all those common fields you can change and another cool thing you can here you can upload a photo of the property So, to help you visually, I mean of course many people who are visual learners see the photo of the property together with an address but now you can come in here and enter the typical info so if it’s really 123 anywhere go northwest Rochester Minnesota 559 01 Olmsted can’t write and let’s go here this morning none of these I don’t know them so I can skip them, but we know the listing date i am going to do this will be today my expiration date is august let’s go October 31st and let’s go down house inspection closing mortgage we also have a brokerage deal is already there let’s pick this state in town, agent letting you know of course will be you MLS Data MLS area you can also enter the legal description here then just hit save now when you come in to go back to your loop and start filling in those forms which i will see they are pre-filled with this common area s o let’s go just for the exclusive right to sell the auction contract, so I click on this to fill it in and you should have the address there as well as the people who re are assigned here, you want to make sure it is correct as this is I am going to automatically put the signature fields there so issuing agent and seller is a perfect gift go ahead sign these roles and now look here the contract includes address, seller name, brokerage contract starts on that day ends that day, and it puts 1313 in there already, so it has all that information here for you to speed up the whole process, so this is a quick tip on how to use the cover, and it’s just hidden after let’s just go back to the loop here it is very quickly hidden under the edit details part so i will show you again really fast when i find that button and let it load, obviously it works slow and ask me if i want to share documents no i don’t want to do it in this time, but it often happens really slow, it will soon be in this area when these loans are backed up here, edit the details …

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