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Schweb Property Management – Many families at the Westgate Laurel apartment complex plan to walk out of the rental service in August unless the management company addresses their concerns. (Michael A. McCoy of The Washington Post)

The Westgate Apartments in Laurel can be easy to miss, three-story brick utility buildings located just off Exit 33A from Interstate 95. They’re the type of low-profile housing that houses immigrant and working-class families in rural areas across the country. until, until. recently, some of the residents were foreigners, too.

Schweb Property Management

Schweb Property Management

Nuvia Martinez, 41, said she had no time to spend with her neighbors in the ten years she lived in Westgate. He is busy making extra changes, like many in difficult places, cleaning the house long and oddly. She is raising three children and trying to see her husband. And he’s worried about his refrigerator that doesn’t keep the right temperature, doesn’t seal properly and leaks often. “For three children, how do I feed them with this?” Martinez asked.

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Others in Westgate, they learned, had the same concerns — about mold growing in their carpets, mold growing along their kitchen and bathroom walls, cockroaches — and it’s that frustration that brought Martinez and her neighbors together. Next month, the rent increases despite the worsening situation, about 80 people have signed a petition not to pay them.

“I’m not very confident [right now] this will be resolved,” Martinez said. But he and other wrestlers say they believe they need to take action to voice their concerns.

The petition at Westgate, organized by community rights group CASA Maryland, calls for tenants to end their leases in August. These people, mainly from Latin America, call the recent increase in rent unreasonable because the management company did not respond to the problems of the units and the common areas.

Such strikes, along with other protests and events, are rising in Washington state and around the country as tenants seek ways to secure their rights. The DC Tenants Union, which was founded in 2019 to organize renters inside the nation’s capital, and tenants in two other buildings in Prince George’s County went on a months-long rent strike starting in 2020.

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For many Westgate families, money was already tight. Martinez’s husband, Jose Escobar, often works 13- to 14-hour days maintaining the property. Ruth Portillo, 28, orders whatever she can as a delivery driver for Giant to share the cost of her two-bedroom apartment with her mother, Norma, who works as a housekeeper to support Portillo’s three children.

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In addition to living in Westgate, residents also cite increased parking fees, more pressure to tow, and replacement equipment that is being replaced and handed over from previous tenants. Some of these detergents have been cited by maintenance personnel as the cause of leaks in the roof of the units.

Residents say Westgate’s situation worsened after Schweb Partners took over management of the building in February 2020. Tenants and planners at CASA Maryland have been trying to block representatives of the New Jersey company, they said, and have been unsuccessful. audience until Tuesday afternoon, when during a two-hour meeting four members of Schweb’s management team listened to about a dozen people express their concerns.

Schweb Property Management

Residents called the meeting, which was attended by residents, management and three local officials, productive and said they felt respected by the management team. But considering what was at stake, some could not complain.

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Enrique Medina, 47, who lives in Westgate with his family of four, said: “Sometimes we are afraid because we have never had a meeting like that before. “Sometimes when you talk to the people you are afraid, but we have to talk because the rent is very high.”

“We found the meeting to be very productive,” said Sean Rabinowitz, regional managing director of Schweb Partners, after the meeting. “The goal was to hear them and their complaints.”

Rabinowitz declined to answer further questions in person or via email about the Westgate residents’ concerns.

Laurel City Council member Martin Mitchell, who attended the meeting, said he sympathizes with residents’ concerns. Mitchell is advocating for help, he said, like loans to end foreclosures, but he knows promises and ideas aren’t enough.

Negotiations Begin After 50+ Families Go On Rent Strike In Laurel

The monthly rent in Laurel is $1,823 as of July, according to real estate data company Yardi Matrix. Rent increases for Westgate residents who spoke to The Post have brought their prices within $200 of that figure.

“We are all working hard. We’re still going through an epidemic,” Mitchell said. “A lot of people don’t have a safety net. So, if they leave here, it’s one of the cheapest places in the county, where are they going to go?”

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Ana Rodriguez Montoya, a Laurel resident and CASA Maryland organizer, has been listening to residents’ stories and knocking on doors to help them win the rent strike. For nearly all Westgate residents, according to his search, the monthly rent increase is the difference between living in Laurel and finding their families another place to live, and its potential complications.

Schweb Property Management

“They know how the rent is going to be raised – and it’s crazy,” Rodriguez Montoya said. “They know with CASA and working together as a team, they can get results.”

We Are Casa 50+ Maryland Tenants On Rent Strike For Huge Rent Increases At Schweb Partners Llc’s Laurel Apartment Complex

The impending threat to pick up and leave Westgate caused Wilmer Chavarria to be fired one recent night, even after waking up at 5 a.m. and working almost 13 hours, still wearing his neon-orange long-sleeved shirt from his job on the street. workers laying asphalt. Her family’s rent was raised in June from $1,154 to $1,630.

Chavarria, 32, has lived in her home for about seven years, she said, and is frustrated by the stench of her carpet, a rat hole in her bedroom and a toilet that leaked sewage at the beginning of the outbreak. He hates to entertain his wife, three children and his cousin in such conditions.

“It’s my home,” Chavarria said. “I come here to sleep because I work seven days a week to pay the rent…but I want to stay here.”

So are some families who plan to fight. Gathered together with their frustrations on a late July afternoon, Martinez and Portillo sat chatting and laughing on the Portillos’ patio and stooped, sharing sodas, water bottles and cookies with other neighbors and watching the storm.

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Families want to have more of these memories together. He hopes to make up for lost time.

“I never knew [Ruth] this well,” said Sandra Chavez, 32, a neighbor of the Portillos, as she ate a snack on her porch.

Westgate families watched as their children wandered from the playground across the parking lot, hoping the rain would pass soon. A New Jersey company has paid $72.53 million to buy three historic Winston-Salem buildings.

Schweb Property Management

The purchases were made separately by three subsidiaries of Schweb Partners LLC of Jackson Township, N.J., according to Forsyth County Register of Deeds filings on Monday.

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Vineville Ave, Macon, Ga 31204

Schweb officials could not immediately be reached for comment on the purchase of The Arlington, The Arcadian and The Charleston offices.

Schweb said on his LinkedIn page that his goal is to “acquire, manage and reinvest real estate and multifamily businesses by looking for growth strategies that maximize the investor’s return on risk.”

The three major deals involved Arlington Apartments at 3411 Old Vineyard Road, which has 294 units on the 15.87-acre campus. The home, which was built in 1983, sold for $26.75 million.

The Arcadian Apartments in Winston-Salem are part of Forsyth County’s foreign investment group that has exceeded $1 billion in sales as of January 2018. Google Image

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The next largest was The Arcadian Apartments at 1710 Franciscan Drive, which has 285 units on a 26.83-acre campus. The house, built in 1970, sold for $24.84 million.

The third project involved the Charleston apartments at 1010 Oak Grove Road, which has 234 units on the 16.03-acre campus. The house, which was built in 1962, sold for $22.94 million.

Combined, the sale is the second largest in Forsyth County since the home buying crisis began in 2018. It has been encouraged by outside groups.

Schweb Property Management

The largest was in March 2021 by Harbor Group International of Norfolk, Va., Partners paid $82.5 million for three Forsyth properties: $35.7 million for Braehill Apartments, ; $25.7 million for The Corners at Crystal Lake and; $21.1 million for Mill Creek Flats.

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In December, the Brandemere apartment building in northwest Winston-Salem sold for $43.72 million. It has 356 one and two bedroom apartments.

The most expensive sale since the beginning of 2018 came in December 2019 when the luxury 229-unit West End Station near downtown Winston-Salem sold for $52.5 million to affiliates of EBSCO Income Properties LLC of Alabama.

In December 2019, Arch Cos. affiliates spent $44.06 million on three Winston-Salem homes they viewed.

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