Schambs Property Management

Schambs Property Management – You can trust Schambs Property Management for the best property management services in Raleigh, Cary, Apex and more.

If you’re a resident looking to name your home in Raleigh, Cary, Apex and more then look no further. Schambs Property Management can have the perfect property for you. We have a wide range of unparalleled rental apartments in our portfolio that includes many single-family, semi-detached and semi-detached houses. four-level, tenement houses and flats.

Schambs Property Management

Schambs Property Management

If you own a rental property in or around Raleigh, our team can help you manage your investment and develop it to meaningful levels. We have the knowledge, resources and experience needed to handle every aspect of the rented properties. We can comprehensively deal with asset management, vacancy marketing, candidate screening, routine inspections, repairs and maintenance, as well as resolving residents’ problems.

Glasgow Rd, Cary, Nc 27511

On the Schambs Property Management website you will find more information about our services and how to manage your landlord account. Using our state-of-the-art management software, our owners can check their latest statements, invoices and reports.

Our residents can also pay rent electronically, order repairs, access tenancy documents and much more using their web portals. Do not hesitate to contact the Schambs Property Management office directly if you have any questions or need any assistance.

We are a local and successful property management company with over 15 years of experience. Our centralized location allows us to efficiently manage rental properties in and around Raleigh.

We are versatile and flexible enough to adapt to any unique requirements your property may have. Our range of landlord services includes developing effective rental contracts, listing properties in MLS and countless websites, collecting rents, handling tenant evictions, checking residents, conducting property inspections, facilitating maintenance and repairs, and carrying out monthly reporting. Our owners can also use the monthly electronic rental fees for free.

North Carolina Eviction Laws: The Process & Timeline In 2022

If you are looking for an attentive and qualified property management company to promote and manage your rental please contact us and let us show you what we can do.

We are a professional apartment management company with years of experience serving Raleigh, Cary, Apex and the rest of Wake County. Thanks to this, we understand how invaluable is the proper marketing and advertising of your property among potential tenants. Our skills combined with experience help us use and focus our time, resources and excellent competitive strategies to locate and attract high-quality residents. Consequently, your property will have a minimum vacancy rate, guaranteeing you the best rental returns.

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Attracting quality citizens is easier said than done. Some potential tenants will do their best to present what the landlord might want to see. For this reason, thorough screening of applicants is an absolute necessity these days. At SPM, we use a meticulous verification process that allows applicants to complete and submit a comprehensive rental application, all done online via our website. Upon receipt of the application, we carry out a detailed background check, credit history, previous rental results and confirmation of employment / compensation.

Schambs Property Management

While collecting the rent owed by tenants may seem like a fairly simple task, do-it-yourself homeowners quickly realize that it can be exhausting, especially if you have troubled tenants. Soon, landlords may face challenges such as rent arrears and even evictions due to non-payment. It is clear to all of our tenants during the application and verification process that you expect your rent to be paid on time. As a result, the rent is collected and delivered on time.

Schambs Realty Group Inc

We will help you save valuable time and money by carrying out routine property inspections. Our experienced team will conduct annual property visits to check and verify that your property remains in good condition. If any existing or potential property damage is detected, we promptly take appropriate corrective action. This proactive approach keeps our residents responsible and preserves the value of your investment.

Our team of specialists ensures that your property is well kept. This allows us to reduce the frequency of repairs that our managed properties require, as well as the amount of time and money spent on repairs.

Although we do not have an ownership role in any of our contractors, our contractors offer our landlords clients preferred prices due to the size of our business. Our contractors are also extensively advised on the proper conduct on site, the expected level of performance / professionalism, meeting planning and general attitude when communicating with tenants.

Evicting a tenant is not pleasant and never desirable, but sometimes unavoidable. Serving a problem tenant is never a pleasant experience, but by working with us, our clients communicate these concerns to us.

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Lorraine Road, Raleigh, Nc 27607

Should eviction become necessary, the SPM will enlist the assistance of a lawyer well versed in tenant / landlord law. This speeds up the eviction process, ensures that the case is properly processed and the loss of our landlord is minimized.

We follow a strict eviction process where we handle the entire tenant eviction process from start to finish on behalf of our clients.

As a professional property management company serving Wake County, we strive to provide our clients with the best strategies, tools and resources for their investments. For example, we provide our landlord clients with online access at any time to our online financial reporting software which allows them to access relevant financial information about their property. As a result, they always have relevant, relevant information that will help them in the decision-making process, budgeting, tax preparation, etc.

Schambs Property Management

At Schambs Property Management, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality service to our clients. Regardless of the value or location of your property in Wake County, we treat your investment as our own. As a result, our clients can relax knowing that their investments are in good hands.

Schambs Property Management

In addition to helping our owners to develop and maintain rental investments, we strive to establish and maintain strong mutual relationships with both owners and residents.

We understand how careful and considerate you have been when it comes to investing in rental property. As such, we can see why you are equally determined to take over only the best property management company to manage your investment in or around Raleigh.

North Carolina’s capital, Raleigh, has tons of fun and exciting things to do and places to visit. Whether you are visiting the city for a short stay or for the long haul, you can be sure there will be something unique to immerse your senses.

Add spice by trying the flavors of southern cuisine, try some craft and craft spirits and enjoy the music of our local bands. Alternatively, play at bluegrass festivals, discover rare treasures and gifts at local boutiques, and broaden your horizons with an amazing array of exhibitions by visual and performing artists.

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It is widely known that Raleigh excels in terms of the quality of life it offers its residents. Consequently, you can be sure that you will spend the time of your life in this ancient city. Its Carolingian authenticity is further developed by the passionate local communities living here.

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A visit to Raleigh for this purpose will be more than just an unusual trip to one of the most flourishing metropolises in the south. You will feel energized and enriched by the intelligent and experienced locals, the inspiring history and the broad knowledge that can be gleaned from this city.

Historically founded in 1792, Raleigh is the capital of North Carolina. It was named after its discoverer Sir Walter Raleigh for his efforts to establish the first English colonies in the New World in the 1880s.

Schambs Property Management

Additionally, Raleigh is the only capital city founded and planned by the state as the official seat of government. Today it is one of the largest cities as it forms part of the larger region of the research triangle of Chapel Hill, Durham and Raleigh.

Seaton Dr, Fuquay Varina, Nc 27526

The founding fathers named the Raleigh City of Oaks because of the trees found there. The city still maintains grassy parks and wooded tracks. It is also home to the North Carolina State Fair, the region’s largest annual event.

Savvy shoppers will be impressed by the wide range of popular retail stores, local stores and boutiques in the city. Raleigh flea markets, Cameron Village, North Hills and White Oak Crossing deserve special attention.

The city also prides itself on the amazing cuisine served to satisfy even the strictest of cravings. The local menu ranges from traditional southern dishes and brewery pubs to exclusive cuisine. You can also visit over 21 craft breweries, 2 distilleries and 3 wineries in Raleigh.

The Warehouse, Moore Square, Glenwood, Fayetteville and Capital districts offer live music, entertainment, concerts and live DJ performances. All this together provides an unforgettable nightlife experience for those who are looking for it.

Belneath Court, Raleigh, Nc 27613

You will be satisfied for a day in the sun

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