Sample Airbnb Property Management Agreement

Sample Airbnb Property Management Agreement – If you’re looking to manage someone’s property on Airbnb or if you’re a landlord and have someone manage it for you, it’s always a good idea to have a written Airbnb property management contract.

For friends, it is not always necessary if they are temporarily taking care of you, but if necessary, do not hesitate to implement and agree to protect you and the other person in case of a problem.

Sample Airbnb Property Management Agreement

Sample Airbnb Property Management Agreement

This is the sample Airbnb property management contract that I use to take a property to manage, if you intend to use this template, please modify it according to your individual needs and local legislation.

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This Agreement sets forth the terms and conditions under which [HOST NAME] will provide you with short-term rental management services in connection with your property that you wish to rent through Airbnb or similar homestay booking websites.

“Excluded Services” means services that Host does not provide as part of this agreement. These are listed in Appendix A;

“Additional maintenance services” means services such as deep cleaning, carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, mold removal, pest control, oven cleaning, outside window/balcony cleaning, wall painting, work at height, serious plumbing, electrical or gas work and anything else not covered by our Services;

“Fee” means the fees charged by [HOST NAME] in accordance with clause 8 below; “Guest” means a Guest who is renting the Property through one of the Homestay Websites;

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“Homestay Website” means a short-term rental marketplace including, but not limited to, Airbnb, Homeaway,, FlipKey, HomeAway, and other websites we choose. In cases where a guest makes a reservation directly with the Host, [HOST NAME] will extend the concept of Accommodation Website to that reservation;

“Services” means the short rental management services described in clause 3 below; “Listing” means any advertisement for your Property on the Homestay website; “Room Rent” shall mean the total amount paid by the Guest for a reservation less any Airbnb Cleaning Fee and any service fees and taxes collected by the applicable homestay website and/or any card processing fees;

“Property” means [property address] or such other property as may be agreed between [HOST NAME] and you from time to time.

Sample Airbnb Property Management Agreement

3.1 In exchange for the fee you pay to [HOST NAME], the Host will provide you with the following services:

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3.1.1 Write your listing and optimize it on various homestay websites. Homestay Websites will be selected by the host for inclusion in the list, unless you instruct us otherwise;

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3.1.2 Manage the pricing and availability calendar on various Homestay websites as the Host sees fit. You agree that [HOST NAME] has the expertise to make pricing decisions and is therefore under no obligation to consult you before accepting a booking from a Guest or setting the price for any Booking. However, the Host will take into account the requirements that you have informed him about your expectations of monthly income or your preferences about the type of Guests that you wish to accept in the property;

3.1.3 Hire a photographer (additional fees apply) to take photos of the Property for a full photo session. If you cancel or postpone this photo session with less than 48 hours notice, or if a re-photo is required due to the property not being reasonably ready as discussed, the photographer reserves the right to charge the Host a fee. additional XX to cover the cost of an additional photo session;

3.1.4 Respond to any queries raised by Guests in relation to your Listings and manage all communications with Guests, including any disputes that may arise;

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3.1.6 remotely coordinate urgent repairs or maintenance work on your property if and only if this is necessary to ensure complete Guest satisfaction; Y

3.2 You agree that Host will not provide the Excluded Services as part of this agreement. If you require any services, the Host can discuss this when necessary and agree to arrange it for you at an additional cost plus our expenses.

4.1 To enable us to provide the Services set out in this agreement, you agree that the Owner:

Sample Airbnb Property Management Agreement

4.1.1 Provide us with full, accurate and timely information about the Property and any other information we reasonably request. It is your responsibility to ensure that we have all the information necessary to operate and maintain the Property and ensure the safety of each Guest;

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4.1.2 Provide all items set forth in the Airbnb Essentials Checklist (see Appendix B). If they are not provided, we will purchase them and charge you the cost plus reasonable charges;

4.1.3 Maintain the Property at all times, including making repairs as soon as possible at [Host Name]’s request or reimbursing [Host Name] for any repairs;

4.1.4 Comply with all legal requirements applicable to a homeowner in the US, including but not limited to fire safety, gas and electrical safety regulations, etc.;

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4.1.5 Remove or lock away any expensive and fragile items from the Property and let us know about any particularly fragile or sensitive areas of the Property that you would like us to consider;

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4.1.6 Empty all refrigerator shelves, kitchen and bathroom cabinets, and at least 1 drawer in a cabinet for Guest use; Y

4.1.7 Fully cooperate with us in providing the Services and pay our Fee and other costs when due.

5.1 You will make the Properties available to us for short-term rental for a minimum period of 2 months, commencing on [ ] (the “Initial Availability Period”). You may not reduce the Initial Availability Period without our prior consent; otherwise the charges in Clause 5.2 below will apply. You may extend the Initial Availability Period by notifying us at any time and any extension will be as agreed between us from time to time in the Initial Availability Period.

Sample Airbnb Property Management Agreement

You will make the Properties available to the Host for short-term rentals from [DATE] to [DATE] (the “Initial Availability Period”). You may not reduce the Initial Availability Period without our prior consent; otherwise the charges in Clause 5.2 below will apply. You may extend the 5.1 Availability Period by notifying us at any time and any extension will be as agreed between us from time to time in the initial Availability Period.

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5.2 If you wish to terminate the contract during the Initial Availability Period, you may do so by paying a termination fee of XXX in addition to any other costs and fees that may be incurred.

5.3 HOST will charge a Fee at the rate of X% for any booking that we obtain during the [DATE] period but that occurs after this agreement ends. For the avoidance of doubt, the Host will not charge any cleaning fee for future bookings and you may retain this fee where it has been collected from the Guest.

5.4 Upon termination, the Host will return your keys on the last day of the notice period or such other date as agreed.

5.5 The Fee for Host Services provided up to the date of termination and any Fees payable under Clause 5.3. or Clause 6.1. will be payable immediately upon termination and receipt of our final invoice.

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6.1 If you cancel or cause a Guest to cancel a Booking or if the Host is required to refund any part of a Booking, you will be required to pay the following charges:

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6.2 For the avoidance of doubt, “causing a Guest to cancel a Reservation” shall include any situation where a Reservation is canceled due to the Property being uninhabitable due to lack of heat, hot water, plumbing, electricity and Wi-Fi or due to to gas leaks, water leaks, rodents, pests, lack of cleanliness or other such serious deficiencies.

7.2 the Rent of the room of each Guest and will go directly to your account from the Homestay websites and the Host will invoice you monthly together with any other fees or expenses incurred by the Host on your behalf for the Rent of the room.

Sample Airbnb Property Management Agreement

7.3 The cleaning fee for each reservation will be paid directly to the cleaner. Where a homestay website does not have a separate provision for charging cleaning fees to the guest, the room rent will be adjusted to account for a cleaning fee.

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7.4 You will not be entitled to withhold by way of offset, deduction or counterclaim any amount you owe to the Homestay Website against any amount you owe to the Host or vice versa.

7.5 You agree to pay interest on any amount due under this agreement and not paid by the due date, for the period between the due date and the payment date at a rate equal to X%.

8.1 In addition to the Fee indicated above, the only other additional charges that will apply are the following:

8.2 If you choose to stay in the apartment during the Availability Period, the Host will clean the apartment for you after your stay and will charge you the cost of cleaning unless otherwise stated (see Appendix C for details) ;

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8.3 Any emergency corridor services will be charged to XX should they be required (see clause 9 on Maintenance below for details); Y

8.4 Additional maintenance services will be charged separately, but only if you ask the Host to reserve them for you.

9.1 You agree that you will be primarily responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the Property and will

Sample Airbnb Property Management Agreement

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