Rushmore Property Management

Rushmore Property Management – Throughout the COVID-19 health crisis, our country celebrates the men and women in the medical field who work long hours providing medical care as the front lines. The definition of front line has been expanded to include essential service workers such as firefighters, police, nurses, grocers and public service workers who work in the field every day to keep our communities running.

Our Rushmore leadership team extends thanks to our former employees for coming to the office as needed over the past 16 months to send money on peak days, get initial documents in the mail, sign and deliver time-consuming legal documents, and face to face. – face-to-face interactions such as the proposed ban on Puerto Rico.

Rushmore Property Management

Rushmore Property Management

Our front lines in California, Florida, Oklahoma, and Puerto Rico continue to work together despite the pandemic to support the Services and Customer Service sector and increase productivity and revenue levels. The dedication of our employees inspires us to be better leaders, and we appreciate their strength.

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Rushmore is grateful to all our employees who strive to deliver excellent service to our customers every day.

Rushmore Loan Management Services LLC is a real estate servicer and originator of services including special and subprime services, mortgages, and real estate transactions. Dedicated to providing excellent customer service and support through a commitment to ethical business practices. For more information, visit .Xanterra Leisure Holding, LLC, and its subsidiaries listed below (collectively “Xanterra,” “we,” “our,” or “us”), are committed to respecting your privacy. This Privacy Policy (“Privacy Policy”) describes how we collect, process, and share your Personal Data (defined below). We also explain your rights and choices with respect to your Personal Data and other important information. You arrived at this Privacy Policy by clicking on a link when you visited the Xanterra website, however, this Privacy Policy applies to the operations of all Xanterra companies. Please read this Privacy Policy carefully.

Note that third parties may be able to identify you across sites and services using the information they process, however, any corrections not made on Xanterra’s part are outside the scope of this Privacy Policy.

Xanterra Leisure Holding, LLC is a Colorado-based company with offices at 6312 S. Fiddlers Green Cir., Ste. 600 North, Greenwood Village, Colorado 80111. Xanterra’s subsidiaries include, at the time of publication of this Privacy Policy: Xanterra Holding Corporation; Xanterra Resort Holding, LLC; Xanterra Leisure Resort Holding, LLC; Xanterra Parks & Resorts, Inc.; Xanterra South Rim, L.L.C.; Acquisition of GCR, LLC; Grand Canyon Railway, LLC; Grand Canyon Railway Hotel, LLC; Xanterra Tusayan, LLC; Xanterra Cedar Creek, LLC; Xanterra Adventure Companies, LLC; Holiday Rentals, LLC; Xanterra Cruise, LLC; Otago France; Windstar Cruises Marshall Islands, LLC; and Windstar Cruises, LLC.

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The Rushmore Hotel & Suites, Bw Premier Collection

If you have any comments or questions about this Privacy Policy or privacy practices, please contact our Data Privacy Team at:

Marketing Choices: If you would like to make changes to your communication preferences, click on a link in any email from Xanterra, or email us at [email protected] .

The following describes how we process data relating to identified or identifiable individuals and households (“Personal Data”), including the types of Personal Data, its sources, and the purpose for which we process such data.

Rushmore Property Management

The types of Personal Data we collect and use include (these examples are subject to change):

Revived Mount Rushmore Fireworks Will Feature Trump But No Social Distancing

Information such as your name; address is an email address; telephone number; gender; date of birth, age and/or age range; account login information, including your username and password, or other account-related information; information you provide in connection with your application to become a vendor, volunteer, employee, or otherwise join or support our team; your identity, public profile, and similar information from social networks such as Facebook; and information such as unique IDs and similar information collected or derived from the use of RFID enabled products such as key cards.

Identity Data related to information about how we can contact you, such as email, phone numbers, physical address, social media handles, and information you provide when you contact us by email or when you interact with us via social media.

Information about your location, including “accurate location data” (data from GPS, Wi-Fi triangulation, and similar) and “general location” (social media tags/posts, dates and times of your visits and which properties or places you have visited).

Browsing history, browsing history, and information about your interaction with a website, application, or ad (for example, IP address, MAC address, SSIDs or other device-identified or persistent identifiers), internet user ID, attributes device (such as browser/OS version), web server logs, application logs, browsing data, first party cookies, third party cookies, web beacons, clear gifs and pixel tags.

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Information about the Services we provide to you and about reservations and transactions you make with Xanterra or other companies working for us or on our behalf (including travel agents), information related to events and services at our properties and places you visit/use, information. about purchases (including purchases and use of gift cards), what you were given, when and where and, if applicable, how much you paid, and similar information.

Personal Data used to create a profile about you that reflects your preferences, characteristics, mental tendencies, predispositions, behaviors, attitudes, intelligence, skills, and abilities, market segments, likes, dislikes and other information or analysis provided about you or your social media account . media companies or data collectors, including household data such as income, number of children, occupation, social class, home ownership, products and services you use or plan to use or purchase, and your interests.

Information such as bank account information, payment card information, and information from credit reference agencies, including similar data defined in Cal Civ Code § 1798.80(e).

Rushmore Property Management

Recordings and images collected from our surveillance cameras when you visit our properties and locations and their vicinity, as well as recorded files and records, such as voice messages, call recordings, etc.

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Information about your health, temperature, or vaccinations, or other health-related information you may provide in connection with your booking.

Unstructured / Free Data which may include any type of Personal Data, for example, data you provide to us in free text areas such as comment boxes, responses you provide when participating in sweepstakes, contests, polls and surveys, including any other Data you may provide on or in connection with the Services ours.

We collect Personal Data from various sources, which vary depending on the context in which we process the Personal Data:

We will receive your Personal Data when you provide it to us, when you purchase our products or services, or complete a transaction through our Services, when you purchase or use one of our gift cards, or when you otherwise use our Services.

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We collect Personal Information about or through any device you use to access our Services, websites of subsidiary companies, websites of any service provider used to purchase accommodation at properties or travel with companies operated by Xanterra, or when you use Wi-Fi at any of our properties or while traveling with companies operated by us.

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We receive Personal Data from online travel agencies such as Expedia or or brick and mortar travel agencies that transfer Personal Data to us when you purchase accommodation or services from them in connection with the Services we offer, and other applicable service providers. services on our behalf.

We receive Personal Data from advertising networks, behavioral marketers, market research, and social media companies or similar companies that provide additional Personal Data as Inference Data.

Rushmore Property Management

We receive Personal Information from Facebook and other social media companies that may send Personal Data to us when you register for one of our Services or interact with that social media company or in connection with our services, properties or areas.

Mount Rushmore Construction

We, certain partners, social media companies, and third parties acting on our behalf create and provide Personal Data as Access Data or Aggregated Data based on our observations or analysis of other Personal Data processed under this Policy, and we may link this data to other data we process about you. . We may aggregate any Personal Data about you that we receive from you, other companies within our family of companies, and third parties.

When you use our Services, we process your Personal Information in certain circumstances and for specified purposes, as well as for our general business purposes and, in some cases, for commercial purposes.

We generally process Identity Data, Financial Data, Transaction Data and Contact Data when you make a purchase or sale transaction, whether through our Digital Services or in person, whether through our products, our services, our gift cards, or otherwise. We process this Personal Information as necessary to perform or initiate a contract with you, process your order and payment, and fulfill the delivery, as well as track the use and balance of gift cards. Additionally, we may collect or generate Device/Network Data and Inference Data. This data, and other data we collect in this context is used as necessary in connection with legitimate business interests, such as:

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