Rppm Property Management

Rppm Property Management – SCOR/RAC website; New Member Handbook – Amy Schutzbach RAC Task Forces – David Jared Peer Exchanges – Camille Crichton-Sumners Transportation Pooled Fund Program – Chris Jolly Sharing Information & Cooperative Research Programs – Chris Hedges Seven Keys – Cynthia Gerst TRB State Reps – Mark Norman Q&A – all

Background: Founded 1987 Advisors to SCOR Research Directors from each AASHTO member department Appointed by member DOT CEO Primarily highway-focused AASHTO Vision: The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials will be the voice for transportation and a catalyst for institutional and technical excellence.

Rppm Property Management

Rppm Property Management

4 RAC Mission To promote quality and excellence in research and in the application of research findings to improve state transportation systems. Provide advice on transportation research matters to SCOR and AASHTO Participate in NCHRP Facilitate the development of research problem statements for consideration by SCOR Identify and report ongoing and planned state-only funded research sponsored by member departments (TRIS and RIP)

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Facilitating deployment of new technologies Gather and disseminate information on current and completed research Conduct peer exchanges on research management best practices Assist SCOR in developing the annual NCHRP

Chair and Vice Chair Appointed by AASHTO President SCOR and RAC Secretary: Director of the TRB Cooperative Research Programs Leadership Team: RAC Chair RAC Vice Chair Four Regional RAC Chairs RAC Secretary

Each Regional RAC has its own objectives, policies and procedures, or by-laws. Meetings: January during TRB National Summer Meeting

“AASHTO’s driving force for transportation research and innovation” Stay informed about transportation research Concern, evaluate, select NCHRP problem statements Make effective use of research funding, and recommend appropriate funding levels Serve as a forum and advocate Review, monitor, and promote coordination US transportation research Solicit, evaluate, select NCHRP problem statements. Encourage effective use of research funding, and recommend appropriate funding levels; Serve as a forum and advocate for transportation research; Monitor, monitor and encourage coordination for national programs of transportation research.

Gibson Drive, Unit 1925, Roseville, Ca 95678

11 SCOR Membership Chair and Vice Chair appointed by the AASHTO President Secretary: Director of TRB Research Progs. 2 Senior Administrators from each AASHTO Region 2 Research Directors from each AASHTO Region Affiliate & ex-officio members

Regional chairman talks with new member and gives mentor Mentor/new member talk on a monthly basis covering various aspects of RAC and research program administration Mentor helps new member in preparation for the annual summer meeting; participate together in RAC 101 Mentor / new member give feedback

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New Member Handbook Answers basic questions new members may have Provides links to additional information The SCOR-RAC website contains a wealth of information The site is maintained by Natassja Linzau of TRB, and she does an excellent job. subcommittee of the RAC Admin Task Force, led by Cynthia Gerst and Natassja. basic questions that new members may have

Rppm Property Management

16 The RAC guide for new members contains basic information, from the point you are appointed a RAC member and explains what RAC is and what we do. in more detail This is a very handy guide even for not-so-new members Many of the resources that RAC members need on a daily basis have links on this page

Research Program And Project Management

17 Brief descriptions of the origins of RAC, the composition of RAC, and how we carry out our work, much of which happens through our task forces

18 Once you join RAC, you enter a world full of acronyms – RAC, SCOR, FHWA, TRB, TPF, TRID, RiP, RITA, STEP, IDEA, NCHRP, UTC, CUTC, etc. What do they all mean??? ? The website helps strain the alphabet soup and give you some basic information

I have many more questions…. The last line under “I have many more questions” states “Always feel free to contact another RAC member in a nearby state or across the country. You will find that everyone is willing to help.” Take this line to heart. One thing I have learned about RAC is that it is a community. Once you become a RAC member, you become part of that community, and you have many people willing to help you. It could be your mentor (as Dale explained earlier), it could be someone in your region, it could be someone you met at the annual meeting. Don’t be afraid to ask. The old adage about “the only dumb question is the one you don’t ask” is quite true.

20 SCOR/RAC Website There is more great information available on the website.

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Research projects and results on SCOR / RAC – this link contains information on both SCOR and RAC. Links are provided to take you to their mission statements and rosters. Another informative link is to the list of RAC Task Forces. Sue Sillick will present in a bit more about the task forces. MEETINGS – directs you to upcoming meetings, past year’s meetings (including agendas and presentations), as well as regional and RAC Leadership meeting minutes RESEARCH PROJECTS AND RESULTS – you can select NCHRP research for AASHTO committees (Standing Committees on the Environment, Highways, Planning, and public transportation) or NCHRP annual projects (such as synthesis of practice, legal issues, the IDEA program, safety research, etc.

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Staff Lists for AASHTO, NCHRP, TRB, FHWA and UTC’s State DOT Research branches Publication/Subscription Lists TRB Participation by State State DOT Research fact sheets The website also has links to many organizations that you will interact with on a frequent basis. ************** Many times it is easier to just go to the RAC website to access contacts instead of your own list of Favorites Again, Natassja Linzau maintains the SCOR / RAC website, and she is very good about keeping the site up to date.

Legislative and Regulatory Guidelines and Tools Value of Research Perhaps one of the most useful links on the website is the link titled “Resources for Research Managers” It is a very useful resource with information on some of the basic functions that research managers must implement LEGISLATION AND REGULATION – is a one-stop shop for basic information on current transportation funding legislation, information from FHWA on legislation, the State Planning and Research (SPR) program, peer exchange, and sample reports from other states that have conducted peer exchanges – contains such gems as guidelines for your State Transportation Research Manual and a model calendar for research managers. I think this is one of my most favorite items. I was told that it would take at least a year to understand the research cycle. It took me longer – I guess I’m a slow learner. But this calendar tells you about what happens when. VALUE OF RESEARCH – High-value research projects and the ever-popular “research makes a difference” brochures so you can share with your department how research impacts the nation

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Rppm Property Management

Information for State TRB Reps RAC SURVEYS – When you join RAC, you become part of a listserv that allows you to contact all your counterparts in the states Many times we use the listserv to answer questions and to gain insight from the other states as to how they have dealt with a certain situation. If you are faced with a question and told to find out what other states do, I would recommend a search here first. There is some great information stored here, and can serve as a starting point (or even an end point) in your search Another great resource is the FAQ’s If all else fails, go to the FAQ’s. No matter how stupid or simple you think your question is, you can probably find your answer here. The FAQ page was created by asking new RAC members to submit their questions. It is populated with links to take you to the information you need. And, last but not least, is the INFORMATION FOR STATE TRB REPS CALL. The majority of RAC members also serve as their state’s TRB representative. Mark Norman will present more on this later.

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25 RAC Task Forces The Peer Exchange is, at its most basic level, a tool for assessing and improving the research management process in your state. Periodic peer exchanges are a federal requirement, outlined in 23 CFR (b). The most recent federal guidance on peer exchanges can be found in FHWA’s “SPR Guide For Peer Exchanges.” published in It is available on the SCOR RAC website.

Mission/Scope: Recommend administrative policies to RAC Leadership Board Identify, investigate and manage RAC administrative matters as directed by the RAC Leadership Board. Facilitating the exchange of information and experiences among RAC members, especially new RAC members, through the deployment and use of educational and training materials.

Activities/Products/Key Resources: RAC Operating Guidelines RAC 101 Mentoring Program New Member Handbook Update SCOR/RAC Website State DOT

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