Roscoe Property Management Lawsuit

Roscoe Property Management Lawsuit – Austin-based RPM, formerly known as RoscoeProperty Management, and Atlanta, Ga.-based CF Real Estate Services announced this week that they are merging. The merger creates a national apartment property management firm with more than 84,000 units in 17 states.

Company executives said the combined entity will be one of the largest third-party providers of real estate and property management services nationwide. They said the merger would pave the way for continued growth this year, with leaders from both companies’ executive teams guiding the company forward.

Roscoe Property Management Lawsuit

Roscoe Property Management Lawsuit

The combined company will have more than 1,800 employees. The main headquarters will be in Austin, with regional headquarters in Atlanta. Other offices are in Charleston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Tampa, Phoenix, San Antonio, and Washington, D.C.

California Couple Sues Appraiser For Race Discrimination

In the Austin region, RPM employs 516 people. The merger added one property in Austin and several more will come on the market this year, which will lead to additional growth at the time, RPM said.

“We are preparing for a strong entry into the Southeast and Midwest markets, supported by an exceptional portfolio,” said Jason Berkowitz, president and founder of RPM, in a written statement. “This merger truly expands our geographic reach, strengthens our organizations and provides significant opportunities. for the future.”

Founded in 2002, RPM has added over 19,000 units to its portfolio in 2020. Prior to the merger, it operated more than 58,000 apartments in six states: Texas, Arizona, Colorado, Wyoming, Florida and North Carolina.

CF Real Estate Services executives said its portfolio totals more than 26,000 apartments, including its student housing division Campus First, which operates in major collegiate markets nationwide.

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In addition to the brand transition from CF to RPM, Berkowitz said the primary change will be to “enhance resources and expertise in building CF’s excellent relationships in Austin. In addition to RPM’s focus on technology and innovation, residents will benefit from a technology suite that provides significant comfort.” HW Media connects and informs decision makers across the housing economy.Professionals rely on HW Media for news, reporting and industry data and ratings.Moving the housing market forward.

A San Rafael, California real estate appraiser is being sued for allegedly undervaluing a home by 50% because the homeowners are black.

Sausalito, California homeowners Tenisha Tate-Austin and Paul Austin, along with Fair Housing Advocates of Northern California, filed a lawsuit Thursday in federal court alleging racial discrimination against Janet Miller of Miller & Perotti Real Estate Appraisal and AMC Links LLC. A management company headquartered in Lehi, Utah.

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Roscoe Property Management Lawsuit

The lawsuit is the latest case of black homeowners claiming that an appraiser, conscious or unconscious of racism, thought less of their home’s value and that no one intervened to overturn the appraiser’s prejudice. Many appraisers acknowledge that their profession is older and whiter and faces increasing complaints of racial discrimination, although the extent of those complaints is unclear.

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According to the lawsuit, Tate-Austin and her husband, Austin, bought a home in Marin County in 2016 for $550,000. Over the next four years, the couple completely remodeled the house and later added additional living space. They refinanced their mortgages in 2018 and 2019 and are looking to do so in 2020.

Miller, who has operated Miller & Perotti Appraisal Services since 1992, according to his LinkedIn, appraised the home at $992,000.

The Austins claim Miller discriminated against them because of their race. In response, the Austins brought in a new appraiser, who was not identified in the complaint, and “whitewashed” their home before the appraisal began.

“They packed photos of their family that showed the occupants of the home as an African-American family,” the complaint states. “They also removed and stored any art that was African or African American themed and stored it out of sight.”

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Moreover, Austin had a white friend as a real estate owner. This friend “posted photos of his own family that depicted his white family” around the house prior to the inspection.

In addition to the evidence from the second appraisal, the Austins argue that Miller was biased because of the sales comparisons he used in appraising the home. Miller’s comparison included homes in nearby Marin City, the complaint said, which did not look like Austin’s home but may have been chosen because Marin City has a larger black population than the rest of Marin County.

The complaint does not say why AMC Links is being sued, other than the penalty, which says the firm failed to review Miller’s appraisal to make sure it met the appraisal foundation’s published standards and was not influenced by race.

Roscoe Property Management Lawsuit

Appraisal management companies like AMC Links typically play matchmaker between the mortgage lender and the appraiser. Federal regulators have viewed appraisal management companies as a conduit between the appraiser and the lender.

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Fair Housing of Northern California also names itself as a plaintiff, alleging that its investigation into Austin’s assessment “diverted resources, including staff time and financial resources, from other investigations and activities.”

In July, Fair Housing of Northern California filed a complaint with the US Department of Housing and Urban Development on behalf of Cora Robinson, alleging racial bias against Class Valuation, an appraisal management company, and Thomas Kearney, an individual appraiser.

In addition to officially filed complaints, the Washington Post, New York Times, and other widely read publications have anecdotally reported racial bias in assessments. However, it is unclear how widespread complaints of bias are.

First, the Department of Housing and Urban Development has repeatedly denied appraiser bias complaints it has received. In a November interview, Melody Taylor, executive director of HUD’s Property Appraisal and Appraisal Task Force, said that “due to confidentiality concerns, HUD does not disclose the complaints we receive.”

Sizing Up Claims Of Appraisers’ Racial Bias

In addition to HUD and some private complaints, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau also receives complaints about appraisers. The federal agency has received 14 such complaints since 2019, although the CFPB does not identify such alleged misconduct as specifically racial discrimination. HW Media connects and informs decision makers in the housing economy. Professionals rely on HW Media for news, reporting and industry data and ratings. Housing market progress.

This is part two’s deep dive into the appraisal profession and the wave of racial bias that has rocked it. In Part I, we looked at the origins of the profession, its current demographic structure and leadership, and the many struggles of appraisers. In Part II, we examine the evidence for racial discrimination by raters.

News stories and horror stories about residential appraisers appraising a home because the homeowner is black are likely to lead to formal complaints, federal investigations, and lawsuits.

Roscoe Property Management Lawsuit

In fact, a review of court documents and interviews with dozens of industry experts, housing officials and researchers revealed little evidence of appraiser bias.

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The US Department of Housing and Urban Development can receive allegations of rate discrimination. But from 2019 to 2020, according to the Washington Post, HUD received only 12. For this story, a HUD spokeswoman declined to specify how many complaints it received this year, or any details about the complaints.

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“There are a number of cases before HUD involving bias in appraisals,” said a HUD spokesperson. “We are not disclosing the complaint and responses provided by the respondent while the investigative file is still pending at HUD.”

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau can receive whistleblower complaints from appraisers who feel pressured by salespeople or agents. But the bureau declined to provide any information on the number of such complaints.

The CFPB said that due to recent press reports, it is also evaluating the issue of rating bias.

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There is also no known record of cases filed with state fair housing agencies. For example, information provided by the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing shows hundreds of housing discrimination complaints filed in the last three months of 2020, mostly against landlords, with some involving lenders. None was filed against the assessees.

Legal nonprofits like the Shriver Center on Poverty Law, which works on fair housing, said they couldn’t think of any cases against the appraisers. The nonprofits pointed to the Fair Housing Center of Central Indiana, which, as first reported by the Indianapolis Star, filed a lawsuit on behalf of homeowner Carlette Duff and an individual appraiser against the defendants.

The 12-page complaint filed with HUD does not mention any previous cases. Amy Nelson, executive director of the Indiana group, said she was not aware of any prior complaints against the appraisers. Instead, Nelson cited cases of loan bias by banks (JPMorgan Chase and Citibank), not appraisers.

Roscoe Property Management Lawsuit

Unlike HUD and CFPB complaints, there is no database of private lawsuits whose records can be lost in the midst of quick decisions, arbitration proceedings and poorly funded state courts.

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But an American Enterprise Institute report this January backs up what the legal record suggests, which is that it’s lenders, not appraisers, who are facing repeated bias allegations.

Of course, it is potentially more profitable to sue JPMorgan Chase than a single appraiser. But, according to a report by the American Enterprise Institute, black applicants are more often denied loans because of their credit scores and debt-to-income ratios.

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