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Robertson Nova Property Management – The widow of the founder of shuttered cryptocurrency exchange QuadrigaX is returning nearly $US12 million (US$9 million) in assets from her estate to the company as part of a voluntary settlement.

Quadriga FinTech Solutions Corp. shut down in January following the death of founder and chief executive officer Gerald Cotton, leaving some 115,000 customers out of pocket with $260 million in cryptocurrencies and cash. His wife, Jennifer Robertson, is managing the firm’s fallout through court-ordered creditor protection and bankruptcy proceedings.

Robertson Nova Property Management

Robertson Nova Property Management

After Cotton’s death, Robertson said she “made every effort to assist in the recovery of QuadrigaCX assets for affected users,” she said in an emailed statement provided by her attorney on Monday. Since the proceedings began, Robertson said he has been “responsive, helpful and cooperative” with the court-appointed monitor and trustee in the search and recovery of the cryptocurrency and other assets.

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“I have now entered into a voluntary settlement agreement where most of my assets and all assets of the estate are returned to QCX to benefit affected users,” she said. “These assets originally came from QCX at Gerry’s direction.”

Assets excluded from the settlement include $90,000 in cash, about $20,000 in her registered retirement savings plan, a 2015 Jeep Cherokee, her wedding band and other jewelry, $15,000 in personal furniture and Quadriga shares. The bankruptcy trustee filed Monday. The surrendered assets are valued at approximately $12 million and will materially improve expected distributions to Quadriga shareholders, the trustee said.

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The trustee’s report identified several examples of property being transferred from Quadriga to purchase the personal assets of Cotton and his wife. Cotton instructed third-party payment processors on various occasions to disburse “significant” funds directly to himself or Roberts-related companies. Most transfers and subsequent individual purchases using funds originating from Quadriga occurred within three years of the firm entering creditor protection.

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When Cotten died, the couple had “significant” cash holdings, including 16 properties in Nova Scotia, real estate in British Columbia, vehicles, a yacht and a private jet. In addition, the couple “incurred significant personal, living and travel-related expenses,” the report said.

“As the Monitor described in its June 5th report, I had no direct knowledge of how Jerry ran the business prior to his death, and I had no knowledge of his inappropriate actions in managing the QuadrigaCX business,” she said. “Specifically, I had no knowledge of Gerry’s trading activities or disposition of the affected user’s funds.”

Robertson Nova Property Management

As a result of the investigation, Robertson said he agreed to return assets he previously thought were purchased using Cotton’s “lawfully earned profits, salaries and dividends.”

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“When I first learned of Jerry’s actions I was upset and disappointed because of what the investigation found,” she said.

Robertson called it a “fair and equitable resolution” for Quadriga and its affected users, while allowing the trustee to pursue recovery efforts as efficiently as possible while keeping legal fees as low as possible.

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The Hunt for the Crypto King: Where Is Jerry Cotton Now? Is he really dead? By Mads Lennon

Quadriga Ceo’s Widow To Return $9 Million Of Estate Assets

Trust No One: The Hunt for the Crypto King is Netflix’s latest true crime documentary. The film explores the mysterious death of Gerald “Jerry” Cotton, a cryptocurrency entrepreneur and founder of Quadriga CX. Is Jerry really dead? Or did he fake his death and make millions of dollars using consumer funds? Read about Jerry and the truth about his death here.

The episode will focus on Gerry’s wife and now widow, Jennifer Robertson, who finds herself under scrutiny after Gerry’s death. Many believed that Jennifer was in cahoots with her husband and was part of the scam, but is it true? Is there evidence to support those claims? Keep reading to find out everything we know about Jennifer and where she is now.

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Jennifer Robertson is Jerry Cotton’s widow. The two met on Tinder in 2014. Jerry was the first person Jennifer swiped when she started using the app. Jerry was 26 when they first met and got into Bitcoin. He quickly started making profits and the pair led a very quiet life. His money helped Jennifer finance her own real estate company.

Robertson Nova Property Management

No, Jennifer Robertson is not under any investigation and she has never faced any criminal charges. After her husband’s death, Jennifer forfeited $12 million worth of assets, including real estate and vehicles. CBC reports that she was allowed to keep some things, including $90,000 in cash, $20,000 in retirement savings, some jewelry, furniture and a 2015 Jeep Cherokee.

Quadrigacx Founder’s Widow Owns $7.5m In Nova Scotia Real Estate

One of the reasons why people suspect that Jennifer is doing something wrong is that Jennifer has changed her name three times in 2-3 years. She started out with her maiden name Jennifer Griffith and changed it to “Forgeron” when she first got married.

After the divorce, Jennifer decided she never liked the last name “Griffith” and changed it to “Robertson”. She never took the last name of Cotton. When it’s explained like that, the name change doesn’t really seem strange.

Trust No One: The Hunt for the Crypto King. Photo (L to R) Jennifer Robertson and Gerald Cotten. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2022

Internet sleuths have succumbed to misogyny and conspiracy theories about Jennifer’s alleged role in the Quadriga scam, but let’s see why people think he may have killed Gerry or what’s going on with Quadriga.

Read An Excerpt From Bitcoin Widow By Jennifer Robertson, Widow Of Quadriga Crypto Founder Gerald Cotten

Eventually the will and the name changes made the online group look terrible, as you’ll see in the documentary. Jen received several death threats, was harassed, and had tons of sexual language used against her.

People became so desperate for someone to be burned at the stake and take responsibility that their anger obscured the facts. Gerry was dead and out of the picture, so they needed a new scapegoat. I understand the anger at losing all your money and knowing that no one will ever be held accountable, but what happened to Jennifer seems to be an example of how damaging groupthink and online conspiracy theories can be.

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What’s worse for Jennifer is that her property management company, Robertson Nova Consulting, has received some referrals from Quadriga users. However, Jerry may have been using her company without her knowledge, or she had no idea what it was being used for; Attorneys for Jennifer declined to comment.

Robertson Nova Property Management

The site also has funeral intel from a former Quadriga contractor who allegedly did an AMA (basically a Q&A) and an anonymous Reddit user. The user claimed that Jennifer was “fake sad” at the funeral. She claimed that Jennifer and Gerry’s parents were at odds because Jennifer’s family hosted an Irish wake with drinking and dancing. Gerry’s parents are thought to have been fired.

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This user is just a random person, so it’s important to take their recollections with a grain of salt. If they weren’t close to Jennifer, how would they know she was faking her grief? Even if she was drinking or dancing, it didn’t mean she didn’t love Jerry or that he was faking his death and she was complicit.

Because of everything that happened, including death threats, Jennifer was placed in a safe house. Her sister Kimberly claimed she didn’t even know where her sister lived. Now she lives in Nova Scotia.

In a rare interview with CBC’s The National, Jennifer maintained her innocence and claimed she knew nothing about her husband’s rampant cheating. According to her, she did not understand how Quadriga worked and mostly did what she was told, which would explain her involvement with the management company.

I don’t understand how Quadriga got hold of the money in the first place; I thought it was just a trade. There were many things I did not understand about the Quadriga.

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Regarding her feelings for Jerry Cotton, Jennifer said it never occurred to her that he was doing anything criminal and that he was “the best, most caring, most loving husband. He was my best friend. . . .

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