Robert Kiyosaki Property Management

Robert Kiyosaki Property Management – In The REAL Book of Real Estate, Kiyosaki compiles real estate investment wisdom from 22 veteran experts. The Real Estate Guys had the opportunity to speak personally with Mr. K. about this book and the unusual timing of its release. You’d think a book on real estate investing would be a bestseller in this post-divorce world. And it is.

But the book has now been published to help investors who have only experienced periods of success. He shares the knowledge and insights of veterans who have survived and thrived through previous real estate market cycles (which is lesson #1: real estate cycles, they don’t go away). If buildings are not “over”, the question remains: where are the opportunities and how can I find or create them? That is what this book deals with. It may be a bad time to sell a book on real estate investing, but it could be a good time to pick up bargain properties. This book will teach you many of the things you need to know.

Robert Kiyosaki Property Management

Robert Kiyosaki Property Management

What we love about it is that it’s extremely readable. It is not a book about theory. It is a real practical world. And you can start anywhere, because each author’s work is a discussion in itself about their particular area of ​​expertise. It is as much a reference manual as an educational work.

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We like it. We’ve been around real estate for a while and learned a lot. We think you will too.

Order your copy today – and be sure to visit the archives to listen to The Real Estate Guys exclusive interviews with Robert Kiyosaki and many of his co-authors. Let us know what you think!

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We connect active and progressive real estate investors with ideas, information, people and opportunities to build resilient wealth. Robert Kiyosaki has been in the real estate investment business for years now. He’s been through the ups and downs of real estate market cycles, so it’s safe to say that when Robert thinks something is going to happen…you better believe it. Join Ken McElroy, Danille, and Rich Dad, Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki, in a conversation about inflation, the failing Fed, and America’s economic collapse.

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Hey, everybody has everything, you know, my good friend, Robert Kiyosaki, he’s with us today. The author of rich dad, poor dad, changed the lives of many, many, many, many people. Uh, we spent the weekend together in Dallas, uh, listening to Ron Paul and a bunch of really smart people on Liberty and freedom. And, uh, we study every week with the counselors on a zoom call and, um, uh, Robert, it’s always a blast to have you and I can’t wait to talk to you.

Yes. I mean, w us, we were chatting all the way to, uh, Dallas and the jet and all the way back on the pier and you didn’t even tell me I was doing the show with you.

Robert Kiyosaki Property Management

Yes. Yes. Yes. So, so, uh, for, for, for a lot of you who don’t know, uh, Robert and Kim and I, we’ve been friends for a long time. They have invested in a lot of property with us. We have a lot of history. I have been on the road with Robert and Kim and the counselors. And we’ve been all over the world and written all kinds of books and had all kinds of fun and education. Uh, really, Robert, you’re the one who taught me to be a teacher.

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Yes. Yes. That is important. You have an important job because you know, most teachers don’t know what they are talking about. That is why they are school teachers. It’s nice to have a teacher who knows what they’re talking about. Yeah, yeah.

You know, you know, well, very obviously we, we, um, we all learn together. That’s the cool part. I mean, imagine, I mean, we were at dinner on Saturday night and people were just going crazy. Cause it was obviously Robert, uh, he was, you know, rich dad, poor dad, but then they look over and they see George they look over, they see me . They are like, what horse? What three are you doing here? And they all like, uh, our waiter, the manager, the head of the bar, and this is at Del Frisco’s in downtown Dallas. And they all recognized, and they were all looking at us. It’s very nice. Everyone is trying to, uh, figure things out. Right?

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Yes. The really cool thing about that dinner at Del Frisco’s is that they are not the people at the seminary where I did the seminars. We serve very expensive. We have to admit that. So all of the old hard-core, uh, comfortable people, but knowing that our YouTube videos are reaching the majority, that’s really satisfying. It makes my heart happy. And I think even though this COVID thing is shutting us down and all this stuff, it’s still worth it. And, um, as you know, we’ve been studying the federal reserve bank, the macroeconomic systems, the shadow banking systems. And we can just do that going on our little I-phones, you know, we just dial into this little thing here and we pick up great teachers like Lacy hunt, uh, Jim Rickards. And, um, what’s his name…

Jeff Snyder. I mean, guys are smart and in real life, if not for zoom or Twitter or Facebook, we wouldn’t have access to all this stuff. Yes. And the best part about it…

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That’s the best part. And by the way, guys, so those are the last three videos we checked out. So we do a video review every week and the first one was Lacy hunt. The second was Jim’s records. Jeff Snyder was the last one. And then of course we got to spend the weekend with George Gammon. So I have to tell you, I’m a total basket case. I have no idea if we were going through inflation, deflation, stagflation, hyperinflation, which everyone has, they are so quick. And they all have these different ideas. So what do you think?

Well, I, which I thought was great because Lacy hunts and then, uh, Jen records who’s LTCM long-term capital management, one of the smartest people who I’ve ever met, you know, go write a book together. And then, uh, Jeff Snyder. And the terrible thing is that they all say the same thing that the foods have no power. The Fed is a joke. And that’s why Ron Paul, you know, Congress I’m wrong. Paul was with us in Texas and he says the same thing as the feds, but everyone thinks the federal reserve bank is all powerful. You know, the most powerful bankers in the world and what these people say, they don’t have power because it’s the real banking system, it’s the shadow banking system. This is the banking system we can’t see. And so is everybody, so when the feed says, oh, we’re going to talk about the prospect of saying we’re printing money. So the fence is where we print quantitative creatures. And everybody goes, oh, that means there’s going to be inflation. Oh, this kind of big inflation, all this is going to be inflation, but what Lacy hot jumped recording and jumping without saying no, it’s deep.

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Yes. In fact, what they said is, there, if you look at the trend line for inflation, we’re actually below the trend line,

Robert Kiyosaki Property Management

Right? Lacy hunt started the whole thing. It was, I think it was part of the feed. He says how much he feeds the pot depends on his GDP, gross domestic product is equal to M twice B and M twice is the money supply. So every time the chairman feeds, this guy we’re up there saying, oh, we’re issuing, you know, we’re going to print money. They don’t print money. But everyone thinks when the feed says we are printing money or quantitative. And they think it’s two M’s and with Jeff Snyder and everybody else saying, George, everybody’s saying the feds don’t print money, the feed prints bank reserves and the differences, we can’t spend money. It’s not money. But everybody says, oh my God, this is going to be inflation because their Fred is printing money, but they’re not printing money. They print reserves back.

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Yes. Yes. In fact, um, one of the things that Snyder Snyder called camel’s back. Remember he said the incentive payments. If you want to look at inflation, look at when they, when they drop all that money, uh, on the people you see, uh, uh, you know, crotch inflation , and then an inflation bump based on the amount of money they boosted in the

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