Rick Wennerstrom’s Property Management

Rick Wennerstrom’s Property Management – Sweet Adam C and Sarah J (J&S) from Lot 24 SE Garfield, Grosnickel Robert Scott and Patricia A. Branktell (J&S), $235,000

Sweet Adam C and Sarah J (J&S) from 451 Garfield, Grosnickel Robert Scott and Patricia A. Branktell (J&S), $235,000

Rick Wennerstrom’s Property Management

Rick Wennerstrom's Property Management

Sweet Adam C and Sarah J (J&S) from Lot 31 Garfield, Grosnickel Robert Scott and Patricia A. Branktell (J&S), $235,000

Micro Structural Investigations On Oppositely Charged Mixed Surfactant Gels With Potential Dermal Applications

Lane Lot 31 F20 Sweet Adam C and Sarah J (J&S) from Garfield, Grosnickel Robert Scott and Patricia A. Branktell (J&S), $235,000

651 Townline, Hermasek Robert J Jr & Susan P (J&S) to Menese Craig S & Sylvia H (J&S), $393,000

Mitco Remodeling & Renovation Inc., $390,000 from 490 Woodview TL, Roy Deepti P and Indrani aka Indrani P (J&S)

Hazel Hartzell 2 Lot 7F 80.00 Deficient Legal 2010 Hazlewood, Frank Donald J from Chapman Ronald C and Patricia M (J&S), $2,000

What’s Out There® Guidebooks

12056 Udl, Stanks George L & Elaine I (J&S) from Miller Enos and Linda M aka Linda M Hershberger (J&S), $300,000

4661 Wayne, Giurbino Ronald C and Debra L (J&S) to Cheatham John W and Norma Marina (J&S), $142,000

2933 St. Rt. 82, Gifford Daniel J. & Tabitha L. (J&S) from Schoff Mark A & Cindy, $250,000

Rick Wennerstrom's Property Management

78 W Sunrise BV, Campbell Jeremy P & Ashley M Round to Milletti Nichols & Ashley Garrett (J&S), $185,000

Columbia Ave, Lancaster, Pa 17603

Lot 41 Cable Line, López Jesus H. Burgos & Guadalupe Smith (J&S), First Choice Property Acquisition LLC for $29,900

Rudibush Charles E and Catherine A from 3114 Pondview Dr., Lorinchak Sean D & Teresa A (J&S), $148,000

Ranch Club Est 1 Lot 29 F 95 Newton Falls, Bowersock Robert S & Christine A (J&S) from Wagner James M & John A, $2,000

Ranch Club Est 1 Lot 28 F 92 Newton Falls, Bowersock Robert S & Christine A (J&S) from Wagner James M & John A, $2,000

Home Sales For Summit, Stark, Portage, Wayne, Medina Week Of Oct. 11

Div N Lot 12 SE St Rt 88, Schell Ruth E (Tod) @ (5) to Honor Trenten & Alisha (J&S), $226, 425

5276 Walnut Grove LN, Stephens Talon L & Nicole A. Cozon from Lorinchak Shawn & Teresa (J&S), $265,000

Baronwood Allot Lot 100 f 50.00 Ruth, Hallock from Kevin J. Foster-Davis Miles and Romany L. Schwickert (J&S), $168,000

Rick Wennerstrom's Property Management

1592 Crescent Dr, Hazel Antonio J & Amy E (J&S) to Bando Michael D & Alexandra C Miller aka Bando (J&S), $333,000

Santa Barbara Independent Real Estate, 03/22/18 By Sb Independent

1176 Navajo TL, Moldway from Charles E and Rosanne M (J&S) Gosiano Riamond L & Wyatt S Hayes (J&S), $195,000

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1630 Leslie Dr., NVR Inc. DBA Ryan Holmes from Kim Chung S. & Rio S. (Co-Trustees), $303,340

Keaton Justin Lee and Shelby Lee Hall (J&S) from Lakeview Crest 3 Lot 7 RF 105.92 Crest, Wrocles Florence M, $190,000

Spring Valley 2 Lot 37F 180.77 Spring Valley, Blackburn Todd W & Brenda’s (J&S) from Centellik Linda May, $242,000

Radio Signals From Live Cells: The Coming Of Age Of In Cell Solution Nmr

X Blake and Rami Zach S from Schole Jo H & Janet L, parcel 1000175 Johnsford Rd SW, $169,000.

Kelly Jill M & Paul Gregg to Corinne Roberta J & Sherrill L, 3430 Yale Ave NW, $200,000.

Lovejoy Robert K and Vicki L from Phillips Kevin L & Dana K, 1540 Vassar Ave NW, $100,000.

Rick Wennerstrom's Property Management

Scaglione Anthony C and Megan M, 904 Chapel Ridge St NE, $280,500, from Eastman Adrian B and Esmaili Joseph.

Real Estate Transfers

Brown Randy E & Beth A, 8818 Easy St NW, $195,000, from Marshall Adam Bryant and Brittany Fox.

Drury James Edwin and Feltrup from the Matthew Jay & Anna Marie Co Trust, 6723 Ponteberry St. NW, $360,000.

Johnson Raymond J & Lowry A. Bigelow, Roger A. and Sanor-Bigelow Susan M., 3677 Barrington Pl NW, $160,000.

Trussell Max A and Edna L, 5291 Shario Road NW, $192,500, from Jacob Jonathan H and Elizabeth M.

E Main St, New Holland, Pa

Basford Misty Dawn and James Lawrence III, 3477 Kinsale Dr NE, $250,000, from Witmer Richard L & Mary J TTES / Witmer F.

Garn Michael Joseph and Jenny Ann, 2291 Salem St NW, $300,000, from Genny Joseph J & Dodds Angela R.

Snyder Todd M & Mitchell A, 1013 Redway Cirque NE, $380,000, from Lons Craig P & Debra E.

Rick Wennerstrom's Property Management

Wukmanovich Gerald and Lora N., 2716 Nimischelen Church St. NE, $499,900, from Rumins Todd M and Christopher Lowry M Tte.

Kalkaska County, Michigan 2021 Ebook Pro

Right from Nicholas Ivan & Sonsenicia and Slumman Mark & ​​Jessica, parcel 1900786 Nimischelen Church St. Ann, $200,000.

Cole Cody W & Brandi L, 825 Tanglewood Dr NE, $239,900, from Quinn Kevin P and Cynthia J.

Kasuba Stanley F and Kathleen A, parcel 608286 4th St NE, $155,000, from Martin Brando and Schlabach Lloyd.

Joss Robert A. Trustee and parcel 500143 17th St SW, $4,000 from Latham Robert G. & Heather M.

Boca Chamber Annual 2015 2016 By Jes Media

Latham Robert G & Heather M, Latham Robert G & Heather M, parcel 500143 17th St SW, $2,000.

From Clemens Megan R & Johnson James W. Spencer Scott W. & Susan M., 5286 Aubrey St. NE, $350,000.

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Peters James E and Mildred A, 4703 Leon Rd NE, $215,000, from Crosky Richard D and Emily D.

Rick Wennerstrom's Property Management

Walker Caleb Truman and Crowell Justini Heckert from Melvin J & Jane F, 9226 Lisbon St E, $234,000.

Pest Control In Lancaster, Pa: Guaranteed, Affordable, Reliable

Fletcher Travis E, parcel 10014541 Tunnel Hill Avenue SE, $51,909, from Harsh JL and Deborah J TTEES/Harsh Famie.

Warner Nolan J & Vicki L, parcel 10014540 Tunnel Hill Avenue SE, $33,835, from Harsh JL and Deborah J TTEES/Harsh Famie.

Butlers Chad G and Melissa A, 1157 Fountain View St. NE, $423,490, from NVR Inc. d/b/a Ryan Holmes.

Miller Nancy J. Trustee/Michael D. Mill to Molohan Erich A&N M, 2136 Columbus Road NE, $350,000.

Nanoparticle Aggregation: Challenges To Understanding Transport And Reactivity In The Environment

NVR Inc. A Virginia Corporation DBA, from Mckinley Edgewood Development Company LL, 1255 Fountain View St. NE, $72,000.

Virek Nathanael and Zetz Nicol, 927 South Commons Cir. NE, $300,000, from Johnson Eric C. and Karen C.

X Blake and Rummy Zach S from Scholly Joe H & Janet L, 10221 Johnsford Rd SW, $169,000.

Rick Wennerstrom's Property Management

Yoder Erwin E & Mary E, parcel 6704329 Lawndale Rd SW, $191,033 from Farmer Matthew J & Sarah L.

Properties Of Mixtures Of Cholesterol With Phosphatidylcholine Or With Phosphatidylserine Studied By 13c Magic Angle Spinning Nuclear Magnetic Resonance: Biophysical Journal

Kiko Kyle L & Taylor N, 15579 Lincoln St. W, $75,000, from Kiko James L & Sheila R.

Kashuba Stanley F. Jr. and Kathleen A. from Schlabach Brandon and Taylor Appleton, 3770 Manchester Avenue SW, $240,000.

10370 Quail Lake CL, Rice Michael T Trustee to Schindler Pauline J & Randall J & Kimberly L, $755,000

Glaske Mallory J & Kyle J Sapara from 4150 Malibu Dr, Otto Kenneth R & Gladys C, $170,000

The Landscape Architecture Legacy Of Dan Kiley

340 Bella Rosa CT, Cynthia L. Trustee of Bussinger John J. Jr. and John J. Jr. and Cynthia L. Bussinger Revocable Living Trust to Dameron Tory & Halle, $340,000

433 E. Liberty St., Albert Gregory Charles and Judith B. Beckenback from Kling David F & Erin R, $259,900

Strays Matthew Ryan and Sarah Elizabeth Walsh from 4575 Lexington Ridge Dr, Higgins Scott T and Alicia A, $410,000

Rick Wennerstrom's Property Management

Parcel 008-16C-26-005 Lee Road, from Richard James M. Trustee and Suzanne M. Short & Sally J. Schreck and Dale D. Richard Trustee to Richard James M. Trustee and Dale D. Richard Trustee and Michael S. & Andrea L. Huff, $90, 625

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Benchmark Of Data Processing Methods And Machine Learning Models For Gut Microbiome Based Diagnosis Of Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Parcel 008-16C-26-005 Lee Road, Richard James M. Trustee and Dale D. Richard Trustee and Michael S. & Andrea L. Huff to Huff Michael S. & Andrea L., $90, 625

Parcel 12-00049.001 N MT Eaton Road, apologies David V Thompson to Dean E and Jason C Thompson, $918,500

Parcel 12-02464.001 N MT Eaton Road, apologies David V Thompson to Dean E and Jason C Thompson, $918,500

1777 W. Moreland Road, Somer James A and Diane M s/t to Yoder Kyle B and Amanda M s/t, $606, 375

North Dakota American Legion Post Histories

Parcel 53-00569.000 Hoffman Road Rear, Carnahan Seth Andrew Ettel from Sustar James R. & Shirley A. Attel, $184,000Richard E. Richard E., 71, of Lancaster. “Rick” Weinerstrom, 71, died on Saturday, April 30, 2022, at his loving home. family. Born in York, PA, he was the son of the late Eric and Beatrice (Storm) Weinerström. He was the beloved husband of Carol (Harsh) Weinerström, with whom he shared a marriage of 51 years.

He began his career managing an apartment complex for over 26 years, and then started his own business in 2009, known as Rick Weinerstrom’s Property Management LLC. He retired in 2021, and handed over the business to his son, Rich, who continues to own and operate.

In addition to his wife, his daughter, Sherry Lynn Heckler (John), son, Richard Douglas “Rich” Weinerström (Michelle), both are survived by Lancaster. Also survived are four grandchildren, John Jr., Devin, Morgan, Rachel and their siblings, Victoria Hayes (Jay), of York, and David Weinerstrom, of Leola, PA. His sister, Darlene Weinerström, had died before his death.

Rick Wennerstrom's Property Management

Funeral services Saturday, May 7, 2022 at 2 p.m. Charles F. The Snyder Junior Funeral will be held at Home and Crematorium, 3110 Leitz Pike, Leitz, PA 17543. Intervention will be private. Family and friends will be received at the Funeral Home on Saturday from 1-2 pm. In lieu of flowers, contributions to Rick’s memory may be made at St. Jude Children’s Hospital, 501 St. Jude Place, Memphis, TN 38105.

New Dorwart St, Lancaster, Pa 17603

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