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As with almost all aspects of life during the pandemic, property management changed in 2020 and continues to evolve in 2021. “You’re not dealing with real estate anymore, you’re dealing with a pandemic, and some skills are different,” explained Daniel Wollman, CEO of Gumley Haft, a New York City-based property management firm. Financial skills have become crucial, he said, as have people skills, dexterity and communication — both written and verbal, according to the characteristics of management experts. The jobs brought by the pandemic stress what real estate agents already bring to the table, said Joe Muratore, co-CEO of Graceada Partners in Sacramento, California.” The on-site manager is more important than ever, and it’s his job. to communicate well with the tenants and to show mercy and compassion. Personality added everything. “It holds the community together, helps collect rents and helps to achieve a high level of ownership.” “I need the ability to prioritize things,” added Wollman. “We’re in a business where each person manages five to six multifamily buildings, and there are priorities for each building. Those priorities can change minutely, so they can have it from all over.” Successive property managers also need to stay on top of the latest real estate trends, including keeping up with the changing needs of residents. Financial Savvy Management Helps Companies Succeed In California’s Central Valley areas of Modesto, Sacramento, and Fresno, where Graceada Partners operate, vacancy rates sit at 2.6%. Only 3% to 7% of Graceada tenants had issues to be resolved by 2021, Muratore said. Its property management team has been working with those tenants to come up with payment arrangements that will help put them in a better financial position when the eviction moratorium finally lifts. And he said his agency is working with a third-party company to ensure compliance with the eviction moratorium rule and navigate late payments and concessions to both tenants and landlords. Wollman agrees that good financial sense is more important than ever for asset managers. Gumley Haft buildings combine residential and commercial units, which is carefully researching strategies to handle some of its business tenants that were not in full operation throughout the pandemic. Lists some considerations property managers must take into account and questions that can maintain a positive cash flow: “In buildings where we have commercial tenants who are not in business or are severely limited due to executive orders, we want to make financial concessions. How are those concessions to our budget impact? What is the building going to do to supplement those grants? Can the building find ways to save money as a trade off of some lost income? corners remain profitable if some tenants are not paying rent, but Muratore noted that only 3% – 7% of his Central Valley tenants California released some of the problems of solving problems. Delivering Amenities People Need with Social Distancing Even as they look for ways to preserve economic resources, property managers must find ways to deliver the amenities they want to deliver in a changing world. The members have added barbecue areas to the property and exercise. equipment overlooking the lake outside. “We found more bang for our buck with extra amenities, so it made sense financially. We also stood out,” he said. Diana Pittro, executive vice president for Corp. RMK Management in Chicago said its properties are adding virtual events in the heart of the lockdown to help residents maintain a sense of community. One property hosted a virtual “Roaring 20s Valentine’s Day Massacre Murder Mystery Party.” These types of virtual events can range in cost from free to thousands of dollars, depending on the number of participants. Heads can provide refreshments for residents, or charge When people started venturing outside in the summer, Pittro RMK said RMK brought in food trucks to create a safe, socially distanced outdoor event, something that costs nothing in the management of the firm. Food consumer services such as Roaming Hunger Incidents allow residents to order as much food as they want at a public event such as a street fair. It increases the sense of community in its properties during the pandemic. A weekly newsletter that includes useful information such as walking and running routes throughout the city, nearby restaurants offering takeout, and details about lesser-known parks in the area where people can safely gather with family and friends. “There was a closure of communications and activities that fostered the city and neighborhoods that are important to us while providing opportunities for our residents,” explained Reny. Keeping Residents Safe During a Pandemic Health, safety and social distancing remain on everyone’s minds, of course. At the beginning of the pandemic, the Pittro firm restructured the maintenance services it offered and focused on overall building operations to keep people safe and to increase their comfort level to meet human contact with people outside their immediate families. “we offered”. They provide home packages “for residents who want to take on light maintenance tasks to reduce the footprint of their traffic unit,” he said. “We provided them with HVAC filters, water filters, touch-up paint, carpet shampoo, light bulbs and instructions. Our maintenance teams were even more proactive in adjusting their schedules to accommodate residents. Prop-Tech Plays a Role Even as property managers focus on soft skills to manage people and pandemic, property management technologies, including apps and management systems, can help keep everything nonumy. “We are moving our properties to revenue management programs to ensure accurate marketing each day,” says Muratore. It is important to find property managers who understand today’s technology – which they range from building management systems to managing developer tools.If anything, he says, the pandemic has emphasized that asset management is more about people skills, since technology skills can be learned, while features that make residents feel welcome are part of the innate. “Technology is bringing a person into every business, but people still need to call and talk to a person,” Wollman said. Are Post-Pandemic States Entering? As property managers face the new constraints and concerns posed by the pandemic, they are closely watching the market and waiting for a rebound, especially in major cities. “We’re seeing an uptick in activity and searches and they’re starting to have an increase in wages,” Reny said. Vollman said he sees New York also rebounding as more restaurants, stores, museums and businesses begin to reopen, albeit on a smaller scale. “People will start coming back,” he said. “After 9/11, no one ever thought they would live in the city again.” While dense cities in cities such as Boston, New York, and Chicago may be rebounding over time, secondary markets continue to thrive. The Grace Outpost Economy report spotlights cities like Austin, Texas, Sacramento, California, and Charlotte, North Carolina, as opportunities to watch. “CVID-19 has caused the migration of work from home, but the quality of life is causing the station economy to relocate,” Muratore observed. As property managers navigate the next 12 months and beyond, the techniques, strategies, and strategies adopted during the pandemic are helping tenants to keep their properties attractive. As the pandemic begins to ease and life returns to a new normal in cities and suburbs across the US, the lessons of 2020 will prevail.

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Reny Property Management

Reny Property Management

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