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A rendering of the Hatchery development including a look at the updated design of the rehabilitated RBJ Center tower at the center of the site. Image: SSG Momark Collaborative

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Rbj Property Management

The redevelopment of the Rebekah Baines Johnson Center in the East, a 1972 housing complex for low-income seniors built on a 17.8-acre lot southeast of downtown, is slowly gaining steam — and the name of the project has just been revealed, “The Hatchery ,” evoked. the curious history of this property even as it creates a new community planned for the future of housing. After an inauguration ceremony that took place a little over a year ago, the progress of the site is really starting to show.

With ‘the Hatchery,’ East Austin’s Rbj Center Heads Back To The Future — Sixthriver

A drone video of the RBJ Center site, now in the early stages of its redevelopment as “The Hatchery,” was shot earlier this year by construction company Chasco Constructors.

Since this isn’t an ’80s movie, the development team at Southwest Strategies Group, Momark Development, and Diana McIver & Associates aren’t demolishing affordable housing to build a golf course, or some other nefarious scheme — in fact, for years Split into three phases, the project plans to rehabilitate 245 seniors apartments in the property’s existing tower, while doubling the community’s affordable housing capacity with an estimated 279 additional seniors units in a five-story building. adjacent wrapped around. the tower.

A look at the current condition of the RBJ Center tower versus how it is expected to look after its remodel. Image: HousingWorks / SSG Momark Collaborative

Once the site is fully built out, these senior apartments will be joined by 500 market-rate residential units, thousands of square feet of office, retail space, and “Hatchery Park,” a public plaza located near the corner of Haskell Street. and Waller. .

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At full construction the community will include 1,000 residential units split between market rate and affordable senior living, and 50,000 square feet of office and retail services in the neighborhood. The community is planned together, with all buildings, streets, landscapes, and walkways working together, creating a healthy flow and scale between residents, the surrounding neighborhood, retailers, pedestrians and vehicular traffic. — Hatchery Project Summary, SSG Momark Collaborative

The name of the park and the hatchery project itself celebrate the RBJ property’s somewhat unusual history as the former site of a federal fish hatchery from the 1940s to the late 1960s, which raised game fish such as bass and catfish in the 19 pond irrigated by drawing pump. from the nearby Colorado River. Once grown, the fish are used to stock lakes and ponds around the state for the enjoyment of the population.

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An aerial view looking south of the RBJ Center site during its time as a federal fish hatchery. The round pond seen in the lower right corner of the image, part of the hatchery’s pumping infrastructure, remains near the corner of Haskell Street and Waller Street, and will serve as the centerpiece of the “Hatchery Park” component of the redevelopment. Image: The Tejano Trails

Rbj Property Management

The Hatchery Park section of the development will incorporate some remaining elements of the old hatchery’s pumping infrastructure, including the round pond visible in both the image above and the map below, which still exists near the corner of Haskell and Waller Streets the northwest. in RBJ device:

The View At Manayunk

As part of the project, Navasota Street will be extended through the center of the property, with a new street connecting Navasota and Comal Streets named for the late UT System executive Arthur “Art” Dilly. These improvements and the rest of the overall plan are all visible on the map below, included in recent investment documents from the developers that also conveniently reveal the Hatchery’s new brand identity:

A map of the Hatchery development at the RBJ Center site with its three phases and various uses highlighted. Click for a larger view. Image: SSG Momark Collaborative

The overall plan for rehabilitation and expansion at the site has been underway since 2010, enabled by the RBJ Center’s founding nonprofit Geriatric Center, which paid off its mortgage to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development in 2013. It’s been a long time coming. wait since then, but rest assured that a laundry list of reliable local companies have worked with the nonprofit and aforementioned three developers on the design of the Hatchery project over the years – including the architectural team Davies Collaborative, Design Workshop, Blu Fish Collaborative, Nelsen Partners, and Sixthriver Architects; along with additional work from civil engineer Big Red Dog and consulting firm Kapital Project Management.

Along with the rehabilitation of the existing RBJ Center Tower and construction of new senior housing, the Hatchery’s three-phase development will proceed as follows – we’ve included concept images of each phase and relevant information directly in the project’s promotional documents when possible :

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Front St, San Diego, Ca 92103 2 Bedroom House For $4,400/month

An illustration of a plaza in Phase I of the Hatchery, which will create apartments and upmarket retail space as well as new senior apartments and the rehabilitated RBJ Center tower. Image: Davies Collaborative / SSG Momark Collaborative

Centered around two Heritage Oak trees, retail on the ground floor will spread throughout the plaza area, providing a public gathering place for all residents. The vision for 4,500 square feet of retail is to aim for a small cafe, light restaurant, and other neighborhood-scale services that would be an amenity for the residents on site and in the neighboring neighborhood. — Summary of Phase I Hatchery Project

A slide from a recent investment presentation by the developers of the Hatchery project, showing views of the mixed-use apartment structure that will be built during Phase I of the development. Click for a larger view. Image: SSG Momark Collaborative

Rbj Property Management

Phase II: 50,000 square feet of office and retail space, plus 30 “micro-residential units” fronting Haskell Street.

First Look: Kmfa 89.5 To Build In East Austin Near Rbj Center, Large Mixed Use Development

Concept for Phase II of the mixed-use commercial building marked on the Hatchery map as “D” (top) and “E” (bottom), located around the Navasota Street extension. Image: Sixthriver Architects / SSG Momark Collaborative

The site plan calls for approximately 50,000 square feet of commercial space over two buildings. Each building will have underground parking and commercial uses covering the street, and a second floor of office space. The northern building of the Mixed-Use Tract contemplates 30 micro-residential units, which will provide a two-story residential frontage on Haskell Street, reflecting the character of the existing neighborhood. — Summary of Phase II Hatchery Project

A rendering of the Hatchery’s Phase II building “F,” which has 30 “micro-residential units” facing Haskell Street. Image: SSG Momark Collaborative / Sixthriver Architects

Images of the two residential buildings expected to be built as part of the third phase of the Hatchery project are not yet available, but we do know they will surround the Hatchery Park section of the development located on the northwest corner of the RBJ Center site, and the former federal courthouse. The last remaining hatchery pond as the centerpiece of the park:

East Mississippi Avenue, Unit 102, Denver, Co 80247

An aerial view from earlier this year of the northwest corner of the RBJ Center site, where the former fish hatchery pond (seen on the lower-left of this image) remains which the Hatchery Park section of the project will be built around. While no renderings are currently available for the two Phase III buildings, we do know from the Hatchery development’s general map that they will be built around this section of the park. Image: SSG Momark Collaborative

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The site plan calls for 220 units for sale across two buildings that both have ample parking. Subject to market conditions, the buildings could be returned to residential rental. This project will surround Hatchery Park, an open green space that will be renovated as part of the capitalization of this project and will offer a unique outdoor gathering facility for all residents and the public. — Summary of Phase III Hatchery Project

While we don’t know the timeline for completion of these phases, previous reports indicate new senior housing components and renovations to the existing tower are expected by 2022. Regardless of when it’s finished, it’s good to see some progress at the RBJ Center property. there — especially on a project that, in a truly “weird” way, might be the first real estate development in history to be called a fish hatchery. The Rochester Business Journal’s Power List program continues this week with the Power 30 Construction & Real Our estate.

Rbj Property Management

The people on this list help companies achieve their goals and help families achieve their dreams. They’ve helped ensure projects and plans move forward despite the disruptions of COVID-19, supply chain issues, labor shortages and more. They are working to help the Rochester community thrive amid a time of uncertainty and change, and we are excited to see what they can accomplish going forward.

Top View.employees Of The Company Making A Tower Out Of Hands Stock Photo

As with our previous power lists, this list is presented in alphabetical order. And again, instead of telling you about all the achievements and accolades of these power players, we decided to give them a chance to tell you more about themselves through their answers to a few different questions. For anyone who could not complete the questionnaire, we have written a short profile.

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