Quantum Property Management Elmsford Ny

Quantum Property Management Elmsford Ny – We are nowhere near where we need to create viable use cases in quantum computing hardware. Today, quantum computing hardware companies are moving toward that goal at an unpredictable pace.

Think back to the late 1950s or early 1960s, when vacuum tubes gave way to solid-state devices like transistors. Ultimately, the transistor brought the magic of the integrated circuit and microprocessor, which gave rise to the personal computer.

Quantum Property Management Elmsford Ny

Quantum Property Management Elmsford Ny

Hardware still has a long way to go in this industry, but what I’m trying to achieve in this list of thirty-one quantum computing hardware companies is that you don’t need huge amounts of money from multinational corporations to come up with magic.

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That’s what this article is about. Those who take the real risk of building hardware. Some on the list are startups with little or no funding; others have years of  —  sometimes decades  —  experience in the industry, healthy revenue streams or good VC backers, but still haven’t gone public.

You see, it’s a mixed bag. We like the TQD way. We know Google or Honeywell or IBM will come when quantum supremacy, supremacy or whatever you want to call it f**k happens, but we want to be fair to the losers and give them a chance to see how they go Fares in the QC Hardware Competition.

Oh, and one more thing, this list is not meritocratic, it’s alphabetical, which I guess is probably a good thing until you come to the “Qs”.

If you want to learn more, we’ve compiled the most comprehensive list of the top quantum computing companies!

Yorktown News 08.26.21

Based in the north of England, AegiQ, a spin-off from the University of Sheffield, is currently building “a high-performance quantum photonic system with on-demand single photons”. The startup was founded in 2019 by Max Sich, Scott Dufferwiel, Maurice Skolnick and Jon Heffernan with the goal of harnessing the properties of light for high-performance technology that can be successful in areas such as imaging, microscopy and broadband quantum communications.

In a TQD report a few months ago, AegiQ recently joined the European Photonic Industry Consortium (EPIC), another sign of its intention to succeed in the QC industry.

French startup Alice&Bob (yes, the startup’s name, a nod to the placeholder name used in cryptography thought experiments) is one of the newcomers to the block, founded in 2019 and building “Universal”. , error-free” quantum computers to solve the most difficult problems facing humanity. With prototypes already in place, the spin-off of ENS Paris and ENS de Lyon has raised $3.3 million in a seed round in May this year. With sufficient funds, founders Théau Peronnin and Raphaël Lescanne have no financial worries for a while. Leveraging research conducted by a consortium of universities and research institutes, the start-up’s support base is strong.

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Quantum Property Management Elmsford Ny

As one of the leading quantum computing hardware companies, prepare to learn more about these people in the near future.

V. L. Moruzzi, J. F. Janak And A. R. Williams (auth.)

Founded in Austria in 2018 by Rainer Blatt, Thomas Monz and Peter Zoller, Alpine Quantum Technologies (AQT) is one of the start-up companies building a “universal quantum information processor” using trapped ion technology. Therefore, AQT’s long-term goal is to commercialize quantum computers that can be used in industrial settings.

To date, AQT has received three grants worth more than $34 million. Generous donations come from institutions such as the Austrian government and the University of Innsbruck.

With solid bank balances, a savvy founding team and a wealth of ideas, AQT’s fate is firmly in its own hands.

Founded in Adelaide, Australia in 2007, Archer Materials is at the forefront of the development and manufacture of materials that can be used in quantum technologies.

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As one of the more established quantum computing hardware companies, they are building materials including carbon-based qubits, graphene-enhanced biosensors, and graphite battery anodes.

Archer Materials, co-founded by Greg English, who chairs the board but is run by CEO Mohammad Choucair, has transitioned from an initial mineral exploration business model to its current materials technology focus.

“Diverse advanced materials inventory, strong intellectual property, world-class expertise, and more than $300 million in R&D infrastructure”

Quantum Property Management Elmsford Ny

The next startup on our list is Aurora Quantum Technologies. Co-founded by Jennifer Shelton, Raina J. Olsen, and Mohammadreza Rezaee in 2017 at the University of Toronto Creative Destruction Lab, QC Startup

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.These components, with the help of ML, are designed to integrate with quantum processors and have been built to be scalable and run in a variety of available quantum processor technologies.

In terms of investment, they raised a sizable $150,000 from Y Combinator, a U.S. seed funding startup accelerator, in a seed round in early 2019.

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Alexei Marchenkov and Richard Maydra are co-founders of Bleximo, a Berkeley, California-based startup founded in 2017 that specializes in “quantum accelerators.” These

Ultimately, Marchenkov and Maydra (who accidentally worked at Rigetti Computing before founding Bleximo) hope that their accelerator will help the pharmaceutical industry solve drug discovery and design by simulating the structure and properties of molecules and chemical reactions.

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Bleximo raised $1.5 million in a 2018 seed round led by Eniac Ventures and four other firms. With this healthy infusion of cash, and with Machenkov and Medela’s decades of experience in academia and industry, it’s clear that the startup is well-positioned to leave its mark at some point in the QC space. imprint.

Founded in 2007 as a spin-off from the Low Temperature Laboratory (LTL) at Aalto University (then known as Helsinki University of Technology), the Finnish company Bluefors (formerly BlueFors Cryogenics) designs and manufactures “Cryogenic Free, Ultra-Cryogenic Cryogenic Dilution Refrigeration Systems”.

The co-founders of the quantum computing hardware company Pieter Vorselman and Rob Blaauwgeer aim to use their system in state-of-the-art technologies such as nanotechnology and QC. With their 40 years of experience in the field of “Cryogenic Physics and Engineering”, the Helsinki-based pair  —  and their large team of cryogenic and R&D engineers, micromechanics, HR specialists and dedicated salespeople  —  are dedicated to serving the growing customer base. With more than 350 systems installed worldwide, Bluefors has become “the leading provider of cryogen-free dilution refrigeration systems”.

Quantum Property Management Elmsford Ny

With revenue streams already in place, but no VC funding information available, Vorselman and Blaauwgeer seem to have a good thing going.

Aes E Library » Complete Journal: Volume 36 Issue 4

BraneCell Systems is a startup that calls itself a “decentralized ambient temperature quantum computer company” founded in 2015 by CEO Christopher Papile in Littleton, Massachusetts.

To migrate the problems plaguing classical IT systems to those employing quantum solutions using quantum software and quantum cloud computing tools, Papile and his team include scientists and engineers with years of experience.

Papier himself, holds a Ph.D. Holds a PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Delaware and has decades of industry experience as Director of Chemical Engineering and other influential management positions at companies such as management consulting firm Arthur D. Little.

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The startup’s financials are also solid: $1.8 million has been raised so far in uncharted venture capital.

Westchester County Business Journal 051319 By Wag Magazine

ColdQuanta is the market leader in commercializing quantum atoms, headquartered in Boulder, Colorado. In business since 2007, its Quantum Core™ technology builds

“Components, instruments and turnkey systems for a wide range of applications from timing and navigation to quantum computing, from radio frequency (RF) receivers to quantum communication systems”

The quantum computing hardware company was founded by Rainer Kunz, who served as CEO until his retirement in 2015. The company is now run by current CEO Bo Ewald, who succeeded Dana Anderson in 2019. Anderson is a Fellow of the Joint Institute JILA between the University of Colorado and the National Institute of Standards and Technology, and the Director of the Optical Science and Engineering Program at the University of Colorado.

Quantum Property Management Elmsford Ny

With a solid customer base around the world, ColdQuanta has satisfied customers from all branches of the U.S. Department of Defense, Department of Energy, National Laboratories operated by NASA and NIST, and major universities. Not content with being in one place, ColdQuanta also has operational offices in Wisconsin and Oxford, UK.

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ColdQuanta, which has raised nearly $20 million in two seed rounds and one grant over the past few years, is expected to deliver its innovative Quantum Core™ technology to government agencies and universities,

“Using ultracold atoms cooled to near absolute zero temperatures, using lasers to manipulate and control atoms with extreme precision”.

Delft Circuits is one of a growing number of QC startups emerging in the Netherlands recently. The country is now a bit of a quantum hub, with Delft Circuits founded in 2016 by Sal Bosman, Paulianne Bosman Brouwer and Daan Kuitenbrouwer in the city of Delft in the province of South Holland.

The Delft Circuits product line includes Cri/oFlex®, a monolithic microwave low temperature wiring solution. The product is divided into three series:

Aes E Library » Complete Journal: Volume 27 Issue 9

Cri/oFlex® 1, offering low temperature

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