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Planned development of SEZs Planned representative offices INTRODUCTION A new era is beginning on the African continent with the reintroduction of the concept of sustainable development cooperation that embodies the traditional that includes the incorporation of African tribal traditions into cooperative structures that transcend a global initiative of the modern age, which combines traditional and sustainable development. modern to improve social and economic development initiatives by applying cooperation standards in selected economies in global markets. Africa Global Trade & Cooperative Company was designed to ensure the performance and capabilities of the Consolidated Global Group’s investment objectives of partnering with African and global entrepreneurs to collectively establish themselves as leading importers and exporters of minerals, precious stones, metals and food crop production . and process these products for export in selected global markets through the AGT&CC HUBS to and from the global markets using the SEZ HUBS as a seamless distribution channel between the African and global markets. The CGG Group is not introducing a new concept with the launch of the Africa World Trade and Cooperative Company, it is simply perfecting a tried, tested and proven system that has worked effectively and more efficiently in many global markets for centuries, recently both in SA and Brazil for many years with great success in Agricultural Cooperatives. CGG Group directors believe that by applying aspects of the basic cooperative model, with slight refinements, AGT&CC will be a global success in Africa’s economic development in global markets! The objective is to develop a series of strategically positioned Special Economic Zone *(SEZ) “HUBS” offering “Live – Work – Play” facilities developed to global standards in accordance with World Bank stipulations to be eligible for registration as Free Zones/Ports Franchises at strategic locations and enjoy the benefits attached to them to effectively attract expatriates to manage, facilitate, control and administer the processing of entry/exit of products and consumer goods to and from the designated territories surrounding these SEZ Hubs by region . As far as the present is concerned, the CGG Group has embarked on an ambitious plan to initially finance the acquisition and development of land to develop the following SEZ Hubs, each serving between 12 and 35 economies as follows: – Create representative offices and warehouses in each of them. these sub-economies aim to promote the objectives of AGT&CC and manage the inflow/outflow of products and consumer goods to and from these regional economies; – Partner with local entrepreneurs who are already actively involved in mining, agriculture, manufacturing and related business activities in which the Global Consolidated Group divisions are involved to subscribe as AGT&CC members with dedicated 24/7 support and assistance to AGT&CC in all the regions where the AGT&CC will provide them with funding, plant and equipment, mentoring, skills development and training against contract purchase agreements; – AGT&CC will invest in commercially viable activities on behalf of CGG where it is worth doing large projects that involve the different activities of each economy and are very profitable. THE PROPOSED PRIMARY AND GLOBAL SEZ CENTERS ARE: – Sir Seretse Khama International Airport in Botswana (110 ha purchased Ha leased) – Madagascar Narinda Bay (70 km2 land acquired to develop an international city) – Ghana Kumasi in the Ashanti region where we intend to develop an international airport at Freeport – Scotland Prestwick, with land to develop an 850-hectare SEZ – Bahamas We intend to partner in the development of an SEZ that serves the Americas – Africa AGT&CC representative offices in 35 of the 50 African economies – OTHER Representative offices of AGT&CC established in existing global SEZ / Free Ports The process of creating AGT&CC has already started in each of the above countries, where the CGG Group has already established strategic partnerships 1 with local entrepreneurs in the defined sectors in which the CGG Group participates, ready for the its integration when the AGT&CC is established to start operating in these economies obx active Each SEZ HUB will cost, depending on the requirements, between USD 2.5 billion and USD 5 billion to develop and the CGG Group has already secured the financial guarantee and is in the advanced process of raising USD 1 billion and is about to issue a series of Bonds in the markets global investments totaling $250 billion, which the Madagascar government and private enterprise are supporting with an already committed $5 billion investment in SKR.

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Propvest Property Management

Propvest Property Management

The African and global economy is volatile at best, and in recent years global markets have followed a negative trend, with social, political and economic uncertainty, terrorism and volatile global markets leaving investors confused as to where the resulting negative impact on global economy. developing economies, has now made possible the establishment of the African World Trade and Cooperative Company (AGT&CC). The objective of establishing the five SEZ CENTERS in the defined locations is strategically as follows: each CENTER is located in a host country that is predominantly stable and forward-looking in its FISCAL OUTLOOK, providing the stability and security of tenure required by investors and residents . The HUB host economy meets the POLITICAL CONDITION to ensure that proactive investment in a HUB SEZ will enjoy sovereign support to ensure that the country becomes a powerful regional economic engine that enhances the exploitation, processing and export of natural resources from the regional territories to provide stimulus to improve global business activity. in the region Each HUB has direct access through specific TREATIES to operate in a defined and managed strategy in the surrounding economies that each HUB will serve and administer with available sovereign support. Each HUB has definitive access to the GLOBAL FINANCIAL SERVICES network within its economies that provide immediate services. ease of access to banking, investment institutions and insurance worldwide Each HUB offers a standard of living and LIFESTYLE PER CAPITA important to attract the wealthiest global expatriate community to relocate and bring their capital and skills in the local economies where they move to each HUB. , manage and service all import/export requirements relevant to your own countries and surrounding territories in which you are located. Each HUB has direct access to the four components of the logistics requirement for its effectiveness, which are sea, road, air and rail facilities. , accessible within 12 hours from anywhere in the region. Services by the SEZ HUB. The HUB economy is an active member of the African, EU or NAFTA treaty associations and each is/will become an important player in the global and regional territories where they are located. It is intended to establish the global headquarters in Amsterdam, along the heart of pace of global trade routes, and which will effectively manage and control the entry/exit of consumer goods, precious metals, gemstones, processed and raw products into the primary global economies in which AGT&CC will operate. The SEZ HUB infrastructure will be established in such a way as to ensure that each SEZ HUB that is developed as an SEZ will have the capacity to accommodate and serve the volumes of import and export products that the CGG Group and the SEZ HUB tenants we contract lease and operate from the organized group. , safe and secure infrastructure of each SEZ HUB that facilitates the movement of cargo to and from regional and global markets, where the ATG&CC ensures the safety and delivery of products, goods and services from a single point of management control on behalf of customers of the SEZ & Partners. THE BASIC ORGANIZATION CHART OF A TYPICAL SEZ IS AS FOLLOWS: SEZ Management SEZ MANAGEMENT SERVICES SEZ MANAGEMENT SERVICES BY CGG / INDEPENDENT COMPANIES Freight Transportation Logistics Customs Clearance Warehousing CENTRAL CONTROL Import/Export Management Processing Security and Leasing Packaging Financing and Administration Warehousing

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MASCAREIGNES, MIDDLE EAST AND ASIAN MARKETS SADEC REGION ECOWAS REGION UNITED KINGDOM, EU AND BALTIC MARKETS MADAGASCAR BOTSWANA GHANA UNITED KINGDOM GLOBAL MARKETS *ESTABLISH A 5TH SEZ CENTER IN THE BAHAMAS TO ACCESS NORTH AND SOUTH AMERICA. EXPLANATION OF THE INFRASTRUCTURE OF COOPERATIVE ENTERPRISES Not only Africa, but many parts of the world today are constrained by not enjoying a free flow of import and export of products to and from their regions to global markets. This applies particularly to underdeveloped economies that do have free access to global markets and where importers and wholesalers from these regions who control this

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