Property Management Silverthorne Co

Property Management Silverthorne Co – Property owners are responsible for the entire length of the plumbing from the plumbing to their home or building. This includes shut-off (curb shut-off) valves and connection to the water main.

Property and business owners need to know how to turn off water in an emergency. Where the water supply enters the building, there is a water meter, which must have a shut-off valve on each side. The plumbing and water meter are usually located in a technical room, boiler room or basement. It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure access to the curb flap and protect it from damage by plows, vehicles, etc.

Property Management Silverthorne Co

Property Management Silverthorne Co

Small leaks are most common in toilets (dampers or filler holes), but can also come from water heater outlet valves (temperature and pressure valves and relief valves), hot tubs, large aquariums with auto fill systems, irrigation systems, etc. Remember. that even a small leak of one gallon per minute can equal 1,440 gallons per day or 43,200 gallons per month. That’s over $65 a month for a leak.

Home Check Service: Breckenridge, Silverthorne, Dillon, Keystone & Frisco

All buildings and houses have a communication line for their sewerage. It is the property owner’s responsibility to protect and maintain these service lines. Most homes have an outlet (4-inch vertical pipe) within 5 feet of the building. These pipes must be covered with covers and protected from damage and debris, as well as from penetration into the pipes.

Sewer services have a limited service life, which depends on the class of materials used, the quality of the work performed, the condition of the site and soil, proximity to stones and trees, etc.

The most common sign of a possible sewer line leak is the lowest toilet or floor drain in a building. While most backup sewers are usually on the service line itself, please report this issue to the city so we can make sure the city’s sewer network is working.

Sewer backup occurs when water or sewage flows from a toilet, tub, sink, or any other drain in your home. These events are more common in older homes, homes with basements, and are more common on lower floors. Common reasons for redundant sewer pipes are disconnected joints, clogged pipes, damaged roots, cracks in the pipe or redundant lines. If your home is having a sewer backup due to a problem with your service line, you are responsible for the cleanup and damage. In most cases, the backup sewer service is centralized only in this building and service line.

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Basic Property Management

Do not wash off old medicines. Local organizations have developed a pharmaceutical take-back program to properly dispose of unwanted medicines. Wastewater treatment plants are not designed to handle pharmaceuticals and these drugs can enter waterways and cause adverse environmental problems.

The city’s street department maintains the city’s stormwater collection system. Please do not throw trash, chemicals or anything else into the system. These inlets collect water and flow directly into our rivers and waterways. Remember “Rain Only Drain”.

Residents are being urged to help clear snow from fire hydrants and sidewalks adjacent to their property. It is important to clear snow and debris from fire hydrants so they are easily accessible in an emergency, and to maintain safe and accessible snow-free sidewalks.

Property Management Silverthorne Co

City personnel assist with snow removal if time permits, but residents are responsible for clearing snow from fire hydrants and sidewalks adjacent to their property. If you contract with a private snow removal service, warn plow drivers not to dump or dump snow on sidewalks or fire hydrants.

Spring Beauty Dr, Silverthorne, Co 80498

The city owns and maintains about 500 fire hydrants. City personnel do their best to clear snow from hydrants, but snow buildup can make this task more difficult.

The city appreciates the volunteer efforts of residents who “purchased a hydrant” and cleared snow from their area’s fire hydrant. The more accessible the hydrant, the faster the crews can respond. To operate a fire hydrant, fire brigades require 7 feet on each side and a minimum of 4 feet in the back and 10 feet in front. The City is reminding contractors that snow removal work must not interfere with access to fire hydrants. Snow must not be stored within 5 feet of a fire hydrant.

It is very important to the city and summit fire department and ambulance service that all fire hydrants are in good working order. Please email us to report any fire hydrant damage. Please include the address and number on the hydrant, if possible.

Water only in the early morning and evening, avoiding the middle or “heat” of the day.

Silverthorne Preliminarily Approves New Apartments And Town Houses

Take the rain barrel. Colorado allows private homeowners to collect water from their roof and use it for gardening and landscaping. Learn more at Conservation Colorado. Watch Hill Condos are located in the heart of Wildernest. Enjoy magnificent views of the Ten Mile Range. Relax in the public hot tub after a long day of skiing or hiking. Covered storage areas on deck provide additional storage space. There are 51 two and three bedroom floor plans built around 1989. This complex is managed by Wildernest Property Management. Looking for a Watch Hill real estate agent? Contact the Amon team.

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Discover community information and view hillside condominiums for sale in Silverthorne and learn more about the Summit County real estate market!

$649,000 ↓ $26,000 95300 Ryan Gulch Rd # 95313, SILVERTHORN 2 bedrooms 2 baths 789 sq. ft. MLS® Residential Complex # S1038492

Property Management Silverthorne Co

$645,000 95600 Ryan Gulch Rd # 615, SILVERTHORNE 2 bedroom 2 bath 873 sq ft Residential MLS® # S1038889

Sold: 150 Jade Road, Silverthorne, Co 80498, Ruby Ranch

CHECK OUT THE LATEST SALES AT WATCH HILL CONDOS Bedrooms Bathrooms Price range Save search Sort by: Price, ascending to descending Drop-down arrow $675,000 95600 Ryan Gulch Rd # 611, WILDERNEST 2 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms 873 sqft Residential MLS® # S1035090

$670,000 95500 Ryan Gulch Rd # 514, SILVERTHORN 2 bedrooms 2 bathrooms 871 sq ft MLS® Residential # S1035481

$639, 900 95200 Ryan Gulch Rd # 95214, SILVERTHORNE 2 bedrooms 2 baths 886 sqm ft Residential MLS® # S1036619

$580,000 95100 Ryan Gulch Rd # 95111, SILVERTHORNE 1 Bedroom 1 Bath 639 SqF Residential MLS® # S1032170

Boutique Hotel In Silverthorne

$575,000 95100 Ryan Gulch Rd # 124, SILVERTHORNE 1 Bedroom 2 Bath 739 Sq. ft Residential MLS® # S1032636

When you choose the Amon team as your Summit County real estate experts, you get everything you need to make your online home search a success. You’ll see listings before anyone else, create custom searches, and bookmark your favorite homes for sale.

For the latest information and expert advice on buying a Watch Hill condominium in Wildernest, contact the Amon team today!

Property Management Silverthorne Co

When it comes to convenience, our site is second to none. Whether you are in the comfort of your home or on the go. This page is a community profile of Silverthorn, Colorado – Mountain Habitat. When you exit the tunnel on I-70, you see impressive mountains in front of you. After doing this a few times, it will evoke a sense of “I’m at home” in many mountain dwellers. The first exit takes you to the city of Silverthorne and is a junction of highways leading north to the Arapahoe Basin, the Colorado River, and Rocky Mountain National Park. It truly is the heart of Summit County in many ways.

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A river flows through it. No, really. The Blue River flows north and provides seasonal rafting, but many anglers fish all year round. Other locals and visitors prefer to take advantage of the Outlet stores and the shopping mall atmosphere created by the numerous groups of stores. A new Community Performance Center and REI are opening this year, and new ideas are being discussed to revitalize the downtown area.

Government officials understand the opportunities to be found in Silverthorne and are making plans to improve the Silverthorne experience.

From Dina: “What I love most about Silverthorn is the access to Blood Ridge. These mountains are part of the Eagle’s Nest wilderness and are different from the groomed trails of Breckenridge. See Lake Boulder for an alpine hike you won’t forget. Wildflower-filled Odyssey can be found at Lower Cataract Lake, and it’s good for families to explore the Mountain Range without getting too deep into the wilderness.

Statistics and Data Silverthorne is a self-governing municipality and the second most populated city in Summit County, Colorado. According to the 2010 census, the population of the city is 3,887. The town was named after Judge Marshall Silverthorn, who was a Mining Court Judge in Breckenridge. The judge first came to town as a prospector and claimed the Blue River section in 1881. After he patented his claim in April 1882, he was disappointed to find that the gold was scarce and the claim unsuccessful. The land passed to his daughters after his death in 1887 and was then sold several times to various mining companies. In 1953, Clayton Hill bought the property and subdivided it.

Homes For Sale And Property Listings In Silverthorne

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