Property Management Jobs Lakeland Fl

Property Management Jobs Lakeland Fl – For homeowners and property managers, pest control is a relatively familiar topic. No one likes to share their living space with ants, roaches or other unwanted visitors. However, commercial property management does not always place the same emphasis on pest control, especially “add-ons” or additional measures taken against specific pests that go beyond basic annual spraying for general insect activity.

One such additional measure that many pest control providers offer is targeted mosquito treatment. Here in Central Florida, this is an especially valuable amenity, as mosquitoes are a problem almost year-round, and can cause serious problems in plans that involve the area outside of your commercial space. Businesses using commercial space may want outdoor seating, windows open occasionally for airflow, or have evening customers, and if you have a serious mosquito problem, it can act as a deterrent to people coming to your location. Mosquito protection has come a long way in recent years, and many suppliers offer a direct spray solution that targets foliage and outdoor areas around your business, killing mosquitoes at the source where they nest and go to bed each evening, rather than trying to “catch” them when they are already active. Direct spray ensures that you are getting the most bang for your buck, and that you are ridding your area of ​​the main population instead of just a few annoying insects.

Property Management Jobs Lakeland Fl

Property Management Jobs Lakeland Fl

Whether you own a local business property, or are a property manager responsible for keeping your properties in top condition, pest control is an important aspect to remember when taking care of your monthly tasks. and Associates is proud to serve real estate in the greater Lakeland area of ​​Polk County, and property owners know they can count on us to provide the best service in the Central Florida region. If you’re tired of looking after your property from afar, we’re ready and waiting to help!

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The phrase “big city” probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think of our Lakeland city. Here in Central Florida, Lakeland seems like a miniature of nearby Orlando and Tampa with its high-rise skylines and abundance of businesses and shops. However, Lakeland has a lot to offer and a unique small town flavor with city amenities. This is evident if you visit our downtown Lakeland area. Many local residents work in downtown businesses, which brings a number of benefits you may not have thought of.

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Walking Distance Depending on where you live near your job, downtown employment often allows employees and customers to be within walking distance. If you live nearby, you can walk or bike to work every day, which saves money in the long run by not needing fuel. An added benefit is extra exercise and fresh air each day. Even if you can’t walk every day (like in rainy weather) being able to walk to work every once in a while can be a great benefit of a downtown job.

Close to amenities. Whether it’s a quick run to the store for needed medicine or pens at your desk, or a trip to a local restaurant for lunch or an afternoon coffee, having amenities close to your workplace is a huge benefit. When you work downtown, you tend to be close to many shops and restaurants (possibly within walking distance) and you don’t have to go far for great options. This is very helpful in saving time and gas, and allows you to support other local businesses.

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Advantages of parking. Many downtown employees are issued parking passes for nearby parking lots OR controlled lots at their office. While not directly work-related, this is a huge plus for downtown events (parades, annual fireworks shows, weekend markets, etc.) because parking is usually expensive and/or impossible to find during these times, and you’ll be without it. a concern that your ticket will give you free parking without any problems.

Downtown is definitely the place to be, and business owners are catching on. Downtown properties are a popular choice for new Lakeland businesses because they know it will attract plenty of customers and clients, as well as employees! and Associates specializes in local commercial real estate, and we have downtown properties available right now, waiting for you. Visit http:///lakeland-commercial-properties-for-lease/ to find the perfect new home for your business and call us to schedule a tour or for more information.

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Property Management Jobs Lakeland Fl

We recently listed a new rental property on our site that we think could be a fantastic opportunity for a local business owner to get a little more room to grow. Located in the South Lakeland Industrial Park, this space is in a popular location on Commerce Drive and is conveniently located to make your business stand out. The property has features that would easily lend itself to many types of business, including:

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If you are interested in this property, we would love to answer any questions you may have. Want to visit the space? We can do that too! We will arrange a visit here with one of our agents and Associates so you can see up close and personal just how wonderful this opportunity is for your business. Call us!

Staging is a hot topic in the world of residential real estate. If you’re selling your home, chances are your realtor has discussed the importance of making your home attractive to potential buyers by getting various parts of your home in tip-top condition. In other words, keep all desktops clean and generic, replace family photos with art prints or less personal items, keep bathrooms clean and “luxury” looking, etc. While these specific examples do not apply to commercial real estate, staging does. Get involved in selling your business or commercial property.

First, take a walk from the parking lot to the front door. Does your driveway look messy with weeds on the sidewalk, dirty windows and doors, or chipped paint? Freshen up the area, consider adding a coat of paint in a complementary and/or neutral color, and improve the entrance’s appearance from the street. Depending on the type of business, enhance the entrance to the building with an umbrella stand / clothes rack, a sign that gives basic direction of what to find where (for larger spaces) and a durable rug that will hold dirt and absorb water. to keep your floors looking fresh.

Then scan your space from the door to each room. If something is closely related to your specific business, try replacing it with something a little more generic if possible. While we know you can’t completely plan a business because you’ll likely need to stay open until you sell and move to a new location, you can make small changes to help potential buyers see their business in their space.

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Finally, give the commercial area a deep clean, and freshen up interior paint and trim, lighting or plumbing (like a new toilet if the old one is rough), and flooring. Investing a little money in your property can save you money in the long run because you’ll likely sell faster, and you’ll spend less time and resources maintaining the space you want to move into.

Are you ready to sell your commercial space or would you like to rent it while you pursue other endeavors? and Associates is here to help. We serve the greater Lakeland, Florida area with commercial real estate and property management services, and our goal is to treat your space like our own. Give us a call to get started!

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Property Management Jobs Lakeland Fl

Small business shopping is a big part of city life these days, and Downtown Lakeland is no exception. We have a variety of bakeries, retail shops, cafes and more that welcome people and give them a taste of the lifestyle in our town. and Associates recently took on a fantastic showroom opportunity in the heart of the city centre, which we know will be the perfect starting point for a start-up business or someone looking to grow their brand. Having a storefront, however, presents its own challenges, as your business is open to foot traffic and you need to start marketing to them before they set foot on it.

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