Property Management Elizabethtown Ky

Property Management Elizabethtown Ky – (270) 268-5325 – Cambridge – Townhouse – 3PN / 2.5BA townhouse with 1 car garage in Cambridge urban area, convenient location 15-20 minutes from post office and just north of Towne Mall. Microwave, dishwasher, hob, refrigerator and washer/dryer connections. Kitchen. Wardrobe and large bedroom. Trash bin included. Hardin County’s school system: Middle: John Hardin, Elementary: New Highland, and Middle: Bluegrass. Online rental payments and maintenance requests are available. No pets allowed. See our website for more details. Pets Not Allowed (RLNE1856462) Other Facilities: Garage, Deck. Pet Policy: No Dogs, No Cats allowed.

You can find places to bike in this area, but you’ll most likely want your bike for most errands.

Property Management Elizabethtown Ky

Property Management Elizabethtown Ky

100-131 Cambridge Cir has 3 shopping centers within 1.8 km, about 3 minutes’ walk away. Miles and minutes will be for the furthest property.

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100-131 Cambridge Cir has 3 military bases within 27.5 miles, the closest being Fort Knox West Point, 12.5 miles and 35 minutes away.

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Magnolia is one of the most peaceful, family-friendly neighborhoods in Seattle. Read our guide to planning a move to Magnolia, Seattle. Magnolia, Seattle is the city’s best kept secret! Located in the heart of Seattle, the Magnolia area is right next to the very popular Queen Anne area. It’s no surprise that Magnolia offers all of Queen Anne’s high-end, historic beauty without the nearly 4.1 million annual tourists. This is the perfect place for families or individuals looking for refuge in a big city. The basics to consider moving to Magnolia, Seattle As with every move, a little background information about your new hometown will be helpful. Not only can we help you find a great apartment to rent in Seattle, but we’ve put together a comprehensive guide to what newcomers to the Magnolia area of ​​Seattle can expect. Housing Types and Costs Magnolia Magnolia is one of Seattle’s more affluent areas. While home ownership is common, finding an apartment to rent in Seattle, especially in Magnolia, is the best way to integrate into the neighborhood without all the responsibilities and upfront costs. the burden of owning a house in Magnolia. Like the nearby Queen Anne, many of the homes are of historic design. Tudor, Spanish, Colonial, and Craftsman style homes are common. Maintenance for these styles can be a lot of work, so finding an apartment to rent is ideal. Bungalows are also quite popular, so many one-bedroom apartments and studios in Magnolia are converted basements into bungalows. It is very easy to find an apartment for rent. In fact, anything for a 4-bedroom apartment rental is available in Magnolia, Seattle. As for the cost of renting an apartment in Magnolia, Seattle, it’s worth noting that rents are slightly higher than the national average. Average monthly rent in Magnolia is: A studio apartment or one-bedroom apartment averages around $1455/month Two-bedroom apartment around $195/month A three-bedroom apartment costs about $3095/month A four-bedroom apartment costs $3500/month, on average While this may seem outrageous, many of the rentals listed above have lower monthly costs than the Magnolia average. In addition, the salary in Seattle is quite high compared to the national average. The typical Seattle resident has an annual salary of $85k. Lifestyle in Magnolia Magnolia is one of those neighborhoods that offers balance and relaxation. The neighborhood is surrounded by water and has some breathtaking natural scenery. To the north, Magnolia borders the Gulf of Salmon. To the south, there is Elliot Bay. To the west, Magnolia touches Puget Sound and Interbay to the east. Being surrounded by water at all four corners can make Magnolia lonely, but solitude is also its strongest point. Magnolia once held a military base, which has since become Discovery Park, Seattle’s largest green space! The park really has a little bit of everything: forests, beaches, grasslands, hiking trails and even a historic lighthouse. Spanning a total of 534 acres, Discovery Park is the perfect weekend adventure for everyone. Magnolia is a quiet neighborhood, but it has a small business district in the center of the city, affectionately nicknamed “The Village”. The area is home to a number of local favorites including Palisade and Uptown Espresso (Seattle is famous for its coffee anyway). The county is also where residents can catch ferries to Seattle’s main downtown. This Magnolia apartment for rent offers residents the best of both worlds; the peace of a secluded neighborhood and easy access to city life whenever want city life. It’s important to note that Magnolia’s geography has a big influence on how people get to work. Magnolia isn’t the easiest tree to walk, especially when trying to get to the rest of Seattle. Most locals drive. However, public transport in Magnolia is extremely reliable, so taking the bus is a good option for those who don’t drive. For Parents especially family-oriented and especially suitable for families with young children. The neighborhood has an above-average safety rating and a crime rate that is 96% lower than the national average. Children’s education is also a priority in the region. Magnolia has three schools, two serving children in kindergarten through eighth grade, and a high school. Parents even have the luxury of choice with the education of their children. Our Lady Fatima School offers a private education for children in kindergarten through eighth grade, while Catherine Blaine K – 8 provides a solid public education. Catherine Blaine K-8 is also near Ella Bailey Park. Smaller than Discovery Park, Ella Bailey Park has play areas for young children. There are many homes and apartments for rent near all three of Magnolia’s schools, so morning schooling should be as quick as possible. Finally, for parents looking for some educational weekend fun, Magnolia is home to the Daybreak Star Indian Cultural Center. Here, kids and adults alike can learn about Aboriginal history in Seattle and the United States at large. Moving to Magnolia could be exactly what your family needs. Search for an apartment to rent in Magnolia, Seattle and feel at home today. | Apartments for rent in Magnolia, Seattle At, we can help you find the perfect home in Seattle, or anywhere else. Browse our thousands of listings across the US and Canada.

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Brooklyn’s brownstone apartments are known for their luxury and communal living. Renting a brownstone apartment in Brooklyn is easy. For many apartment hunters looking for an apartment to rent in New York City, Brooklyn is a preferred alternative to bustling Manhattan. Brooklyn apartments for rent offer a unique and timeless style and community value unlike any other in New York. Apartment rentals in Brooklyn also tend to be a more affordable alternative than in other counties. The term “brownstone condos” is often used in the rental market in Brooklyn, as brownstone apartments are a unique Brooklyn feature, specific to that area of ​​the city. But for many newbies looking to rent an apartment in Brooklyn, this can be a bit confusing. So, what is a brownstone apartment? We’ll break down the basics and everything landlords should know about renting a brownstone apartment in Brooklyn. The best part? Its huge listing makes it easy to find the perfect brownstone apartment. What is Brownstone Apartments? Simply put, a brownstone apartment can refer to a popular apartment style in Brooklyn, or a physical location. But there’s more to know if you’re looking for a brownstone apartment to rent in Brooklyn. Brownstone – Style Brownstone style apartments are quite simple. A type of sandstone, brownstone is used as the facade for brick houses, and it has a gentle ocher color. It may also be called a free rock, as the stone is roughly granular, which means it can freely cut in any direction. Brownstone became a popular home building material in the 1800s. It was a new material that was considered unappealing to the upper class, who preferred marble and granite for their homes. their townhouse. So it has become a cost-effective option to support New York’s booming population, especially in Brooklyn. In the mid-19th century, brownstone became a symbol of the middle class due to its association with classical romanticism and affordability. Today, brownstone apartments are associated with wealth and community due to scarcity. Brownstone mining declined in the United States before it came to a complete halt in

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