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Prokop Property Management – My name is Daniel and I am 23 years old. I work in the cyclical sector (in the car industry) in mechatronics in Malacca.

It has been 3 years since I graduated from high school and I am working for a living. Naturally, I am interested in new ways of managing my finances. I also developed a deeper interest in investing and started absorbing news from the world of financial markets. Currently, I am a student of Economics and Management.

Prokop Property Management

Prokop Property Management

I wondered how the rich were getting richer, what were the stories behind their financial freedom. I was also drawn by this vision of financial independence.

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I was fully aware that I had set my goals very high and that I would not become a financially independent person overnight. My goal is not to become a millionaire. I probably won’t make it this far. However, I want to improve my quality of life, live a little better than “normal”.

I reached the breaking point when I realized that I could use money more effectively than the daily consumption, which only made me happy for the moment. So I decided to take better care of my finances and start building wealth.

At that time my investing experience was next to nothing. This was reflected in my first steps, as I plunged into investing without any knowledge. I was very much hoping to walk into the bank, talk to my financial advisor and have the best investment solution fall into my lap.

My first experience of investing through Amundi Mutual Funds did not bring me any added value and I did not feel comfortable with the investment solution. The negative aspects were high fees or taxes on capital gains.

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Finally, I decided to shift my investment into Still, I am grateful for this experience because you can learn from your mistakes. It was a turning point for me. I have started to trust myself and I have broadened my field of investing.

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I heard it only a few months before I opened my first investment account with the intention of building wealth. I like their concept. This startup impressed me with their ambitious plans and good business model.

The June 2019 pilot event was an opportunity for me to meet the founders and people on the investment board. These people were ambitious and goal-oriented. I liked their vision to “bring a fair investment product to the Slovakian market and change the perception of investing in Slovakia”. Ever since they have stuck to their principles.

Prokop Property Management

When investing, it’s important for me to feel safe and confident that my funds are in good hands. I know it will take good care of them.

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After all, money does not grow on trees and it is important to manage them properly. From my point of view, the quality of service offered is much better than the competitive services offered in Slovakia.

There were several key factors why I decided to invest – investing through passive ETFs, low fees, automatic rebalancing, tax free returns after one year. I also believe their biggest advantage is in education through webinars and blogs, as well as communication and accountability (always being helpful).

The goal of wealth building is to create a passive income and not depend on one source of income (150 euros).

The purchase of the property will serve to secure the mortgage. My funds will cover at least 20% of the property value. In this way, I will avoid expensive business credit, high-interest rates and my budget will be slightly better (by 50 euros).

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I consider saving for my retirement important, because I can’t just rely on the state. The fate of my old age pension is in my hands.

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I am glad that my friends also understand how important it is to invest. I already have 6 active referrals.

I am also happy that my 15-year-old brother has also started saving from his allowance, 50 euros per month. It’s great that my brother really sees the purpose of investing and has chosen to follow the same path that I chose – to enjoy financial independence and achieve a better quality of life. Thanks to his first two part-time jobs, he was able to grow the deposit and is already looking forward to the next market downturn so he can make an additional deposit.

Prokop Property Management

Making a decision is difficult, especially when starting to invest with a lack of financial literacy. I am personally convinced that this is the correct method for long-term appreciation of funds – and if not the method, at least the correct starting point.

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Finally, I would like to express my gratitude to Juraj Harbati and Radoslav Kasik for their support, leading a company that has helped raise awareness of investing and educating people on the subject of finance. I am happy to support by investing with you.

I strongly believe that the direction you have decided to go in order to “bring a fair investment product to the Slovak market and change the perception of investing in Slovakia” will not be cheap publicity, but you will follow strong principles. . As it has been since the beginning.

Why should you invest? What are the benefits of investing with? Are you looking for help investing or planning your finances? Do you want to learn how to invest properly? Visit us online or attend our free webinars to learn more.

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This book made me look at money from a different perspective than I had before. Everyone who is interested in better managing their personal finances should read this book. This should be a part of your path to financial literacy.

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You may have already noticed that portfolios are mixed from 10 ETF funds depending on the level of risk that the client is willing and able to take/handle. But how did we choose the particular securities and why is the portfolio composition the way you see it in your accounts?

Recently, there have been reports in the media criticizing the caveats of passive investing and ETFs. Among the authors of these negative news can be found not only famous investors, but also Slovak brokers. Does investing in ETFs really carry a high risk? have built portfolios on these great tools, so we feel it our duty to clarify the matter.

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Prokop Property Management

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