Profast Property Management

Profast Property Management – We considered all 288 property management companies in the Portland area. We looked at all the data and analyzed these companies on costs, customer ratings, reliability and experience and identified the top 35.

Our aim is to connect property owners with the best property management company to ensure your investments thrive. We scored property management companies on over 30 different variables to provide a hand-picked list of the best property management companies in the Portland area.

Profast Property Management

Profast Property Management

Serving more than 25 cities and 130 properties, Affinity Property Management has years of experience serving Oregon and Washington property owners. The company focuses on communication and transparency, providing 24/7 access to lease documents, financial records and more, and ensuring quick communication with tenants and property owners. Reports can be customized for each property, and Affinity is happy to provide new ideas to help clients maximize their revenue potential. The company provides a full range of property management services, from advertising the property to screening tenants, preparing lease documents and handling initial and ongoing inspections. Property owners can expect full maintenance service and repairs as needed from an experienced local contractor. …read more

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Alder Property Management focuses on best practices designed to add value to its property management services for clients and tenants. Starting with strong relationships, this company communicates quickly with clients, tenants and the community in the Portland area. Alder manages all aspects of leasing, from aggressive marketing techniques that attract quality tenants to the preparation of leasing documents and inspection reports. Tenants are thoroughly screened prior to tenancy using industry-standard equipment, and regular visits to all properties ensure that clients’ investments are well protected. Alder handles all accounting procedures and the online portal makes bill payment easy, Alder deposits the rent directly into the owner’s account. Emergency services, landscaping and maintenance are also maintained by this company. …read more

With a high staff-to-client ratio, Capital Property Management Services, Inc. is able to provide quality service at over 120 properties in Portland. This includes marketing to tenants to fill vacancies, background checks and other screening methods, lease preparation and signing, and all tenant communications. The company prepares vacant properties for rent, fixes anything that needs repairs, and schedules ongoing maintenance with trusted vendors. Their attention to detail, in-depth knowledge of their properties and 30 years of experience have made Capital one of Portland’s most trusted property managers for residents and owners alike. …read more

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Carefree Property Management is a Portland area property management company dedicated to providing optimal service to clients. The service begins with a review of the property, meeting with the home owners to determine the services best suited to the needs of each individual property. The company will evaluate the local market to determine the best rental rate and advertise to find a qualified tenant. Properties are advertised online, as well as “For Rent” signs where permitted. Professional screening techniques are used to verify that tenants are qualified to maintain their rental properties. The company handles any ongoing repairs and maintenance and arranges with vendors who guarantee quality work and negotiated rates. …read more

The professionals at Eagle Property Management provide Portland area property owners with a full menu of services. The company collects rent payments, ensures tenants pay on time, and communicates with tenants throughout the lease. An online portal is available for easy rent payments and maintenance scheduling. All marketing is handled by Eagle Property Management, which lists each property through various outlets and matches tenants who can easily request showings online. The company also takes care of the maintenance of the properties, as well as background checks to ensure reliable tenants. In addition to these services, Eagle handles all financial aspects of the rental process, providing access to monthly annual financial reports and preparing tax documents. …read more

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Serving the Portland area for over 25 years, Fortress Property Management, Inc. Specializes in all areas of the real estate business, particularly multi-family, conventional, Section 8 and tax credit properties. The real estate team is licensed to assist clients throughout Oregon. The company assists property owners in leasing their properties right from the initial marketing stage to all document preparation and property management tasks. It maintains a network of local and trusted vendors and uses their ongoing relationships to negotiate lower rates for services such as property maintenance and repairs. The professional leasing team is dedicated to providing inclusive, prompt and friendly customer service to clients and tenants alike. …read more

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Fox Management, Inc. Provides a full range of property management services using the latest technology such as AppFolio to ensure the property is listed and communications are responded to quickly. Tenants and owners benefit from online offerings by being able to pay bills, view accounts and submit maintenance requests on the fax management portal. This full-service company specializes in custom contracts with single-family homeowners, small plexes and small commercial buildings. At a low rate of 6-8 percent of monthly income, this company will handle all communications with tenants, tenants and vendors, provide ongoing maintenance, and handle all documentation for leasing. Fox also maintains a 24-hour emergency line. New tenants are screened for their employment history, credit and criminal background at no charge to the owner. …read more

Green Keys Property Management Company strives to provide quality full-service property management services to Portland area investors. Its transparent pricing structure has a flat rate of $450 to fill a vacancy and a competitive management fee of 7.8 percent of monthly rental income. Services included in the management package include monthly rent collection, financial recording, accounting and communication with tenants. Tenants are screened based on predetermined criteria, and the company takes care of the collection of the security deposit and the processing of all lease documents. With Buildium property management software, Green Keys can use desktop and mobile apps to make it easy for owners to check lease status, rent payments, work orders and tenant profiles; All documentation is stored in the online portal for easy access. …read more

Profast Property Management

Professional Investors at Grid Property Management is dedicated to serving property owners of residential buildings up to 30 units and industrial complexes in the Central Portland metro area. This company tailors its service packages to the individual needs of each property, reducing the time and money spent on maintaining its clients’ investments. Competitive rates here are offered in a category-wise pricing menu, starting at 10 percent and going down to as little as 7 percent of monthly rental income for larger properties. New clients are welcome to a free consultation detailing its services and prices. All owners can access all financial, tenancy and maintenance paperwork online 24/7, and the real estate team is available for quick responses via email or phone … Read More

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Holland Properties provides professional property management and invaluable advice to new and experienced real estate investors in the Portland area. It is available to handle all aspects of property management, including advertising the property, filling vacancies, assisting vet tenants and maintaining all appropriate lease and inspection documentation. The firm can handle any necessary repairs or improvements, and its network of vendors and contractors is available to provide quality services at affordable rates. In addition to physical and financial property management, the legal aspects of renting are also handled by the professional legal team, ensuring owners stay on top of local and federal legislative issues. The team is well versed in all types of property and tenancy issues and is well prepared to handle any issue that may arise. …read more

Jenkins Davison LLC uses a variety of methods to provide excellent service to Portland property owners. The company has a transparent service menu: for example, its tenant location fee is 50 percent of a month’s rent. Services include advertising properties on over 20 websites with professional photography, showing properties to applicants, and screening potential tenants for rent, credit and criminal history. Before listing the property, owners are given feedback to help them maximize their rental income. All monthly tasks related to properties are handled by Jenkins Davison, including receiving rent and paying utility bills such as garbage and water or home owner association dues for their clients. എല്ലാ സാധാരണ സേവനങ്ങൾക്കും പുറമേ, എല്ലാ പ്രോപ്പർട്ടികൾക്കും 24 മണിക്കൂറും പ്രവർത്തിക്കുന്ന എമർജൻസി ലൈൻ ലഭ്യമാണ് …കൂടുതൽ വായിക്കുക

ജിം മക്നീലി റിയൽ എസ്റ്റേറ്റ് 1967 മുതൽ പോർട്ട്‌ലാൻഡ് ഏരിയയിലെ പ്രോപ്പർട്ടി ഉടമകൾക്ക് സഹായം നൽകിയിട്ടുണ്ട്. വിപണനം മുതൽ വാടക ശേഖരണം വരെയും അതിനപ്പുറവും പാട്ട പ്രക്രിയയുടെ എല്ലാ ഭാഗങ്ങളിലും ഇത് സഹായിക്കുന്നു. സാധ്യമായ ഏറ്റവും മികച്ച സേവനങ്ങൾ ഉറപ്പുനൽകാൻ തീരുമാനിച്ചതിനാൽ, ആദ്യത്തെ പ്രോപ്പർട്ടി വാടകയ്‌ക്കെടുക്കുന്നത് വരെ ഈ ഗ്രൂപ്പ് യാതൊരു ഫീസും ഈടാക്കില്ല. ദീർഘകാല കരാറുകളൊന്നുമില്ല, കൂടാതെ കമ്പനി അതിന്റെ ക്ലയന്റുകൾക്ക് കഴിയുന്നത്ര പണം ലാഭിക്കാൻ പ്രതിജ്ഞാബദ്ധമാണ്. ജിം ഒരു പണം ലാഭിക്കുന്നതിനുള്ള തന്ത്രം

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